1 October

Pet tracker initiative smashes crowdfunding records

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Many of us know the heartbreak of losing a pet and Sebastian Langton is on a global mission to prevent it. Last year, after losing his best mate, Rango (the cat), Sebastian decided that he had to do something to stop this happening.

“If nobody else had found a way of tracking cats and dogs, then I was certainly going to,” he said.

Teaming up with his friend Damien Cantelo, he’s developed the smallest and lightest pet GPS tracker in the world. The working prototype, Pod Live, is waterproof with an interchangeable battery and is designed to attach onto your pet’s collar. Pod works by syncing with your phone and through the app you can locate your pet anywhere and any time. The Pod app also has some other pretty nifty features like being able to set a virtual perimetre for your pet, and being alerted when they wander further.

After securing some of the largest pet retailers in the world to stock Pod, Sebastian and Damien have now turned to crowdfunding to get their product up and running.… Read more

19 September

MURDER: 1920s Gangster Rules is a real-life murder mystery game

MURDER 1920s Gangster Rules

Pause that Miss Marple re-run, people: it’s time to step into the real world. Secret Squirrel, who also run immersive, interactive film night Underground Cinema, have just launched a real-life murder mystery night that’s less Colonel Mustard, more Gatsby-era pearls and prohibition. You’re invited to come and unravel the plot.

Gangland kingpins, slimy henchmen, gamblers, blackmailers: the Black Pearl’s Attic will be transformed into a dark Chicago speakeasy, filled with professional actors bringing the story to life. Tensions in the criminal underworld are high, and someone has just been murdered. The police are closing in, but it’s up to those in the club to pin down the murderer.

Your role? Dress up, for a start. When you book a ticket, you’ll be assigned a special character, along with secret information that you’ll need to play the game. During the game, you’re free to bribe, blackmail and sleuth your way to the truth: unless of course, you’re the one with something to hide.… Read more

16 September

Someone’s invented stain-proof clothing

Fabricor Workwear Chef Jacket  - Chilli SauceGood news, chefs. Adrian Li has invented the kitchen equivalent to Post-it Notes: the stain resistant chef’s jacket. “The nanotechnology application that we apply modifies the fabric at a molecular level by permanently attaching hydrophobic ‘whiskers’ to individual fibers which elevate liquids, causing them to bead up and turn into spheres that roll off the fabric surface,” says Li, on his Kickstarter page. Sounds like magical science to us. Li also says most stains come out with a little cold water, and the material also breathes. No word on whether it’s stink-proof, though.… Read more

15 September

Melbourne Bike Cabs introduced


Green cabs have hit the streets of Melbourne’s inner city suburbs this week. What do we mean by green cabs? We mean bike taxis, cycle cabs or rickshaws. Whatever term you prefer to use, Melbourne Bike Cabs are now pedalling around the city’s inner velodrome.

The brains (or gears) behind Bike Cabs are Tim Collins and Stephen Mushin. Tim is a high profile industrial designer and Stephen is an eminent Melbourne artist, who explores ecologically sustainable options for a more viable future. These boys clearly have an understanding of all things design and environmental, so it makes sense that they tandem up for Melbourne Bike Cabs.

The premise behind Bike Cabs is to reduce CBD congestion and provide a fun, clean and green approach to inner city commuting. In addition, it has the potential to be a quicker alternative to catching a cab, tram or train. This start-up is in its infancy, but the boys hope to use crowd funding via Pozible to build the business up from two to four bike cabs.… Read more

2 September

New street art flies into Melbourne

Photo by Jarrad Seng

Have you ever had a dream about flying? Or are you more a walking down the street naked kind of person? We try not to encourage public nudity, but if you’d like to fulfill your dream of having wings, then there is a way you can.

Street artist Colette Miller believes that humanity craves beauty and she wants to bring it to them in her own medium. What she came up with was a street art phenomenon called Wings. The pieces usually stand around three metres high are vibrantly coloured and located in places you won’t expect. Rather than putting them in a museum, she uses the wings to spruce up dull corporate facades. They act as a sign of fearlessness and imagination in the concrete jungle.

The idea is to take your photo, or get someone else to take your photo, with the wings at your back, as though they are your own.… Read more