Rock star year claims Jacques Reymond

Posted by on Aug 27, 2013 in Food & Drink
Rock star year claims Janis Joplin, Jacques Reymond

Rock star year claims Janis Joplin, Jacques Reymond

Twenty-seven years. That’s a long time to stand behind the burners. Especially ones that have burned as brightly as those at Jacques Reymond –  the Prahran mansion that that has long flown the flag for the classical fine-dining model.

And having done twenty-seven laps around the sun and countless degustations (including one of Melbourne’s first and best vegetarian feasts) at the helm of his eponymous restaurant, Jacques Reymond has decided to hand over the reigns to his two sous chefs.

Call it Saturn return.  Call it Reymond hitting his rock star year and calling it quits while he and the institution are still a proud champion in a dining world that is increasingly turning away from the white linen experience.

Either way, we’re glad that we’ll still be able to step into that huge cream mansion. It’s the closest most of us will ever get to feeling like the aristocracy. But we’re also glad to know that chefs Thomas Woods and Hayden McFarland have been given blessing to take things in a new, more contemporary direction. As long as they’re not planning on making burgers, we can’t wait to get at the venue they’ll be renaming Woodland House in January.

Tip of the cap, Reymond.