18 September

Forget about cat cafés. A rabbit café is coming to Melbourne’s north


That’s it, we don’t need any more cafés. A rabbit café is coming to Melbourne’s north

Cat cafés are so last year. There’s a bunny café coming to Melbourne’s northern suburbs courtesy of rabbit-lovers David Johnson and Helen Hu and the only thing coming between you and a coffee date with a bunny is $20,000.

Johnson and Hu already have a crowdfunding campaign underway via IndieGoGo. While they’ve raised almost $11,000 in donations so far, there’s still a way to go before they can make your soft, furry dreams come true. The buns will come courtesy of the Runaway Rabbit Orphanage in Olinda – the only shelter in Victoria that doesn’t put neglected rabbits to sleep.

The plan is to set up a space that will be half-café, half-home for abandoned bunnies. And yes, you’ll have the opportunity to adopt the bunnies you meet (and will no doubt fall in love with), so you can give a rabbit a home.

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3 September

Don’t wait for summer to get your outdoor drinking on – check out Arbory’s new espresso martini tap

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Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to reconsider the outdoor drinking session, and what better location to kick back in the sunshine than at Melbourne’s longest outdoor bar?

As it happens, Arbory just amped up their outdoor drinking situation for this summer with the recent installation of their nitro espresso martini tap. That’s right, an espresso martini on tap. This is the stuff caffeine fiends’ dreams are made of. Nitro coffee is basically a cold drip coffee (Arbory gets theirs from Melbourne company Little Dripper) that’s been pumped with nitrogen under high pressure and chilled in the keg. What comes out the other end of the tap is a cold, very slightly carbonated and almost creamy iced coffee – not unlike a good stout.

Venue manager Tom Byrne says the actual nitro process is very hush hush. “People have been asking about the measurements of nitrogen that we pump into the cold drip, but we’re keeping that a secret.”

“We can tell you, however, that the ingredients are just like any good espresso martini: we use Ketel One vodka, Kahlua, and less sugar syrup than you’d normally use, because we found that you don’t need that much sugar when you’ve got the creaminess from the tap.”

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18 June

Road to Refuge Coffee Cup Initiative

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Road to Refuge is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at personalising the issue of asylum seekers and refugees in Australia. While their plight is far removed from many Australians’ everyday lives, Road to Refuge aims at generating conversation to bridge this divide.

Throughout Refugee Week 2015, Road to Refuge will be working alongside popular Melbourne cafés to encourage coffee lovers to think about the untold stories of asylum seekers. Usual branding will be removed from almost 40,000 coffee cups and replaced by an image of Layla, a Road for Refuge character, whose fictional story of struggle and courage can be seen in an interactive journey on an online choose-your-own-adventure program.

Visit the Road to Refuge to explore the real life stories of hardship and bravery of asylum seekers and refugee through interactive activities that put you in the shoes of an asylum seeker and articles on real stories.

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17 December

The Home Barista steams up coffee fans

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Being a food critic, Simone Egger understands well the erotic appeal of slow drips and frothy tops. To this end, she’s written a new book, The Home Barista, that instructs you step by step on how to properly use that home coffee machine you’ve been creating mutant brews with. The Home Barista will coach you on the best beans and the correct lingo, but we’ve pulled out her instructions on getting the milk just so. Over to you, Simone…

Texturing uses the machine’s steam to aerate and heat milk, which alters the milk’s sugars and proteins to make it sweeter and fuller. The aim is to get froth that is smooth and creamy, low on bubbles and cool enough to drink straight away. Overheated milk will mess up the coffee’s flavour and ruin any chance of that ideal, creamy microfoam, so practice and practice some more until you get it right, because there are few feelings more satisfying than pouring perfectly-textured milk.… Read more

15 May

It’s official! The Cat Café has found a home. Opening in July

Ready for your love

Melbourne, you’ve been sitting on the edge of whatever surface it is that you sit for months now, and we can finally bring you relief: the cool cats bringing you our first cat café have found a site. It’s all systems go.

In case you’re not up to speed, a cat café is a place in which cats for the petting and lattes for the drinking co-exist in harmony. The location of all your future joy-filled mornings is Queen Street, right near the Queen Vic markets. Which means jam doughnuts and love.

But we’re not just happy for our own sake. According to your new favourite person, café co-owner Anita Loughran, they will be finding all of their cats from Melbourne’s Lost Dogs home and GAWS – the Geelong Animal Welfare Society.

The café renovations will take a couple of months (and if you want to make a donation, they’re launching another indiegogo campaign, which you find through their site here)  but they’re hoping to open by July, after giving the cats a couple of weeks to settle in.… Read more