8 August

Gerald’s Bar goes to Spain

Gerald's Bar

It’s always been on the cards. Gerald Diffey, the affable British geezer behind Gerald’s Bar – the best wine bar in Melbourne for anyone who gives even half a damn about food, drink and Motown –  has been summering on the Continent for years, and would always come back talking about opening a bar there, soon. And it turns out that soon means now. Diffey and Gerald’s Bar co-owner Mario Di Ienno are heading to San Sebastian “in about a week,” Diffey tells us. They’ve taken a lease on a restaurant Errota Txiki, which they’ll be doing very little to structurally, aside from adding in their requisite collection of tat, and where they’ll be serving a collection of wines following the same philosophy you’d know from their bar here: some old world stuff mixed in with trailblazing gear made by interesting people. But what of Melbourne? Gerald’s Bar, Carlton isn’t going anywhere. Di Ienno and Diffey will be taking it in turns to man the decks in either country.… Read more