15 April

Jerome Borazio to open a luxury glamping hotel on top of Melbourne Central

Jerome Borazio’s a goddamn genius – when he’s not opening bars (1000 Pound Bend, Ponyfish Island, Sister Bella etc), pizza shops (Slice Girls), cool wedding venues (The Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo), or overseeing the now international St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, he’s opening a hotel. Clearly, the man never sleeps and, let’s face it, he can’t help himself when it comes to revitalising an unclaimed space.

St Jerome’s: The Hotel is high glamour and one of a kind. It’s perched on the top of Melbourne Central for a start, allowing patrons unparalleled access to Melbourne’s city-line vistas. Plus, rather than your ordinary hotel rooms, it’s got suites and standard rooms in high-class bell tents, that are decked out with all of the luxury comforts of any other luxury hotel. Borazio’s taken glamping (glamour camping) to a whole new level (quite literally too, given that it overlooks the city).

There’s a 24-hour concierge service, a bar and normal deluxe hotel services (fleet cars and the like) but it’s the other touches that make it super special – eg.… Read more

27 March

Heston Blumenthal coming to Crown

Heston Blumenthal coming to Crown

The rumours are true, folks. Or partly true, at least. For the past few months there have been whispers aplenty about Heston Blumenthal (the bespectacled UK chef of Fat Duck restaurant and science-meets-magic cookery fame) opening his first international restaurant in Melbourne. His PR crew dumped a metaphorical gallon of petrol onto the gossip fire yesterday, bidding media to rock up at Crown Casino next Monday for “an announcement”.

We don’t have the full details at this stage, but we have had it confirmed that there will be a restaurant, and that it will not be a far flung outpost of his three Michelin starred Bray restaurant. Blumenthal has something else up his sleeves, and considering those sleeves usually also contain some form of flamethrower or liquid nitrogen-powered device, we’re pretty sure it’s going to be something at least a little bit ridiculous.

Excited? You should be. Don’t know who the hell Blumenthal is?… Read more

9 December

Holiday like a Hobbit

Elkep Evi Cave3

Let your feet grow furry and ditch the fake tan, because Booking.com have come up with some destinations which are focused on cosying up.

In honour of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, which opens on Boxing Day, they’ve put together some hidey-holes they’ve put together across the globe. You can find the Nothofagus Hotel & Spa in Chile, the Elkep Evi Cave Hotel in Turkey and the New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel in the UK on the Booking website.


New DungeonRead more

5 December

Melways goes mini!

This month Melways launches Melways Mini – perfect for slinging in your bicycle basket or shoving in the glove box. We’re going to make sure we always have us for those trips in which we’ve burned out our phone battery playing the Boss or for those times you just feel like flicking through it and choosing your own adventure.… Read more