15 July

Jamie Oliver’s Mobile Kitchen gets into gear at Princes Park


Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food revolution has taken meals on wheels to a whole new level, bringing a 15-metre long mobile kitchen down under.

Continuing his campaign to make healthy eating more accessible for those of us who spend most days sitting on office chairs and resorting to the old faithful takeaway joint after work, Oliver’s Mobile Kitchen will present interactive cooking classes and demonstrations as part of the Ministry of Food initiative.

The City of Melbourne is partnering up with the Good Food Foundation to deliver Jamie’s Ministry of Food program, which will be stationed at Princes Park for 10 weeks. The program will equip more than 550 Melbournians by offering two cycles of five-week cooking courses. The first round of classes is sold out, but the second cycle starting August 17 is open for bookings now.

Our favourite British import has been quite the vigilante when it comes to providing a practical solution to issues of obesity and diet-related disease brought on by a lack of cooking skills (#Mac’N’Cheese) and the plethora of fast food options.… Read more

28 May

Enrol into The School of Life’s Winter Term


Even if you were an A student at school, we bet you’ve never taken notes on how to balance life and work, how to move on from a relationship, or how to have better conversations.

The School of Life – developed by philosopher Alain de Botton – offers classes designed to develop your emotional intelligence and enhance daily life; no rote learning or exams necessary. Each session is formatted to include a mix of lectures, group activities and discussions with fellow participants, and prices start from as little as $30 per class. Some even roam beyond the classroom; the Art as Therapy session (noon. Sat Jul 25)involves a guided tour through the NGV, in which students are encouraged to discuss their responses to works of art.

We’ve picked out a few of our favourite classes.

Wed Jul 1: How To Be Confident

Sat 4 Jul: Philosophy Breakfast: Truth and Reality

Fri Jul 10: Drawing As Therapy with Oslo Davis

Mon Jul 13: Damon Young: On Superheroes

Wed Jul 22: How Necessary Is A Relationship

Tue Aug 11: How To Communicate In Love

Wed Aug 15: Understanding Mindfulness

Tue Aug 18: How To Find Meaning Without Religion

Sat Aug 29: How To Make Sense Of Your Family

The School of Life Winter Term.Read more

10 September

Work-Shop arrives in Melbourne

Work Shop

When Chester Garcia and Matt Branagan set up Sydney’s Work-Shop in June 2013, their mission was simple: to help people unleash their creativity, and to offer short creative courses that didn’t cost a week’s pay.

And that’s what happened. In collaboration with artists and experts, Work-Shop has fostered whole new clans of Sydney unicyclists, Ottoman-makers, street artists, tattoo illustrators, rappers and coffee-shop networkers.

Now, it’s Melbourne’s turn. This week, Chester and Matt opened doors alongside consulting art agency Juddy Roller, and kicked things off with a terrarium-making workshop with Instagram-famous Candy Sparkles. Last night saw a group of budding artists try their hands at abstract painting and drawing (pictured).

“What we’re trying to do is to get people to change their perception of what they’re capable of,” says Garcia. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to learn the harmonica (Thu Sep 11. 8pm. $30), or to master sleight of hand at the How to be a Houdini workshop?… Read more

26 June

Tickets are now on sale for the School of Life’s winter program

School of Life

In life, there are some skills that you’ll never learn from a textbook. The art of sparkling conversation, worrying less about money, happily spending time alone, making love last. People are born with those skills, right? Or at least they’re acquired through years of, well, living? Not if you ask Swiss-British philosopher Alain de Botton. In 2008, he started his School of Life in London, and in 2012, opened his first international campus here in Melbourne.

After a sell-out spring season, tickets have just been released for the School of Life’s winter program, beginning in July. Many of the old favourites are back, including How to Realise Your Potential, How to Make Love Last and How to Relate to Your Family, which draw from pop culture, philosophy and psychology to help you discover the answers for yourself. The classes are taught by artists, writers and people who have lived what they’re talking about.… Read more

13 June

Tomorrow is World Wide Knit In Public Day

World Wide Knit in Public Day

There was a time when knitting was just for Nanna. Then, there was a time when knitting was the penchant of hipsters, yarn-bombing their way through the streets of Fitzroy and Northcote.

Melbourne, we say it’s high time that we take up our sticks and reclaim the time-honoured tradition of the social knitting circle, known as stitch’n’bitch. Tomorrow is World Wide Knit in Public Day, which will kick off a week-long celebration of casting and purling our way to woolly scarf success.

So why should you get excited about knitting? Aside from the social and therapeutic benefits, learning to knit is also an opportunity to help keep disadvantaged kids keep warm this winter.  Back for its 16th year, the ‘Guardian Angels’ program is giving away free downloadable pattern books that show you how to knit jumpers, blankets and children’s socks. You can donate your creations to the Save the Children foundation before Sunday, August 31.

If you’re a bit short on craft-buddies, then Melbourne’s yarn emporiums are here for you.… Read more