12 March

Tips on how to not review the Jezabels’ second album


The Jezabels: The Brink

Dear the Internet,

Hayley Mary from the Jezabels isn’t fond of critics.

“Get a real job!” she opined to Music Feeds before complaining how no-one gets her or her music, specifically with regard to the less-than-stellar critical reception afforded to the band’s second album The Brink.

As someone who has been employed for the last 20 years almost entirely as a music critic, I’d like to point out that it is, in fact, a real job. And it’s a pretty great one, especially if you plan on dying of tinnitus and liver failure.

It’s odd that she cares about critics since she also claims in the interview that she never reads reviews – although that, of course, is a lie. It’s like writers saying they never read the comments. You’re fooling nobody.

But that’s a side issue. Here’s where Mary needs a little bit of straight talk:

“I just think there is too much hatred in the world to have a job that is based on writing off what other people try and do, unless that person is in a serious position of power. I don’t mind when people criticise politicians, or like the army or something.”

Now, leaving aside her difficult-to-support position that criticism of people is justified provided that they aren’t specifically her, there’s something that she – and every other person who has ever bitched and moaned about negative reviews – should keep in mind going forward.… Read more

7 March

Sometimes Nothing’s The Worst Thing You Can Say (An Open Letter To Silence by Megan Washington)

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We’re not going to pretend: we love Megan Washington around these parts, and we’re pretty damn in love with her first new release since 2011′s heartbreaking Insomnia mini-album: the single ‘Who Are You’.

It heralds the arrival of album #2 later this year, which we’re very much looking forward to, and so we asked her if she’d like to write us something – an open letter, say? And this is what we received:

Sometimes Nothing’s The Worst Thing You Can Say (An Open Letter To Silence)

Dear Silence,

Some people tell me that you’re golden, but frankly, I’ve got some concerns.

I know we aren’t close – It’s not like I spend long hours with you, staring at my phone, willing it to ring… And I’m not naturally attracted to you, I don’t enjoy taciturn deliberation over things – I’m definitely an ‘out-loud’ thinker. I mean, we don’t even sleep together. (I’ve fallen sleep listening to Stars Of The Lid on my iPod since 2006.)

Perhaps you’re welcome when you turn up in other people’s lives, but you’re not welcome when you turn up in mine. You are Unwelcome, Silence. Unwelcome.

I mean I understand your power, Silence. Sometimes the loudest way to win an argument is to be silent.

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6 March

New live video from Adalita

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Adalita has shared with Time Out a new live video of last year’s heartbreaking single ‘Trust Is Rust’, taken from her second solo album, All Day Venus.

She says of the shoot, “We were set up on the street level of a huge double-storey share house / shop front on a main street in Thornbury. During the recording there were little old Greek men from the café next door peering in through the window, smoking their cigars and having a good ol’ chinwag about what was going on.”

The song itself details the turmoil of witnessing another woman coming on the scene – “and you know it’s trouble”. As the evidence literally starts piling up – ‘it could not be more obvious / it ain’t your shoes, it’s not my dress’ – the protagonist starts to almost relish the anguish.

Adalita plays Golden Plains this weekend. Her album, All Day Venus, is out now through Liberation.… Read more

4 March

Flying Lotus to play a secret show as Captain Murphy tomorrow night

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Flying Lotus

The word is out – experimental electronic artist Flying Lotus will play a hushed gig at Howler under his rap moniker Captain Murphy tomorrow night. Even if you experienced his stunning audio-visual Layer 3 show at the Forum last Friday, there’s no telling which side of Steven Ellison to expect this time around. Tickets are only available at the door.

For those gearing up for Golden Plains, don’t miss FlyLo take to the Supernatural Amphitheatre this weekend.

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20 February

Armin van Buuren: Intense tour tickets on sale

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Armin van Buuren

So you think you’ve seen the world’s flashiest live DJ shows? Not as far as Armin van Buuren’s concerned. Yep, the Dutch lord of the trance is on his way to Hisense Arena, and he doesn’t do things by halves.

The Armin Only: Intense tour is a six-hour spectacular that he’s taking all over the planet (nearly – the only continent missing from his schedule is Antarctica). Combining elements of theatre, dance and live music, the show is meticulously choreographed. Plus, you just know there’ll be smoke and flames and screens as big as your house.

Of course you’ll want to hear the uplifting trance tracks from his 2013 Intense album, but don’t expect a hit procession. Armin’s keen on guiding ravers through an exploration of trance music… and we reckon it’ll be worth the ride.

The first (and slightly cheaper) round of tickets is now on sale. For a closer look into the show’s evolution, have a look at the series of web episodes put together by Armin’s crew – the first one is below. You can see interviews with Armin and his collaborative team and even watch them rehearsing. It’s fascinating, but if we hear the word intense one more time, we might just punch something.… Read more

19 February

Brunswick Music Festival launches its 2014 program

Brunswick Music Festival pic

As any smug Brunswick resident will tell you, there are endless reasons to get on the number 19 tram and roll down Sydney Road. There’s Dejour Jeans, outrageous wedding dress shops, endless Bonsoy lattes, and of course, all kinds of live music that streams from the well-loved pubs and clubs that beckon from almost every street corner.

And then there’s the Brunswick Music Festival. Coming into its 26th year, the festival is in the hands of a new team of directors, who kicked things off with a media launch this morning at the Brunswick Town Hall.

“We’re new to organising the festival but not new to partying at it,” says organiser Natalie Lidgerwood. “I just wish I’d paid more attention…instead of dancing in the streets!” Judging from the musical offerings this year, we’re pretty confident that the team will have no problem getting punters booking tickets.

“These artists represent our diverse community,” says City of Moreland mayor Lambros Tapinos. In less than an hour, we’re treated to the smooth baritone of Mikelangelo who’ll be performing with a 50-piece choir, and the spirited Italian folk of Kavisha Mazzella which she will perform as part of La Sagra Della Musica.… Read more

15 February

Kanye is coming to Melbourne this May

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Kanye West

So it’s been widely reported by outlets including the Vine that posters for Kanye West’s Yeezus tour are popping up all over the place. We don’t know much about it at this stage except that yep, Kanye is coming, and that yep, it’s happening in April and May 2014. Tickets go on sale through Live Nation on Friday February 21, but at the moment there is nothing on the Live Nation website to give us any more details. We’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE: The dates are in – Kanye will be in Melbourne May 6.Read more

7 February

What’s the worst song ever written? The Nottest 100 winner is revealed!


Nottest 100

Written by Andrew P Street | Art by Robert Polmear

Dear The Internet,

Well, it’s been a big, brassy week for horrible music. Who’d have thought that being reminded of ‘Shiny Happy People’ would have blossomed into the gorgeous flower that the Nottest 100 has become? What began as a stupid joke has turned into something much more wonderful: a bigger stupid joke.

And I have been heartened and horrified and delighted and disgusted by the response.

Hundreds of songs were nominated, and hundreds of votes were cast, and hundreds of people told me that the list included songs they loved and did I want to fight. Almost as many told me that they’ve been thrashing the Spotify playlist in an orgy not not-guilty-enough pleasure. And I thank you, the weirdly passionate music lovers of Australia, for being part of the process.

And also: your taste in music is terrible.

Rather than churn through the entire list and make arbitrary distinctions between equally low-rating songs (thank you, Australia, for having no problem with ‘Love Shack’), I present to you what our proud nation has determined – through DEMOCRACY! – as being the Five Worst Songs Of All Time.

It was a hotly contested battle in the upper echelons, with some worthy contenders not quite making the cut – so commiserations to haters of such legitimately awful songs as Nickelback’s ‘Photograph’, Sandi Thom’s ‘I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair)’, Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’, Black Eyed Peas’ ‘My Humps’, Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’, the Baha Men’s ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ and – just missing the top five by the slimmest of slim margins, Joe Dolce’s immortal ‘Shaddap You Face’.… Read more

3 February

Super Bowl halftime shows: The five most memorable performances of all time

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Many of the biggest names in music have graced the stage of the Super Bowl halftime show: Michael Jackson. Madonna. U2. Bruce Springsteen. Prince. Brian Boitano and Dorothy Hamill. Oh good, you’re paying attention. While not all of the performances have been the equivalent of a gold medal-winning figure skating program, there have been quite a few spectacles during the show’s 47-year run. As it is with Super Bowl commercials, you will want to stay glued to the TV set when the intermission begins.

In preparation for this year’s performance featuring Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, we present to you the five most sensational Super Bowl halftime shows of all time. We can’t promise you a sequel to Nipplegate, but there’s a strong chance you will find out how the nipples of RHCP bassist Flea react to 30-degree weather. Get your popcorn ready!

5. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (2009)

The most memorable thing about this set wasn’t the Boss imploring viewers to “put the chicken fingers down.” This was the night that (thanks to an awkward camera angle) we were introduced, intimately, to Springsteen’s crotch—and we’ve never quite gotten over it.

4. Michael Jackson (1993)

This was the halftime show that made halftime shows cool.… Read more

31 January

Enjoy some opera with your morning latte down at the Prahran Market


A pop-up opera or popera will be hitting Prahran Market this morning with fully suited-up performers singing Verdi, among the fruit and veggies in the main hall. The flash-mob-style performance will see soloist Michael Lapina, brothers, Simon, Steven and Andrew Alesi, Kristian Gregory, Jeff McCracken-Hewson and Sung Sun Hong performing ‘Anvil Chorus’ and ‘Du Quella Pira’. If you can’t make it this morning, Opera in the Park will be taking place at Victoria Gardens this Saturday night.

Popera, Prahran Market, Fri 31 Jan, 11.30am.Read more