4 March

New comic anthology is Melbourne noir

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Femmes fatales, assisted suicide, crime, mirth and a near-future Melbourne dystopia… it’s all good fodder for Tokyo-based Melbourne writer/artist Andrez Bergen and the rest of the team behind the comic anthology BLACK/WHITE.

While he hasn’t put in any identifying landmarks, Bergen pictures the action unfolding in the grimier corners of Collingwood and Clifton Hill. His contributions are matched by artwork from international artists: Drezz Rodriguez, Michael Grills, Nathan St John, Andrew Chiy, Matt Kyme and Marcos Vergara.

In 2013, Bergen and Matt Kyme set up an indie comic-book publisher, Commix, which is the natural extension to the IF? Records label he ran in Melbourne in the 1990s. Commix has the finished, print-ready version of the BLACK/WHITE anthology, which will be published in Australia on April 1. It’s also available from this week online as a pre-order digital download for just $1.

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26 February

Jafflechutes need your roof, love

Let it rain!

Calling all flying jaffle fans! It’s been brought to our attention that the good folks behind parachute-delivered sandwich outfit Jafflechutes are seeking a new CBD space from which to launch their next lot of toasted delights. Can you help? We hope so. Do it for all of us. See below their Facebook plea:

” Jafflechutarians!

We’re on the lookout for some new jafflechuting spots around Melbourne CBD, and we were wondering if you might be able to lend a hand.

Our requirements are pretty basic.. We need:

- A balcony or rooftop space about five storeys high
- A spot that’s mostly out of the way (laneways are *good*)
- No tram lines / evil trees / ungodly winds
- Some electricity
- Nice music

If you know of such a place and would be happy for us to fill it with cheesy craziness for an hour or two, please send us a message!”

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23 February

Photos: White Night Melbourne 2014

Melburnians are divided on this year’s White Night, with many taking to the official Facebook page to share horror stories of being stuck in a CBD crush and others proclaiming it a spellbinding night out. Photographer Roberto Seba managed to get these fantastic pictures while in the thick of it.

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9 February

Top 10 selfie spots in Melbourne

Selfie spots in Melbourne

Make sure your next selfie is nothing less than 100% M.E.L.B.O.U.R.N.E.!

1. With the bagpipe busker
This dude wears either an Elmo or Mario Bros suit and plays the pipes around Bourke St Mall or Queensbridge Square some evenings. He’s just asking for some unannounced accompaniment, right? (NB: Always accompany responsibly)

2. With the taxidermied giraffe at the Carlton Club

Seriously, nobody will have thought of this. And if they have, try the ostrich instead. And anyway, it’s late, so who cares?

3. In front of the Kum Den restaurant sign
If you’re in Chinatown, this one’s a must. Also, the prices of dumplings inside are extremely reasonable.

4. Below the ‘Commit No Nuisance’ sign
Is it a coincidence this olde-worlde Heffernan Lane sign is within a stone’s throw of the Exford’s bottle shop? Possibly not.

5. Looking into the Souvlaki King mirror
Have you ever really, really looked into the black depths of your soul? There’s a mirror just outside this kebab house on Brunswick Street that bids you “have a good look at yourself”.

6. The Chin Chin rabbit
You came, you queued and you’re going to want a shot with the luminous pink bunny light sculpture to prove it.… Read more

27 November

Jazz up your selfie with SelfieSketchup


One of the bright sparks behind Jafflechutes – the service that allows you to purchase a jaffle by Paypal and then get it airdropped to you by parachute from atop a tall building, has launched SelfieSketchup.

Send Adam a selfie and you’ll get a sketch back for free – it’s his effort to inject some magic into our narcissism, as the addition of a flying cat to this writer’s selfie illustrates.

“I intend to keep the site going in its current form until: a) I get sick of it, or b) it gets completely out of hand,” says Adam, who also has a blog and the rather excellent project Giftidear, in which he reads an email you send him that’s been sent to you (confidentially, of course), and dreams up the perfect gift for that person.

While Adam is currently the ‘artist in residence’ of SelfieSketchup, he’s interested in creating a seven-day roster of artists from different timezones, “kind of like a virtual sketch sweat shop… but a happy one.”

In the spirit of the project, the artists would need to work for free, but Adam took approximately three minutes out of his day job to knock this sketch up, so it needn’t be time consuming.… Read more

31 October

It’s Halloween. Time to learn how to make some fake blood

Zombie Makeup

Happy Halloween! Planning a gory get-together? Here’s some handy tips for making your own fake blood and wounds…

How to: make fake blood


1 cup Golden syrup or corn syrup
1/2 cup fruit punch cordial
2 tbsp red food colouring
1 tbsp chocolate syrup
2 tbsp cornflower
1 tbsp cocoa powder


Combine all of the ingredients in a blender and mix for ten seconds, or whisk in a bowl until gloopy and sticky. Now you have non-toxic and edible fake blood!

Recipe notes:
Warning: food colouring can stain. Replace the fruit punch cordial with a cup of black coffee to make it darker and more zombie-like.

How to: make a fake wound

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1 cup Golden syrup or corn syrup
1/2 cup peanut butter
2 tbsp red food colouring
1 tbsp chocolate syrup
2 tbsp cornflower
1 tbsp cocoa powder
Coffee granules
Paw Paw
1 box of tissues
Water-soluble glue


Using almost the same ingredients for fake blood (but replacing cordial with peanut butter), combine all of the ingredients in a blender and mix for 10 seconds. Smear blood as desired. To make the blood gorier, mash Paw Paw cream into the mixture. For dirt effects, add coffee granules or Vaseline.

16 September

Get in the lab with the N2 crew!

N2 Extreme Gelato

Spam and mustard flavour not extreme enough for you? You could always suggest your flavour ideas to the N2 website (they like it, they make it – we’ve got our fingers crossed for our celery ice cream with peanut butter ‘Recess Express’). Or, you could submit your ideas to Time Out on Facebook and if we and N2 like yours the most, we’ll actually get you in the lab to make it. Get moving, ice cream genii.

Submit your flavour now. Entries close October 10.

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23 August

The Electric Run is coming to Melbourne (soon…)

The Electric Run

First the Color Run, then the Glow Run and now the Electric Run. In the latest and glowiest fun run to hit Flemington Racecourse, runners will move through a 5km course pulsing with beats and lights and hit a killer party at the finish line with neon trees, lasers, glowing beach balls and DJs. Along the run, you’ll enter various ‘lands’ that might feature tunnels, glowing lakes, glowing arches, psychedelic cacti and coloured fountains. Runners will get special shirts designed by Neff, plus an LED bracelet, glow necklace and glow sunnies.

Here’s a little teaser video to get you excited.

Edit: Date and venue have now been announced. The Electric Run will take place at Flemington Racecourse on Saturday April 12. Registration opens Thursday November 7.… Read more

15 August

Last chance to Crab Shack, no more Mercy Bar and a new bar by the Pawn and Co crazies

Time Out food news

Hey Melbourne, . In the past week we’ve had more good and bad food news than we can handle.

On the excellent front, we learnt that we were inheriting the amazing Gelato Messina from Sydney. Put your excitement pants on for that. We also got wind  of a new ice-it-yourself cupcake shop (123 Cake) in North Melbourne.

In less sky punching news we’ve just been told that Juicy Jay’s Fried Chicken and Crab Shack is moving out of the Public Bar at the end of this weekend. Don’t panic, though. They’re just relocating to some new digs in Richmond, but that won’t happen until summer, so you better go and smash as much fried chicken and crab boil as you can handle between now and Sunday to tide you over.

And in crazy news, remember a few days ago when we likened the Aylesbury’s impending identity change to Mercy Bar‘s recent do-over (it was formerly Virginia Plain until they toned down the fancy in June)? Well, now Mercy Bar has gone and closed completely.

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25 July

What would you do if you found our lost phone?

If you find a lost phone, it pays not to immediately rip out the SIM card. At least in China. This one time. Look what happened when our mates at Time Out Shanghai ‘lost’ their phone and took the new owners on a wild goose chase. Albeit a VIP-experience-filled wild goose chase. It got us thinking: say we were to lose our mobile phone… would you pick it up and do as we said? Let us know and it might just go missing…

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