9 May

The Gertrude Street Projection Festival needs you!


Imagine walking through the streets of Fitzroy on a winter’s night, turning a corner and being swept up in a wonderland of dream-like projections swirling on tall buildings. That’s the Gertrude Street Projection Festival, and it needs your help.

The festival was launched in 2008. Since then, it’s seen over 500 eerie, psychedelic and ethereal light installations projected onto buildings, laneways, footpaths and trees. There’s nothing quite like it in Melbourne, and that’s not even taking into account the workshops and events popping up in venues from Smith Street all the way up to Nicholson.

While the festival has the support of local council and businesses, the organisers are looking to raise $8000 through crowd-funding on their Pozible page. As it stands, they’ve received $3000, and have just one week left to raise the rest. If the prospect of seeing one of Melbourne’s coolest strips transformed by art still doesn’t sway your hand, then consider this: a donation of $20 will get your name projected onto the Festival Hub and $60 will guarantee entry into the super-exclusive Pozible Supporter Party.… Read more

18 March

Time Out gets a Verve makeover

Verve Richmond

One night, deep in a brainstorming session, we suddenly realised there was one thing missing in our Time Out Melbourne headquarters. Dizzy with self-satisfaction, we congratulated ourselves on pinpointing the crucial element that would finally help us achieve meteoric magazine sales.

The solution had been there all along. It wasn’t a fridge full of super foods or a hot yoga studio adjacent to the office. Like all the world’s greatest leaders, we needed to immortalise ourselves in a huge portrait that would be mounted on our wall for all to behold.

Enter Verve studios – shunners of the rigidly posed, matching-white-t-shirts style of portraiture that was so popular in eras gone by. With the tagline ‘art inspired by you’, Verve is committed to providing a portrait experience rather than a product. Clients are asked to wear clothes and bring objects that best reflect their personalities. Baking instruments, plastic dinosaurs and pet snakes are just some of the things you’ll find in Verve’s vibrant portfolio.… Read more

10 March

Decorate this Northcote toilet block

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If you’re the type to take a Sharpie into a toilet to scrawl something philosophical, this one’s not for you. Darebin City Council want their toilet block decorated and they’re thinking of something more stylish.

The block in question is on the corner of Westgarth and High Sts in Northcote, and at present is a rather unlovely, squat brick building. The council wants artists to submit designs to spruce it up. Themes might include:

* The Westgarth view of city skyline from Ruckers Hill
* Significant features of High Street Northcote

The two walls to be decorated are north and west facing, and around 33m2. Submissions should include a colour sketch, examples of previous work and a breakdown of expenses (which should include artist wages).

If you’re interested, send your submission to: patrick.buchanan@darebin.vic.gov.au. By post it’s: Patrick Buchanan, Community Safety Officer 274 Gower St, Preston 3072Read more

4 March

New comic anthology is Melbourne noir

Femmes fatales, assisted suicide, crime, mirth and a near-future Melbourne dystopia… it’s all good fodder for Tokyo-based Melbourne writer/artist Andrez Bergen and the rest of the team behind the comic anthology BLACK/WHITE.

While he hasn’t put in any identifying landmarks, Bergen pictures the action unfolding in the grimier corners of Collingwood and Clifton Hill. His contributions are matched by artwork from international artists: Drezz Rodriguez, Michael Grills, Nathan St John, Andrew Chiy, Matt Kyme and Marcos Vergara.

In 2013, Bergen and Matt Kyme set up an indie comic-book publisher, Commix, which is the natural extension to the IF? Records label he ran in Melbourne in the 1990s. Commix has the finished, print-ready version of the BLACK/WHITE anthology, which will be published in Australia on April 1. It’s also available from this week online as a pre-order digital download for just $1.

Written by Jenny ValentishRead more

19 February

Brunswick Music Festival launches its 2014 program

Brunswick Music Festival pic

As any smug Brunswick resident will tell you, there are endless reasons to get on the number 19 tram and roll down Sydney Road. There’s Dejour Jeans, outrageous wedding dress shops, endless Bonsoy lattes, and of course, all kinds of live music that streams from the well-loved pubs and clubs that beckon from almost every street corner.

And then there’s the Brunswick Music Festival. Coming into its 26th year, the festival is in the hands of a new team of directors, who kicked things off with a media launch this morning at the Brunswick Town Hall.

“We’re new to organising the festival but not new to partying at it,” says organiser Natalie Lidgerwood. “I just wish I’d paid more attention…instead of dancing in the streets!” Judging from the musical offerings this year, we’re pretty confident that the team will have no problem getting punters booking tickets.

“These artists represent our diverse community,” says City of Moreland mayor Lambros Tapinos.… Read more

11 December

Miniature Melbourne

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If you’re feeling a bit jaded about this city and want to see Melbourne through new eyes, artist Nathan Kaso has the solution. Miniature Melbourne is a tilt-shift time-lapse film shot over 10 months and clocking in at four rather magical minutes and 35 seconds. Fittingly, it will be screened at White Night Melbourne, but you can have a sly watch of it here.

By using the tilt-shift technique, which blurs the top and bottom of the frame, and shooting footage from a sniper’s perspective, it miniaturises a scene. This effect imbues the city with an innocence; turning it into our playground. Diggers and cranes swing and whir away as workers beat their paths back and forth, and you can practically see a chubby little hand guiding the Spirit of Tasmania out of Port Phillip Bay.

The slightly jerky effect of the sped-up footage is reminiscent of home cinefilm. Kaso heightens the effect of being a tourist in our own town by focusing on events like Moomba, Chinese New Year and New Year’s Eve.… Read more

4 December

White Night Melbourne 2014 program launch


Premier Denis Napthine addressed the media at Melbourne City Baths this morning, to launch the program of 2014′s White Night Melbourne.

Itself inspired by Nuit Blanche – the dusk to dawn festival that began in France and spread to Berlin, Havana, Barcelona, St Petersburg, Naples, Cairo, Buenos Aires and other cities – White Night premiered in Melbourne in February 2013, drawing crowds of over 300,000 to the CBD.It’s expected to attract half a million in February 2014 and has stretched to a larger area to accommodate this.

A little influence may also have crept in from Hobart’s phenomenally well acclaimed Dark Mofo festival, particularly with the addition of a crepuscular beam that will be visible from all over Melbourne. It’s constructed so that you can walk under it. Then there’s the pedestrian bridge across the Yarra, which will have a sci-fi style vortex to walk through. Illuminations and installations will once again be a key factor of White Night.… Read more

29 November

Hosier Lane’s had a face lift

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Hosier Lane

Check it – just a taster of the new street art that’s on Hosier Lane, tying in with summer art festival Melbourne Now. More than 100 street artists, including an all-girl crew and some old-school writers from the ’80s, banded together to work on Hosier Lane and Rutledge Lane. They’ll be winding up this evening if you want to catch them in action.

Photo Roberto SebaRead more

27 November

Jazz up your selfie with SelfieSketchup


One of the bright sparks behind Jafflechutes – the service that allows you to purchase a jaffle by Paypal and then get it airdropped to you by parachute from atop a tall building, has launched SelfieSketchup.

Send Adam a selfie and you’ll get a sketch back for free – it’s his effort to inject some magic into our narcissism, as the addition of a flying cat to this writer’s selfie illustrates.

“I intend to keep the site going in its current form until: a) I get sick of it, or b) it gets completely out of hand,” says Adam, who also has a blog and the rather excellent project Giftidear, in which he reads an email you send him that’s been sent to you (confidentially, of course), and dreams up the perfect gift for that person.

While Adam is currently the ‘artist in residence’ of SelfieSketchup, he’s interested in creating a seven-day roster of artists from different timezones, “kind of like a virtual sketch sweat shop… but a happy one.”

In the spirit of the project, the artists would need to work for free, but Adam took approximately three minutes out of his day job to knock this sketch up, so it needn’t be time consuming.… Read more

7 November

Hosier Lane and Rutledge Lane to be repainted

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Laneway lovers should have a good ol’ snoop around Rutledge and Hosier Lanes tomorrow, Friday November 8, as some of Melbourne’s top street artists will be reworking the walls. This satellite project of the NGV’s Melbourne Now summer art festival sees artists from Land of Sunshine, Invurt and Just Another repainting the upper portions of the laneways. The first two-day session is November 8-10, followed by a second on November 27-29. Pictured is an earlier mural from Land of Sunshine in Hosier Lane, finished just a couple of weeks ago.

Artwork by MakatronRead more