20 May

Dr. Martens pop-up shop and gig series

If you think Dr. Martens are ‘just shoes’, then you’ve probably never laced your feet into a yellow-stitched, air-cushioned, heat-welded pair of Docs and felt their indestructible power. Buying your first pair of DMs is a defining moment. Breaking them in is part of the ritual.

Docs also represent a lot more than reliable footwear. Since the original eight-eyelet leather boot came off the production line in 1960, subcultures and individuals have taken them up as a symbol of self-expression. Ska-loving skinheads donned shiny oxblood steelcaps in the’70s, grunge girls of the ’90s took to the chunky Mary Janes, and new-rave scenesters embraced the patent-leather neon pinks and purples. Bonus DM fact: some of the first people to champion the boots were German women over the age of 40, back when they were still being made by German doctor Klaus Maertens.

Over five decades later, they haven’t stopped evolving. Recently, the brand launched its #standforsomething campaign.… Read more

31 March

We want candy


Artisan candy-maker Pascal Menezes – formerly of Suga and Papabubble – has redefined the art of lolly making. The candy connoisseur has introduced Printa Pops, an Australian-first technique that involves infusing edible pieces of art into traditional lollipops. Pascal has teamed up with a range of local artists and bands such as Lucy McRae and Architecture in Helsinki, putting their logos and artwork on – through? – his lollipops and sticks of rock, as well as whipping up his own pretty incredible designs.

As well as the lolly-pops, you can get your logo or message on rock candy – so that you can literally eat your words.

We want candy

Always wanted to unleash the artist within? Send your designs to The Red Balloon Candy Artisans and let them work their magic. It could even be a sweet selfie.… Read more

28 March

SNAP Sharpies’ Urban Folklore

SNAP Cover FINAL (3)If your knowledge of Melbourne’s Sharpie culture extends to that clip of kids dancing to Daddy Cool’s ‘Eagle Rock’, read on. Julie Mac has become something of the go-to expert, having now written her second book on the lost teenage subculture. SNAP, Sharpies’ Urban FolkloreAustralia 1952-1987, is the follow up to 2010′s  RAGE: A Sharpie’s Journal – Melbourne 1974 to 1980. By documenting her memories and those of her peers at the time – the gangs were largely from Frankston, Reservoir, Thomastown and other unlovely suburban outposts – Julie Mac has been at the centre of many a reunion get-together, with Sharpie bands such as La Femme providing the music. You can read more about Julie Mac’s Sharpie books here. And don’t miss the Time Out feature on Richmond’s Staggers Jeans – no Sharpie would have been seen dead without a pair.… Read more

18 March

Time Out gets a Verve makeover

Verve Richmond

One night, deep in a brainstorming session, we suddenly realised there was one thing missing in our Time Out Melbourne headquarters. Dizzy with self-satisfaction, we congratulated ourselves on pinpointing the crucial element that would finally help us achieve meteoric magazine sales.

The solution had been there all along. It wasn’t a fridge full of super foods or a hot yoga studio adjacent to the office. Like all the world’s greatest leaders, we needed to immortalise ourselves in a huge portrait that would be mounted on our wall for all to behold.

Enter Verve studios – shunners of the rigidly posed, matching-white-t-shirts style of portraiture that was so popular in eras gone by. With the tagline ‘art inspired by you’, Verve is committed to providing a portrait experience rather than a product. Clients are asked to wear clothes and bring objects that best reflect their personalities. Baking instruments, plastic dinosaurs and pet snakes are just some of the things you’ll find in Verve’s vibrant portfolio.… Read more

4 March

New comic anthology is Melbourne noir

Femmes fatales, assisted suicide, crime, mirth and a near-future Melbourne dystopia… it’s all good fodder for Tokyo-based Melbourne writer/artist Andrez Bergen and the rest of the team behind the comic anthology BLACK/WHITE.

While he hasn’t put in any identifying landmarks, Bergen pictures the action unfolding in the grimier corners of Collingwood and Clifton Hill. His contributions are matched by artwork from international artists: Drezz Rodriguez, Michael Grills, Nathan St John, Andrew Chiy, Matt Kyme and Marcos Vergara.

In 2013, Bergen and Matt Kyme set up an indie comic-book publisher, Commix, which is the natural extension to the IF? Records label he ran in Melbourne in the 1990s. Commix has the finished, print-ready version of the BLACK/WHITE anthology, which will be published in Australia on April 1. It’s also available from this week online as a pre-order digital download for just $1.

Written by Jenny ValentishRead more

26 February

Jafflechutes need your roof, love

Let it rain!

Calling all flying jaffle fans! It’s been brought to our attention that the good folks behind parachute-delivered sandwich outfit Jafflechutes are seeking a new CBD space from which to launch their next lot of toasted delights. Can you help? We hope so. Do it for all of us. See below their Facebook plea:

” Jafflechutarians!

We’re on the lookout for some new jafflechuting spots around Melbourne CBD, and we were wondering if you might be able to lend a hand.

Our requirements are pretty basic.. We need:

- A balcony or rooftop space about five storeys high
- A spot that’s mostly out of the way (laneways are *good*)
- No tram lines / evil trees / ungodly winds
- Some electricity
- Nice music

If you know of such a place and would be happy for us to fill it with cheesy craziness for an hour or two, please send us a message!”

Check out the original post.… Read more

23 February

Photos: White Night Melbourne 2014

Melburnians are divided on this year’s White Night, with many taking to the official Facebook page to share horror stories of being stuck in a CBD crush and others proclaiming it a spellbinding night out. Photographer Roberto Seba managed to get these fantastic pictures while in the thick of it.

Photos by Roberto SebaRead more

9 February

Top 10 selfie spots in Melbourne

Selfie spots in Melbourne

Make sure your next selfie is nothing less than 100% M.E.L.B.O.U.R.N.E.!

1. With the bagpipe busker
This dude wears either an Elmo or Mario Bros suit and plays the pipes around Bourke St Mall or Queensbridge Square some evenings. He’s just asking for some unannounced accompaniment, right? (NB: Always accompany responsibly)

2. With the taxidermied giraffe at the Carlton Club

Seriously, nobody will have thought of this. And if they have, try the ostrich instead. And anyway, it’s late, so who cares?

3. In front of the Kum Den restaurant sign
If you’re in Chinatown, this one’s a must. Also, the prices of dumplings inside are extremely reasonable.

4. Below the ‘Commit No Nuisance’ sign
Is it a coincidence this olde-worlde Heffernan Lane sign is within a stone’s throw of the Exford’s bottle shop? Possibly not.

5. Looking into the Souvlaki King mirror
Have you ever really, really looked into the black depths of your soul? There’s a mirror just outside this kebab house on Brunswick Street that bids you “have a good look at yourself”.… Read more

27 November

Jazz up your selfie with SelfieSketchup


One of the bright sparks behind Jafflechutes – the service that allows you to purchase a jaffle by Paypal and then get it airdropped to you by parachute from atop a tall building, has launched SelfieSketchup.

Send Adam a selfie and you’ll get a sketch back for free – it’s his effort to inject some magic into our narcissism, as the addition of a flying cat to this writer’s selfie illustrates.

“I intend to keep the site going in its current form until: a) I get sick of it, or b) it gets completely out of hand,” says Adam, who also has a blog and the rather excellent project Giftidear, in which he reads an email you send him that’s been sent to you (confidentially, of course), and dreams up the perfect gift for that person.

While Adam is currently the ‘artist in residence’ of SelfieSketchup, he’s interested in creating a seven-day roster of artists from different timezones, “kind of like a virtual sketch sweat shop… but a happy one.”

In the spirit of the project, the artists would need to work for free, but Adam took approximately three minutes out of his day job to knock this sketch up, so it needn’t be time consuming.… Read more

31 October

It’s Halloween. Time to learn how to make some fake blood

Zombie Makeup

Happy Halloween! Planning a gory get-together? Here’s some handy tips for making your own fake blood and wounds…

How to: make fake blood


1 cup Golden syrup or corn syrup
1/2 cup fruit punch cordial
2 tbsp red food colouring
1 tbsp chocolate syrup
2 tbsp cornflower
1 tbsp cocoa powder


Combine all of the ingredients in a blender and mix for ten seconds, or whisk in a bowl until gloopy and sticky. Now you have non-toxic and edible fake blood!

Recipe notes:
Warning: food colouring can stain. Replace the fruit punch cordial with a cup of black coffee to make it darker and more zombie-like.

How to: make a fake wound

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1 cup Golden syrup or corn syrup
1/2 cup peanut butter
2 tbsp red food colouring
1 tbsp chocolate syrup
2 tbsp cornflower
1 tbsp cocoa powder
Coffee granules
Paw Paw
1 box of tissues
Water-soluble glue


Using almost the same ingredients for fake blood (but replacing cordial with peanut butter), combine all of the ingredients in a blender and mix for 10 seconds.