22 November

The hottest bars to wet your whistle at this weekend

Drink on the roof till it's way past your bedtime
Drink on the roof till it’s way past your bedtime

It’s Friday night friends, and while we realise you’re probably already three sheets to the wind, this post comes not too late at all, because there’s a new bar in town and it is at your service until 5am.

Captain Melville (pictured)
The bushranger themed bistro on Franklin Street (formerly pub-club Miss Libertines) opened a rooftop bar last night that puts the venue’s 24-hour license to use once more. Canadian cocktail guru Sarah Miller has overseen the upper deck’s transformation, so you can expect to get a good drink on the upper balcony even when everyone else has hung up their aprons and gone home.

Joe Taylor
And if you’re in the mood for going off the beaten track, check out Joe Taylor in North Melbourne. Inhabiting the space that until recently was occupied by Rose Bar, this pop-up is going from strength to strength, serving sharp cocktails, craft beers and rock, soul and hip hop on demand.… Read more

19 August

So you think you can plus one?

Plus One

“Hey, if you’re ever looking for someone to come and eat food with you, I’m really keen.”

It’s the sentence that every food and drink writer hears at least three times a week, and really, well, no shit. Of course you’re keen. Being a plus one to a restaurant (or bar) review, you get the elusive free lunch without having to do anything other than show up, and for the most part shut up. See, we review anonymously here at Time Out, which means that we book under a false name and pay for ourselves. The reason we do so is to ensure that we’re getting the same experience you might expect when you visit, so on the night/s in question, we’re Joe Everyman – or in this reviewer’s case, Felicity Cassalinga, or maybe even Serenity Brown.

Which is why, plus one wannabes,  you can expect to be unceremoniously chucked off the review gravy train if you walk in and yell our real name across the room.… Read more

15 August

Last chance to Crab Shack, no more Mercy Bar and a new bar by the Pawn and Co crazies

Time Out food news

Hey Melbourne, . In the past week we’ve had more good and bad food news than we can handle.

On the excellent front, we learnt that we were inheriting the amazing Gelato Messina from Sydney. Put your excitement pants on for that. We also got wind  of a new ice-it-yourself cupcake shop (123 Cake) in North Melbourne.

In less sky punching news we’ve just been told that Juicy Jay’s Fried Chicken and Crab Shack is moving out of the Public Bar at the end of this weekend. Don’t panic, though. They’re just relocating to some new digs in Richmond, but that won’t happen until summer, so you better go and smash as much fried chicken and crab boil as you can handle between now and Sunday to tide you over.

And in crazy news, remember a few days ago when we likened the Aylesbury’s impending identity change to Mercy Bar‘s recent do-over (it was formerly Virginia Plain until they toned down the fancy in June)?… Read more