11 June

Tickets on sale next week for Underground Cinema: La Guerre

La Guerre3

Talking to someone who has been to an Underground Cinema event is a rollercoaster of emotion. First, you’re curious: how could they have not even known what the movie was until they got there? Then, you’re jealous: there was a live murder mystery game before the Gosford Park screening at Rippon Lea Estate? Then, you’re frustrated: OK, I get it, Underground Cinema is amazing – stop making me regret my choice not to buy tickets! And lastly, you’re excited: so excited for when the next event is announced.

Melbourne, that time is now. For four consecutive nights in July, a secret film will play in a secret location to everyone who manages to nab tickets when they go on sale on Tuesday, June 17 at 1pm. This time, the theme is La Guerre, and the dress code is your ’40s best.

So what could the film be? Surely it’ll be something involving World War Two: we’re thinking espionage, battles, unrequited love and more angst than you could poke a bayonet at.… Read more