19 November

First look at Chopper the Musical

Time Out Melbourne

L-R: Warren Wills; Les Twentyman; Frank Howson

Casting is soon to commence for the forthcoming Chopper the Musical. Yesterday, songs were aired to the media at the Royal Melbourne Hotel, which (appropriately) conceals an 1850s bluestone cellblock within its walls. The corridor was stuffed with TV crews and lit up with blue stage lights. At the far end of the stretch of cells a stage was set up with a huddle of singers sharing mics.

For this preview’s purposes, comedian Simon Palomares was the face of Chopper, while Mick Pealing (former frontman of ’70s country-rock band Stars) took on the voice of Chopper Read, launching into a song with the refrain “Harden the fuck up, harden…”

The chorus of girls behind him adopted the unlovely timbres of barflies and loose-larynxed addicts. Then there followed a lament from Uncle Chop Chop’s long-suffering lover, again backed by the wailing, hardnosed harridans.… Read more