16 January

Which rejigged breakfast radio team resonates most with your spirit animal?

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The new year is a time for rebirth and renewal, a time for you to look deep inside yourself and undergo some powerful self-evaluation and discover who you truly are. It’s also when the nation’s radio stations do the same thing, as they unveil their exciting new on-air talent line ups. So the inescapable conclusion is that Gaia herself is asking you finally decide for yourself which rejigged breakfast radio team resonates most with your spirit animal?

Grow with us, won’t you?

Triple J

Triple J otter

Host: Alex Dyson and Matt Okine (replacing Tom Ballard)

Spirit animal: the playful otter: cute and entertaining for a while, until you realise they basically just do the same thing over and over.

Fox FM

fifi and dave and bear

Hosts: Fifi Box and Dave Thornton (replacing Matt Tilley and Joe Stanley)

Spirit animal: the mighty polar bear:  powerful and strong, yet ill-equipped for the increasingly-ill-suited environment they’re in.

ABC Radio’s AM

Trioloi 'n' whale

Host: Virginia Trioli (replacing Tony Eastley)

Spirit animal: the majestic whale: listening to her calls is soothing yet also allows one to feel a certain intellectual superiority over others.… Read more

30 October

ABC Digital Radio streams the Orson Welles radio play of War of the Worlds for 48 hours only!

War of the Worlds by Orson Welles

“The chances of anything coming from digital radio are a million to one,” he said…

Hey, digital radio enthusiasts – want to hear a piece of radio history?

It’s the 75th anniversary of the broadcast of The War of the Worlds by the Mercury Theatre of the Air. It’s the broadcast that you know about because it caused panic in the streets when broadcast on October 30, 1938; or you know about how it didn’t really cause panic in the streets at all, since that was a media beat up – but either way, it made Welles’ career, gave him the cachet to make Citizen Kane and then lose all that cachet when the film kinda flopped, and so on and so forth.

But: the fact remains that this broadcast was an amazing piece of art, a brilliant parody of the emerging conventions in the then-new medium of broadcast news, and a vital moment of 20th century history that you’d probably heard a lot about but never actually heard.… Read more