5 June

Game of Thrones goes burlesque

Dames of Throne

We know what you’re thinking. How in all the seven kingdoms of Westeros can our favourite show get any better? The answer is with live song performances, acrobatics and sensual burlesque.

Be prepared, Melbourne: winter is coming.

Brought to us by Russall S Beattie – creative director of Sydney’s live venue Vanguard – Dames of Throne is a parody performance that is set to get you hotter than wildfire. His past shows include the Empire Strips Back and Batman Follies. In true GoT style, Dame of Thrones contains strong nudity and gore (would you expect anything else, especially in light of the eye-popping events of late?). Maybe don’t bring Nana along to this one.

The inspiration for the show is largely drawn from the TV series, but through the sexy performance, you’ll see your favourite characters in a new light. That said, the costumes are so spot-on that you’ll think you’ve been transported to King’s Landing.… Read more