15 May

It’s official! The Cat Café has found a home. Opening July

Ready for your love

Melbourne, you’ve been sitting on the edge of whatever surface it is that you sit for months now, and we can finally bring you relief: the cool cats bringing you our first cat café have found a site. It’s all systems go.

In case you’re not up to speed, a cat café is a place in which cats for the petting and lattes for the drinking co-exist in harmony. The location of all your future joy-filled mornings is Queen Street, right near the Queen Vic markets. Which means jam doughnuts and love.

But we’re not just happy for our own sake. According to your new favourite person, café co-owner Anita Loughran, they will be finding all of their cats from Melbourne’s Lost Dogs home and GAWS – the Geelong Animal Welfare Society.

The café renovations will take a couple of months (and if you want to make a donation, they’re launching another indiegogo campaign, which you find through their site here)  but they’re hoping to open by July, after giving the cats a couple of weeks to settle in.… Read more

10 April

Game of Cones at Gelato Messina

It’s a pretty good match-up: the show that people can’t stop talking about and the gelato people can’t stop lining up for. Yes, to celebrate season four Gelato Messina have launched a range of five gelato flavours based on characters from HBO’s Game of Thrones series and the novels by George RR Martin.

There’s the Khaleesi – “Yoghurt mango gelato with dragon fruit purée. Sweet mother of all dragons, a real ‘melt in your mouth’ flavour.”

Hmm, I can see the resemblance.

Then there’s the Tyrion – “Raspberry custard gelato smashed with raspberry SHORTbread. The only thing short about this flavour is the bread . . . and the character it was inspired by.”

A cheap shot at the Imp’s height there, guys. Be careful: a Lannister always pays his debts. And if the raspberry custard turns to ashes in your mouth, you’ll know the debt has been paid.… Read more

3 April

St Kilda: officially happy

St Kilda has become the latest community to make a video to Pharrell Williams’ hit ‘Happy’. Since some extrovert Parisians posted a video of themselves dancing up a storm in front of the Eiffel Tower, the idea went viral. Now acting mayor of the City of Port Phillip, Serge Thomann, has produced a video. No doubt drawing on his expertise as a rock photographer (really), he persuaded locals like painter Mirka Mora, AFL Legend Ron Barassi, the Saints, artist Gavin Brown, world champion skater Renton Millar, skydivers, Luna Park workers and many others residents, traders and visitor to get into the groove. It’s directed by Aaron Wilson, whose flick Canopy is out on April 24. It doesn’t fix the fact that Pharrell made a song that sounds like Jamiroquai, but that’s just quibbling really.… Read more

20 March

Five things that make us happy

You’d have to be a Dementor to resist this. Created by the United Nations General Assembly, the International Day of Happiness was designed to promote the universal right to happiness. We’ve found five things that fill our hearts with joy – and we’re spreading them.

Hot cross bun war season. These glistening beauties are from Rustica, but stay tuned for our verdict on who makes the best bun in Melbourne.


The bridge of love, near Ponyfish Island. We’re suckers for evenings spent watching the sun set over the Yarra, and for PDAs that don’t involve saliva. 

Bridge of Love

Melbourne’s Captain Kirk of trams. Even after two years, our faithful public transport diarist still reports joy-giving anecdotes about life on the tramline.


Urban jungle street view. It might make Melbourne look a bit like a video game (or a vision of the post-zombie apocalypse), but this leafy green hack for Google Chrome makes for some procrastination time happily spent.… Read more

12 March

So what’s the update on the Cat Café?

Cat caféCats and the internets. Best of friends, forever

London’s first café is now open. Portland in the US is about to get all feline friendly too. And here in Melbourne, we’re awaiting the opening of our own cat café with white-knuckled anticipation.

If this is the first you’ve heard of it, allow us to explain: it’s a café, with cats. You pet them and drink tea. And soon, Melbourne couple Anita and Myles Loughran will be opening one. But where are we at now? How long must we wait for our cats and coffees and the joy that they’ll bring for ever and ever?

Not long, apparently. For the past few months, the Loughrans have been raising money through crowd funding campaigns on indiegogo.com, and now that they’re done with their second campaign, it’s go time.

According to Anita, the physical site applications are in (they’ve applied for a few spots, all in the CBD) and the council has given them a big cat-loving thumbs up.… Read more

23 February

Photos: White Night Melbourne 2014

Melburnians are divided on this year’s White Night, with many taking to the official Facebook page to share horror stories of being stuck in a CBD crush and others proclaiming it a spellbinding night out. Photographer Roberto Seba managed to get these fantastic pictures while in the thick of it.

Photos by Roberto SebaRead more

12 February

The Pom Pom Project at White Night Melbourne

Pom poms

The Centre for Adult Education is joining forces with Etsy in hopes of crafting over 1000 pom poms on White Night. The pom poms will be combined to create a giant pom pom sculpture and will also be filled with messages from participants. Over 80 kilos of white wool will be on hand and special guest instructors, local artist Sarah McNeil and Pony Anarchy editor Kristie Webster, will be guiding participants in their pom pom making adventures.

The Pom Pom Project, CAE, Sat 22 FebRead more

9 February

Top 10 selfie spots in Melbourne

Selfie spots in Melbourne

Make sure your next selfie is nothing less than 100% M.E.L.B.O.U.R.N.E.!

1. With the bagpipe busker
This dude wears either an Elmo or Mario Bros suit and plays the pipes around Bourke St Mall or Queensbridge Square some evenings. He’s just asking for some unannounced accompaniment, right? (NB: Always accompany responsibly)

2. With the taxidermied giraffe at the Carlton Club

Seriously, nobody will have thought of this. And if they have, try the ostrich instead. And anyway, it’s late, so who cares?

3. In front of the Kum Den restaurant sign
If you’re in Chinatown, this one’s a must. Also, the prices of dumplings inside are extremely reasonable.

4. Below the ‘Commit No Nuisance’ sign
Is it a coincidence this olde-worlde Heffernan Lane sign is within a stone’s throw of the Exford’s bottle shop? Possibly not.

5. Looking into the Souvlaki King mirror
Have you ever really, really looked into the black depths of your soul? There’s a mirror just outside this kebab house on Brunswick Street that bids you “have a good look at yourself”.… Read more

31 January

Brolly Splash: Flipboard Café’s pool is back!

Brolly Splash

Holy refreshment! The good folks at Melbourne’s favourite cubby-house/café Flipboard have brought back their makeshift pool. If you missed the first one and not sure what this is all about, they rigged up a nifty public pool using plastic and a skip. It’s genius, and it’s free to use for one and all. Go cool your heels.

Brolly Splash, Flipboard Café, Sat 1 Feb, 11am-6pmRead more

31 January

Enjoy some opera with your morning latte down at the Prahran Market


A pop-up opera or popera will be hitting Prahran Market this morning with fully suited-up performers singing Verdi, among the fruit and veggies in the main hall. The flash-mob-style performance will see soloist Michael Lapina, brothers, Simon, Steven and Andrew Alesi, Kristian Gregory, Jeff McCracken-Hewson and Sung Sun Hong performing ‘Anvil Chorus’ and ‘Du Quella Pira’. If you can’t make it this morning, Opera in the Park will be taking place at Victoria Gardens this Saturday night.

Popera, Prahran Market, Fri 31 Jan, 11.30am.Read more