Stokehouse destroyed by fire

Posted by on Jan 18, 2014 in Food & Drink, News


Last night, what started as a small kitchen fire at St Kilda’s Stokehouse took hold of the landmark beachfront restaurant, and over five hours burnt the two storey building to the ground.

Time Out worked closely with the staff and crew of the Van Haandel group earlier last year, holding our first ever Time Out Taste Test at the Stokehouse, and later, our inaugural Food Awards at Trocadero, and so we’re saddened by the tragic loss for all who know and love the restaurant, especially owner Frank Van Haandel for whom the St Kilda venue was especially important.

Thankfully, the dinner service had ended and floor staff were able to evacuate everyone from the venue. We’re also cheered to hear that Van Haandel intends to start on plans to rebuild as soon as Monday.