30 September

Former Royal Women’s Hospital is this year’s Melbourne Music Week flagship venue


Once again, a Melbourne landmark plays host to the city’s musical best

The former site of the Royal Melbourne’s Hospital on Swanson Street has been announced as this year’s Melbourne Music Week (MMW) flagship venue. The historic hospital’s basement and adjoining rooms will play host to the hyperlocal festival’s yet-to-be-announced program of installations and music performances.

See it first on the opening night party, when the Former Royal Women’s Hospital will come back to life along to performances by Melbourne bands The Harpoons, Gypsy and The Cat, and Dorsal Fins.  A maze of 12 disused rooms will be put into use for the Swell program, which will host secret live performances. The one-off gigs will be multi-sensory experiences featuring a combination of art and design elements that punters can immerse themselves in.

This year, the Former Royal Women’s Hospital will be the first carbon neutral MMW flagship venue, with all carbon emissions to be measured and offset at the end of the event.Read more

24 April

The Palace Theatre’s last items available in garage sale this weekend


I feel like a bit of a vulture at the moment, but it’s not stopping me.

Last weekend I queued early for the Astor’s garage sale and took a lot of delight in sifting through 30 years of cinematic treasures (and trying to justify the purchase of a giant pressed-brass palm tree – I couldn’t). In the end, I left with a lurid pink poster advertising John Water’s movies (Cry Baby and Pink Flamingoes) and a square of the Astor’s carpet, which I’ll fashion into a purse at some stage.

It was entirely worth the 40-minute wait to get through the doors one more time and admire the Astor in all of its art deco glory. I know it’s re-opening in June under the Palace’s umbrellas, but without George Florence in the helm, it’ll never be the same, so my small purchases are a function of securing its memory.… Read more

20 June

Dan Sultan to play a secret gig tonight

Dan Sultan

The voice, the music, the eyebrows. We may all love Dan Sultan for different reasons, but we can all agree that the Melbourne muso is awesome. And we’re about to let you in on a little secret: he’s doing a secret show at Ding Dong Lounge tonight.

That’s right: before we lose our beloved rock’n’roller to his Blackbird tour, Melbourne is being treated to a little extra Dan Sultan smoulder. His new record came out in April and it’s got more soulful country and rock smoothness than ever before.

His Melbourne show is already sold out, so unless you’re keen for a trip to Geelong or even San Remo, get to Ding Dong by 10pm tonight. And if you rock up when doors open at 8pm, you’ll also catch Carl Russo’s sweet acoustic tunes and a DJ set by Jan Skubiszewski – all for the bargain price of $15 (doors only, folks).

Earlier this year, we caught up with Dan to talk about recording Blackbird in Nashville, and to find out what he’s thinking while performing his incendiary live shows.… Read more

11 June

Tickets on sale next week for Underground Cinema: La Guerre

La Guerre3

Talking to someone who has been to an Underground Cinema event is a rollercoaster of emotion. First, you’re curious: how could they have not even known what the movie was until they got there? Then, you’re jealous: there was a live murder mystery game before the Gosford Park screening at Rippon Lea Estate? Then, you’re frustrated: OK, I get it, Underground Cinema is amazing – stop making me regret my choice not to buy tickets! And lastly, you’re excited: so excited for when the next event is announced.

Melbourne, that time is now. For four consecutive nights in July, a secret film will play in a secret location to everyone who manages to nab tickets when they go on sale on Tuesday, June 17 at 1pm. This time, the theme is La Guerre, and the dress code is your ’40s best.

So what could the film be? Surely it’ll be something involving World War Two: we’re thinking espionage, battles, unrequited love and more angst than you could poke a bayonet at.… Read more

4 December

White Night Melbourne 2014 program launch


Premier Denis Napthine addressed the media at Melbourne City Baths this morning, to launch the program of 2014’s White Night Melbourne.

Itself inspired by Nuit Blanche – the dusk to dawn festival that began in France and spread to Berlin, Havana, Barcelona, St Petersburg, Naples, Cairo, Buenos Aires and other cities – White Night premiered in Melbourne in February 2013, drawing crowds of over 300,000 to the CBD.It’s expected to attract half a million in February 2014 and has stretched to a larger area to accommodate this.

A little influence may also have crept in from Hobart’s phenomenally well acclaimed Dark Mofo festival, particularly with the addition of a crepuscular beam that will be visible from all over Melbourne. It’s constructed so that you can walk under it. Then there’s the pedestrian bridge across the Yarra, which will have a sci-fi style vortex to walk through. Illuminations and installations will once again be a key factor of White Night.… Read more