Palais Theatre ticket resale scheme

Posted by on Aug 29, 2013 in Music

Missed out on tickets? Don’t need your tickets anymore? The Palais has the solution…

We know all too well that feeling of desperation that comes with scouring the internet to try and get your hands on a ticket to gig that sold out before you had the chance to buy in. If you do happen to find a ticket, chances are the price is completely jacked up, and there’s no guarantee it’s not a fake.

The team behind Palais Theatre have taken things into their own hands. They’ve created a resale section on their website. Management CEO Neil Croker says, “At a recent Palais Theatre event, one pair of tickets was sold 17 times, resulting in 32-34 people turning up at the theatre only to discover that they didn’t have tickets to this sold-out show. This situation is extremely stressful for the patrons and the venue alike.”

The idea is that if you legitimately are unable to attend a sold-out gig, you can resell the ticket through the Palais website. Buyers will be assured legit tix at cost price, and sellers will have a risk-free environment to offload unwanted tickets.