24 November

Melbourne muso Mike Noga is crowd-funding his third album

Mike Noga

It takes a whole lot of talent, time and hard work to write a killer album. It takes a whole lot of cash to record that killer album.

Melbourne singer-songwriter Mike Noga knows this better than most people. For the past two decades, Noga has played drums for bands and artists including the Drones, Something for Kate frontman Paul Dempsey and Glenn Richards – all the while pursuing a solo career. He’s released two solo albums, and spent the last year in London writing his third; his most ambitious project yet. Dempsey is on board as producer, and it’s all ready to be recorded, mixed, mastered and distributed.

Here’s where you come in. Following in the footsteps of musicians like Aussie muso Davey Lane, Noga is running a Pozible campaign to fund his album. The target is $16,000, and with seven days to go until deadline, he’s well on his way to achieving it.… Read more

14 August

The Doctor and his TARDIS landed in Australia this week

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Doctor Who

David Beckham… what? The Doctor and his TARDIS landed in Sydney this week and Time Out was there to hear about the journey.

Doctor Who celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, and even though the classic sci-fi series faded away ingloriously in 1989, it entered the 21st century with a bang in 2005. And it keeps getting bigger: to celebrate the forthcoming 2014 season, new Doctor – number 12 if you’re keeping count – Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, who plays his companion, the Impossible Girl Clara, are doing a whistle-stop international tour, and dropped into Sydney – the first time a 21st century Doctor and companion have visited Australia.

So, after signing a confidentiality agreement and a special preview screening of the new season’s opener, ‘Deep Breath’, ABC radio presenter Adam Spencer chaired a Q&A with Capaldi and Coleman. Here are some highlights – spoiler-free of course, sweetie!

After a quick catch-up of their recent activities – they’d just flown in from Seoul, Korea, where they were almost mobbed at the airport, and had only finished filming on the new season last Wednesday, Spencer asks them about working with each other.… Read more

7 July

Update: Interview with Andrew Watt about Pavilion Live

Pavilion Live

We broke the news just after midnight that little-known Flemington function centre Melbourne Pavilion is set to be reborn as a large live music venue – if council approves the plans. We spoke to entertainment lawyer and spokesperson for the venue, Andrew Watt.

Hi Andrew, who’s behind the venue?
The venue’s owned by a company called Melbourne Pavilion Proprietary Limited. They’ve been operating it for several years as a function centre and a sports events centre. It’s quite funny, because people go, “Oh, I’ve never heard of that place,” but it’s been operating for a couple of years.

So have they partnered with anyone to relaunch it as a live music venue?
Not as yet, no. The key thing is that it be viable and economically sustainable and at its current 1,300 capacity it falls in that same area of the Corner, the Hi-Fi, the Forum… and Melbourne’s already pretty well served by venues of that size.… Read more

23 May

Ten minutes with Peter Dinklage


Having been chugging along on the ‘X-Men, X-Perience’ worldwide publicity train for days already, you’d think that Peter Dinklage would be at least slightly less forthcoming when I meet him at the Melbourne press junket.

Dinklage lesson one: never underestimate the man’s ability to turn on the charm. Flanked by clipboard-wielding staff and looming cameras, the actor smiles warmly at yet another batch of journalists filing into the bright hotel room. He greets us in an American accent that takes a moment to adjust to, if (like me), you’ve been following his precarious journey as Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones with white-knuckled concern.

But we’re not here to discuss the Iron Throne, dragons and trials by combat. Today is all about X-Men: Days of Future Past, and our allotted slice of junket time is already ticking away.

Read the full interview with Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage

X-Men: Days of Future Past, released Thursday May 22.Read more

14 May

Melbourne campaigner heads to the Zoo of Death

This week, representatives from My Green World and Cee4Life arrive at Indonesia’s ‘Zoo of Death’, to administer medication and provide free training. Says Melbourne’s My Green World director Natalie Kyriacou, “Earlier this year, an 18-month old lion was found hanged in his tiny cage. A few months later, a Komodo dragon died of unknown causes – and these were just the high-profile deaths.” Time Out spoke to Natalie about her mission before she boarded the plane to Juanda.

Natalie, can you tell us more about My Green World?
My Green World supports 15 environmental and wildlife charities around the world, and one of our functions is a mobile application allowing users to assist in real-life conservation efforts. By travelling to areas such as Surabaya, we are personally involving ourselves in the rescue of animals, and able to work alongside one of our partner charities, Cee4Life.

Your plan is to provide worming medication to the animals at Indonesia’s Surabaya Zoo, and run an education program.Read more