20 May

Supersense: legends and new worlds meet in new music, film and dance festival celebrating euphoria and frenzy

Supersense Sans any mind-bending substances, music and dance have long been honoured for their capacity to induce ecstatic states – Supersense celebrates and explores just that.

Supersense is also a union of old-school and new – the lineup’s super eclectic, covering dance, film and music and everything from performance art/punk matriarch Lydia Lunch, surreal psych-pop exponent Ariel Pink and sexy rock monsters The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion through to commissioned works by John Cale (founding member of the Velvet Underground), featuring the celestial vocals of Dead Can Dance’s Lisa Gerrard. Having seen the Blues Explosion on more than one occasion, we can vouch for the fact that Jon Spencer can move crowd. Gideon Obarzanek (Chunky Move) is also directing a ritual trance music and dance performance by the Mount Ukir people of Indonesia. Cool.

The festival’s curated by Sophia Brous (singer, composer, Art Centre Artistic Associate and collaborator with everyone from Belle and Sebastian through to Paul Kelly) and will be housed all over the Arts Centre, including in some of the kookier spaces at which we wouldn’t normally get a gander.… Read more

17 September

Want to get a table at the Fat Duck? Here’s how

"It's going to be this delicious" *not a quote

It’s 10am and there’s way more techno pumping and more Champagne doing the rounds than we’re used to on a Wednesday. But Heston Blumenthal doesn’t make announcements quietly.

Six months ago, the mad scientist chef-slash-genius behind the Fat Duck in Bray dropped the bomb that he was moving the entire operation (staff and all) to Melbourne for a six month pop-up at Crown Casino before turning it into an outpost for one of his other hatted restaurants, Dinner.

Australia understandably lost its collective mind,  and since the announcement, tens of thousands of people have registered interest in dining the Fat Duck. The problem? If you’re a maths fan, you’ll realise that with 45 seats and only a limited number of services in six months, you’ve got sod all chance of getting a seat.

Time Out suggested a cage match system for walk-ins whereby you could fight for a table while booked tables watch.… Read more

28 July

Top five things to know about the Melbourne Festival 2014 program


The Melbourne Festival is the most significant arts festival in the city’s calendar, and this year, the organisers are squeezing over 60 music, theatre, film, dance and art events into just 17 days. The program – released today – can feel a little overwhelming, so we’ve put together the top five things about this year’s cultural fiesta that impress us most.

1. The opening of the festival will bring together elders from the five clans of the Kulin nation
Last year, elders from the five clans of the Kulin nation (Wurundjeri, Boonwurrung, Wathaurong, Taungerong and Dja Dja Wurrung) invited the people of Melbourne to a Tanderrum: the first ceremony of its kind since modern Melbourne was founded in 1835. This powerful affirmation of Koorie culture is back again this year, comprising song, storytelling and dance.

2. There’s a huge focus on circus
And it’s far from lion-tamers and tightropes. Festival Director Josephine Ridge and her team decided to celebrate Melbourne’s rich circus tradition (the Arts Centre used to be the site of the Wirth Brothers’ Circus in the early 1900s) by inviting the world’s most innovative circus artists – including Montreal’s Cirque Éloize, Belgium’s Dique & Fien and France’s Circa – to perform alongside local indie ensembles like Dislocate.Read more

18 June

OK Go’s new video is freakin’ genius

Ok Go: The Writing's on the Wall

Back in the old days bands made videos as a way of selling their music, but US popsters OK Go are probably the premier exponents of the opposite approach where making records is just an excuse to make weird short films.

You know them because they’re the band that did that song that had them doing that dance on treadmills (‘Here it Goes Again’), making a huge Rube Goldberg machine (‘This Too Shall Pass’), stop motioning all over the place (‘End Love’) and choreographing dogs (‘White Knuckles’).

This time around they have ‘The Writing’s on the Wall’, a song that answers the question “so, do you reckon that OK Go enjoy the work of New Order, with particular reference to their song ‘Temptation’?” with a resounding-if-difficult-to-litigate yes.

It’s a nice enough song – but dear god, what a video. It’s a celebration of visual tricks and forced perspective that will make you go back multiple times to work out how the hell they did certain bits.… Read more

5 June

Game of Thrones goes burlesque

Dames of Throne

We know what you’re thinking. How in all the seven kingdoms of Westeros can our favourite show get any better? The answer is with live song performances, acrobatics and sensual burlesque.

Be prepared, Melbourne: winter is coming.

Brought to us by Russall S Beattie – creative director of Sydney’s live venue Vanguard – Dames of Throne is a parody performance that is set to get you hotter than wildfire. His past shows include the Empire Strips Back and Batman Follies. In true GoT style, Dames of Throne contains strong nudity and gore (would you expect anything else, especially in light of the eye-popping events of late?). Maybe don’t bring Nana along to this one.

The inspiration for the show is largely drawn from the TV series, but through the sexy performance, you’ll see your favourite characters in a new light. That said, the costumes are so spot-on that you’ll think you’ve been transported to King’s Landing.… Read more