28 September

The Wheeler Centre launches The Interrobang Festival of Questions


Is there an unanswered question burning a hole in your brain? An uncertainty that you can’t seem to shake? A swirling storm of thoughts and ideas that aren’t quite taking shape? The Wheeler Centre wants to hear from you.

The Interrobang Festival of Questions, running over the last weekend in November, is Melbourne’s first-ever crowd-sourced festival where the topics of discussion are determined by the people. As of today, you’re invited to visit the website, submit any question, and vote on questions that need to be discussed. Every single one will help to shape the program of more than 25 live debates, lectures, workshops and shows. No question is too little, obscure, or broad. You can submit questions via the website, or via the @askinterrobang Twitter handle.

Read our full interview with Emily Sexton, head of programming at The Wheeler Centre. Read more

24 July

Program announced for Melbourne Writers Festival 2015 (and it’s a beauty)


Melbourne Writers Festival 2015, our annual celebration for writers, readers and thinkers, kicks off Thursday August 20, and tickets for its biggest program to date go on sale noon today.

Each year the festival highlights the talent and ideas of hundreds of writers from Australia and around the world, through a thought-provoking program of storytelling, conversation and debates, music and art events. In fact, this year brings together over whopping 530 events.

Celebrating its 30th birthday, this year’s festival takes us on a literary tour of Australia and all corners of the globe. Here are our highlights:

Opening night address by Louis de Bernieres, author of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (Thu Aug 20, 6.30pm).
Rob Thomas, creator of arse-kicking teen-detective series Veronica Mars and new show iZombie, talks about how pint the sized PI made it from tele to silver screen (Thu Aug 20, 9pm).… Read more

13 July

Melbourne is getting its own mini Festival of Dangerous Ideas

Naomi Klein

The Festival of Dangerous Ideas, or FODI – as it is known in Sydney – is making its way to Melbourne, where a selection of five leading thinkers from around the world will have us getting fired up over hot issues like addiction, climate change and shame culture at the Melbourne Writers Festival.

“We hope these incredible international names encourage Melburnians to save the date for MWF this year,” says festival director Lisa Dempster.

Stay tuned for the full program announcement for the festival on Friday July 24, which is also the date that tickets go on sale.

Tariq Ali: The Twilight of Democracy. In a climate where politicians must cater to the ‘Extreme Centre’ to be elected, this leftist English Pakistani commentator questions the future of true democracy. 4pm. Fri Aug 28.

Jon Ronson: Shame Culture. The recent author of So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed divulges what he learned from speaking to real-life targets of virtual mobs.… Read more

1 November

Little Big Town: a journey through Melbourne’s laneways

Little Big Town_INT_Spr5

Jaime Murcia’s Little Big Town takes readers on a journey through Melbourne’s famous little streets and laneways, probably as you’ve seen them before, but not quite.

With over twenty years experience, Murcia captures the nooks and crannies; the street art, cafes, clubs, people and of course laneways of Melbourne into a fascinating record of time and place of a rapidly growing city.

From stunning aerial shots of the city to images various street art and street signs, Murcia turns what could be seen as mundane into a stunning collection of photos, allowing readers to look at Melbourne’s laneways from every angle. Split into three sections, Work/ Play, Culture/ Subculture and Light/Shadow, Little Big Town highlights a range of moments from the everyday. From people in conversation, sitting outside and inside cafes, walking down streets and in shadowed alleyways throughout all sections. In Culture/ Subculture, impressive images of the street art that engulf Melbourne’s laneways are featured, giving a look into the creation and deformation of what brings the walls of the laneways alive.… Read more

18 October

Dee Nolan book launch at Cutler & Co


Dee Nolan is an award-winning journalist and editor who began her career in Melbourne. Not only is she passionate about writing, but farming and produce also. In her new culinary travel book, A Food Lover’s Pilgrimage to France, Nolan is able to use her interviewing skills to investigate first-handedly about the food cultures of regional France.

Such is the effect of Earl Carter’s picturesque photography in this beautiful 400-page hardback book, that you’ll feel as though you are looking out a train window as it cuts through the golden French countryside and beyond. Along the way you’ll visit the slopes of Burgundy that are conservatively dressed in vines. It is here in the valleys and to the west of the Saône River where, Nolan will show you, the most famous wines are produced, the Burgundies.

Nolan didn’t just take in the breathtaking sights but immersed herself in the culture, visiting local markets with some of France’s greatest chefs, cooking timeless classic recipes in home kitchens and strolling beside farmers as they take their cattle to the high pasture.… Read more