29 September

Schoolhouse folk


Schoolhouse Studios, a not-for-profit group in Melbourne focused on helping emerging artists find affordable workspaces, is announcing a full month ahead with both musical and visual shows to tempt you through its Collingwood doors this Thursday, October 2.

The night opens with an exhibition featuring the works of emerging Melbourne-based artists Elizabeth Barnett and Heidi Barrett from 6-8pm, showcasing their respective explorations of solitude and the abstract.

Following the exhibition opening, Schoolhouse and Two Bright Lakes put their heads together to present Schoolhouse Folk; an intimate, stripped-back night of music featuring four of Melbourne’s biggest folk entities: Brendan Welch, Hello Satellites, Nick Huggins and Seagull. Entry is just $10.

The night promises to be a heterogenous exploration of medium, expression and statement, embodying the mission statement of what the relatively new Schoolhouse Studios aims to provide. The folk is for one night only but Barrett and Barnett’s work will be on display at Schoolhouse Studio’s Long Division Gallery until October 17 so head down to support Melbourne’s thriving artistic support network and get a potent dose of good music and stirring art along the way.… Read more

10 September

Work-Shop arrives in Melbourne

Work Shop

When Chester Garcia and Matt Branagan set up Sydney’s Work-Shop in June 2013, their mission was simple: to help people unleash their creativity, and to offer short creative courses that didn’t cost a week’s pay.

And that’s what happened. In collaboration with artists and experts, Work-Shop has fostered whole new clans of Sydney unicyclists, Ottoman-makers, street artists, tattoo illustrators, rappers and coffee-shop networkers.

Now, it’s Melbourne’s turn. This week, Chester and Matt opened doors alongside consulting art agency Juddy Roller, and kicked things off with a terrarium-making workshop with Instagram-famous Candy Sparkles. Last night saw a group of budding artists try their hands at abstract painting and drawing (pictured).

“What we’re trying to do is to get people to change their perception of what they’re capable of,” says Garcia. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to learn the harmonica (Thu Sep 11. 8pm. $30), or to master sleight of hand at the How to be a Houdini workshop?… Read more

2 September

New street art flies into Melbourne

Photo by Jarrad Seng

Have you ever had a dream about flying? Or are you more a walking down the street naked kind of person? We try not to encourage public nudity, but if you’d like to fulfill your dream of having wings, then there is a way you can.

Street artist Colette Miller believes that humanity craves beauty and she wants to bring it to them in her own medium. What she came up with was a street art phenomenon called Wings. The pieces usually stand around three metres high are vibrantly coloured and located in places you won’t expect. Rather than putting them in a museum, she uses the wings to spruce up dull corporate facades. They act as a sign of fearlessness and imagination in the concrete jungle.

The idea is to take your photo, or get someone else to take your photo, with the wings at your back, as though they are your own.… Read more

24 August

Spend one of your nine lives at the 100 Cats exhibition

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100 Cats

It could be safe to say that Melbourne’s feline fever is running hotter than ever. Only last week a Brunswick gallery hosted the Cat Stuff Market, where you could find anything from cat prints to cute tabby toys, while the interest in the CBD’s Cat Café is off the scale.

As of early September, Collingwood’s Off the Kerb gallery is making its first foray into cat-themed artwork. It’s in celebration of the team’s 100th exhibition, and of their cat-like resilience in the face of the walls crumbling down around them.

We mean that literally. In December last year the gallery experienced severe structural damage when its west wall’s external brick facade collapsed crushing the building next door. The gallery was shut down by the City of Yarra and the structural engineer mentioned he hadn’t seen such a collapse in his 15 years at Yarra. Fortunately no one was injured, but the ramifications of this on a not-for-profit artist-run space was severe.… Read more

18 August

Melbourne gets miniaturised in People Make Places

Since 2009, identical twins and visual artists Leanne and Naomi Shedlezki have been building tiny cities out of cardboard and perspex. The duo may usually reside in Bondi but since taking on their most expansive installation to date, they haven’t had much time to hang around in the sunny suburb. People Make Places is their synchronised brainchild, a convoluted yet carefully curated participatory medium that exists whenever the twins are together in the same city.

The project began in Melbourne in 2009 during a separate art project called ‘Match Box Gallery’. With an excess of materials, the duo began handing out matchboxes on trams and on the street, asking people to use their creativity to illustrate inside the box what their city means to them, planting the seeds for this latest concept. “From our time in Melbourne, we have then gradually developed the project where wherever we’re going about our daily life together, we invite people to contribute… that’s where it started,” says Leanne.… Read more