20 January

Watch this vintage Time Out ad

Those of us vintage enough to remember Max Headroom and early MTV will feel pangs of nostalgia watching this 1980s ad for Time Out London. We’re not sure what’s going on – other than: robots –  but it’s the sort of early computer animation that made Dire Straits’ ‘Money For Nothing’ clip seem really hi-tech at the time.

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7 January

Wait – ANOTHER slip’n’slide is coming to Melbourne, and it’s this month!

Slidestreet (166)

For those excited by the pending arrival of Slide Melbourne in February, the fun’s set to start earlier than you thought. Rival event Slidestreet will be setting up – also in Lansdowne Street – on Saturday, January 24, and have all the permits in place. It premiered in Perth back last month and was a hit.

Then length of two AFL ovals, this will be next-level fun, operating between 9am and 7pm. Fitzroy Gardens will also be turned into a hub of live entertainment, with Nova 100’s Deano broadcasting live, DJs, food trucks, a pop-up bar and water-based activities.

You can buy tickets from 9am on Monday 12 January.

The race to slide has been won, it seems…

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5 January

That one-day-only 99 cheese pizza is back, baby


Last month, a beautiful thing happened. Gradi’s world champion pizza chef Johnny Di Francesco made our cheese-dreams a reality by creating the world’s first 99-cheese pizza. And you thought five-cheese pizzas were intense. The dairy dream was inspired by the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie (out on DVD), which features one of these beauties.

Such was the excitement – there was even a Change.org petition to keep this lactose legend on the menu – that the 99-cheese pizza is now going to become a temporary fixture at both Gradi at Crown and 400 Gradi.

Johnny created a 94-cheese spread that is topped with the additional five cheeses at the end, and this will stay on the menu until the batches of his secret concoction run out. STARTS NOW!… Read more

31 December

Slide Melbourne is coming: the greatest slip’n’slide ever

Slide Melbourne

The greatest slip’n’slide ever comes to Melbourne CBD. It is Melbourne CBD

We can’t quite imagine the red-tape headaches that Slide Melbourne must have caused Melbourne City Council, but organisers assure us that final sign-off is immiment. The three-lane, 400m slide will take up Lonsdale Street on two upcoming Sundays: Feb 15th and, tentatively, March 9th.

In order to ride, you need to be at least 120cm tall and aged 12 or above. Or, if under 12, you can be accompanied by a parent or guardian – but you’ll both need tickets. These tickets are $40 and give you access for one of the four two-hour slots. It’s vital you book in advance; in fact, it’s nearly sold out already.

While you may have heard of the Slidestreet event in Perth, Slide Melbourne is a separate entity, inspired by Slide the City – whose first event in Utah captured world interest. The Slide Melbourne team has a ‘Splashback Policy’ to manage water responsibly – and the water used will be recycled for Melbourne’s city gardens.… Read more

5 December

Merry Lynchmas, Melbourne: Jazz Party presents a Twin Peaks Christmas party

Twin Peaks3

Until right this second, you never knew how much you wanted to go to a Twin Peaks-themed party. Now that you do, you’re happier than Agent Cooper tucking into his first damn good cherry pie.

While Santa’s saddling up his reindeer, the John Curtin Hotel will transform into One Eyed Jacks (that’s the casino/brothel in Twin Peaks, if your memory is a little rusty). The event is courtesy of the guys from Melbourne music collective Jazz Party – and they’re really committing to the theme.

Take the food and drinks, for example: there’ll be coffee and pie, as well as cocktails including the spicy Fire Walk With Me, the sweet Agent Cooper’s Breakfast Syrup and the mysterious Log Lady’s Secret. Tunes-wise, get set for live sets by Mojo Juju, Daniel Merriweather, Loretta Miller, Simone Page Jones and Kira Puru, as well as DJ sets from Percy Valentine and Chinabone.

But most importantly, what are you going to wear?… Read more