12 February

Australia’s first Zara Home lands in Highpoint

Zara Home

It’s been a while since we’ve visited Highpoint and it’s totally high end. It makes sense then that Zara decided to expand the empire by opening its first Aussie Zara Home store today a wee bit west of the city.

Tucked in beside Apple and Armani, we were welcomed at the early-morning launch party with a green juice and an incredibly ritzy-looking gluten free muesli.

We’re not too proud to admit that we have some homeware fetishes (specifically, aprons and tea towels). So, the grand plan for this morning was to hunt those out immediately, but we were distracted by a whole world of other home-based goodies that we didn’t even know we needed – like coat hangers in those anodised steel cup colours our folks had in the ’70s.

Basically, the store covers every home base – manchester, tableware, bath and body – everything from luxury lounge wares and slippers that are way too good to wear to the supermarket, to hyacinth-shaped candles, green faux-cowhide notepads and gilt crabs that double as tiny, secret storage spaces.… Read more

20 November

Doctor Who pop-up shop opens today

Doctor Who pop-up shop

You know that things are getting serious between you and the Doctor when you’re more excited about the annual Christmas special than all carols, pudding and presents put together. (Side note: Nick Frost is playing Santa in this year’s episode!).

But what if we told you that you could bring even more Time Lord magic to your yuletide? As of this morning, the Doctor Who pop-up shop is open on Little Collins Street, packed with quirky merchandise that even a Dalek couldn’t refuse.

K9 cookie cutters. TARDIS print skirts, shirts and dresses. Weeping Angel Christmas tree toppers. Blink and you’ll miss them (we’re just going to leave that reference there).

And because no one’s ever met a Whovian who doesn’t also harbour complicated feelings for the BBC Sherlock series, a corner of the pop-up will be dedicated to all things Cumberbatch and Freeman – ‘Consulting Detective’ mugs, DVDs and more.

Doctor Who pop-up shop. Open now until Sun Jan 4.Read more

5 August

Melbourne is getting a brand new laneway

Gresham Street

If you’re prone to scoffing when tourists bang on about Melbourne’s hidden laneways, wipe that smirk off your face, because you didn’t know about this one, did you?

Charter Hall is the property group that developed 570 Bourke Street into a commercial and legal zone. Next in their sights is the adjoining Gresham Street. This will be converted into a one-way street and decked out with leafy landscapes and alfresco seating. Okay, it’s not going to be the piss-stained, graffiti-strewn real thing, but there’ll be a new café and four new retail spaces.

The idea is that it will be a good place for workers to de-frag, if only for a latte-swillin’ ten minutes. Construction is underway and expected to be complete by mid 2015.… Read more

31 July

Cat Stuff is a pop-up market for cat-lovers. And cats.

Tinning st Cat Stuff market

First they get their own café, and now they get their own market. We should’ve known it was just a matter of time. After all, the ancient Egyptians worshipped the adorable furry predators, and now it would seem that their reign has dawned once again.

For four days in August, Brunswick’s Tinning St Gallery will welcome over 20 local artist spruiking feline-themed artwork, furniture and treats. Cat Stuff will feature new works by the super-talented Beci Orpin, as well as Kirsten Perry, Alice Oehr, Camilla Rogers, Kitiya Palaskas, Clare Dilworth and more. From cute tabby-toys to prints to put on your wall, this is the one place where you won’t be judged for letting your inner crazy cat-lady (or man) loose. And if you can make it for Saturday August 16, there’ll be hot drinks and snacks. Purrfect!

Cat Stuff, Tinning Street, Aug 14-17Read more

25 July

Topshop and Topman open at Emporium

Topshop and Topman

To our great delight, Topshop and Topman have finally opened their doors at Emporium Melbourne today.

The dazzling Emporium seems to be reminiscent of an Emerald City, in that once you step inside you realise you’re not in Melbourne Central anymore. The space is clean cut, sophisticated and almost entirely glass, and is home to a few brands you might see up the Paris End of Collins Street.

In saying that, expect a luxurious shopping experience at the new Topshop/Topman located on Lower Ground Level 1. It’s the biggest one in the Southern Hemisphere and includes personal shopping services and a whole two floors dedicated to the ladies, while the fellas can get their shopping fix on the bottom floor.

The British superstore of on-trend clothing, shoes, makeup and accessories can be a little overwhelming, but navigate your way through collections specifically catered to your needs, whether it be Petite, Tall, Boutique, Dress Up, Designer, or Collaborative lines.… Read more