Melbourne’s rail network, in anagram form

Posted by on Oct 1, 2013 in Fun Melbourne

Melbourne Train Map AnagramsBack in 2006, anagram rail maps were an Internet Thing. In case you missed out on all that, here’s one woowoowoo (Andrew) did for Melbourne.

We’ve all looked at the Melbourne Metro Trains map and gone “um…” at one time or another, and now it’s even more fun thanks to Andrew’s work of genius. Wondering how best to get to Dick Demeanor? Or perhaps Knob Rack? How about Ordo Wing? Gnome Shell? Then wonder no more, as this handy map will have you giggling for hours. Or least a few minutes, as you work out the places you’ve previously lived.

If you’ve long suspected you live in the pits, you could be right. Or, at least, maybe you live in Leaches or To Anal.