Kickstarter to launch in Australia and New Zealand

Posted by on Sep 2, 2013 in News, Websites

Dear the Internet,

Look, we all want to crowdfund our own awesome idea, whether it’s a massive superweapon with which to threaten international governments or merely a high-altitude dance party that brings much-needed funk to the ionosphere. So we at Time Out are pretty damn excited about this:

Kickstarter AU and NZ

Yes, Kickstarter – the world’s biggest crowdfunding platform –  is heading our way, which will hopefully streamline our diabolical and discotorial plans. And, y’know, we suppose there’ll also be stuff like games, books, records, films, products, innovations and other stuff that exist thanks to crowdfunding both locally and internationally, as we start to use this “internet” thing as a way of making stuff happen. But let’s face it: you want us to have a superlaser, and soon you’ll be able to contribute to our building it. Think of it as the perfect mix of “supporting a creative endeavour” and “protection racket”.

Got any sweet ideas you’d like to see happen, either for you or us? Sure you do: so have at them in the comments.

By Andrew P Street