Could we have our own King’s Landing on the Stokehouse site?

Posted by on Mar 14, 2014 in Food & Drink, News

Hopefully, it looks like thisHopefully, it looks like this

You’ve only got two more months in which enjoy Stokehouse: Shed Edition. Four architects have been chosen by the Van Haandel group to  go head to head in a cage match submit designs for the new restaurant, to be built on the charred remains of the original Stokehouse which burnt down earlier this year.

In one corner you have Robert Simeoni of Robert Simeoni Architects who has the clean beachy beauty of the Seaford Lifesaving Club under his belt, taking on Sean Godsell of Sean Godsell Architects whose work  includes the environmentally goal-kicking Connect Four-esque RMIT Design Hub. You’ve also got Graham Burrows of Jackson Clements Burrows Architects (Frankston Yacht Club) and  John Denton of Denton Corker Marshall – the firm which put that nice big ramp-to-the-skies on top of the Melbourne Museum. The point being, whoever wins, we’re looking at a very sodding fancy place to eat by the sea.

On the 11th of May, the quick fix pop-up that the Van Haandel group erected as a relief shelter for their forlorn diners, will be closed and the formal rebuild will begin. Get in while you can.

Stokehouse Pop-Up, 30 Jacka Blvd, St Kilda. Closes Sun 11 May.