31 December

Slide Melbourne is coming: the greatest slip’n’slide ever

Slide Melbourne

The greatest slip’n’slide ever comes to Melbourne CBD. It is Melbourne CBD

We can’t quite imagine the red-tape headaches that Slide Melbourne must have caused Melbourne City Council, but organisers assure us that final sign-off is immiment. The three-lane, 400m slide will take up Lonsdale Street on two upcoming Sundays: Feb 15th and, tentatively, March 9th.

In order to ride, you need to be at least 120cm tall and aged 12 or above. Or, if under 12, you can be accompanied by a parent or guardian – but you’ll both need tickets. These tickets are $40 and give you access for one of the four two-hour slots. It’s vital you book in advance; in fact, it’s nearly sold out already.

While you may have heard of the Slidestreet event in Perth, Slide Melbourne is a separate entity, inspired by Slide the City – whose first event in Utah captured world interest. The Slide Melbourne team has a ‘Splashback Policy’ to manage water responsibly – and the water used will be recycled for Melbourne’s city gardens.… Read more

4 December

Tomato Battle (La Tomatina) comes to Melbourne

Tomato Battle

There’s something Spanish coming to Melbourne and it’s not David Villa. It’s a recipe for both laughter and disaster, and it requires tomatoes: 136 thousand kilograms of Roma tomatoes, to be exact.

If you haven’t heard of La Tomatina, it’s a tomato-throwing festival held in the Valencian town of Bunol. Purely for fun, people come together to get splashed with scarlet mush. At first glance, it’s a horrific sight – reminiscent of a scene out of the Shining – but take a closer look at the huge smiles in the crowd and you wish you were there.

Finally, you can be. Melbourne is getting its own Tomato Battle in February, diluted somewhat by booze and beats that go well into the evening. It’s held at the Flemington Racecourse, so you know it will be huge. Feeling anxious? Don’t be – all participants are required to sign a waiver, and are asked to crush tomatoes before throwing them.… Read more

2 October

Introducing a fitness centre aimed at pro-athletes (and you)

Josh Piterman_Photo by Chris Parker (1) LOW

Josh Piterman (pictured) is known for his impressive musical theatre career, which includes  An Officer and a Gentleman and West Side Story, but he’s also an Ambassador for the Australian Institute of Fitness. Now he’s combined his two loves of performing and fitness to create PITFIT; Australia’s first fitness centre tailored for hardworking entertainers; dancers, actors, and everyone in between.

“We often hear people comparing dancers to athletes,” Josh explains, “but unlike athletes, performers like myself have never had access to completely tailored strength and conditioning programs designed to help them move more dynamically and powerfully.”

On top of improving fitness levels, PITFIT is about specific strength and conditioning training to improve mind-muscle connections and avoid injuries.

PITFIT’s current clientele list reads like the program of a play, so don’t be surprised if you recognise a few faces when you walk in the door. Cast members from Wicked, Grease, King Kong and Les Misérables are already signing up to get in on the fitness action.… Read more

7 July

Color Run tickets are on sale now!

The Color Run 2014

Time to buy a gleaming white T-shirt, because tickets are on sale now for the annual Swisse Color Run. If you haven’t done this before, you’ll likely have seen the glowing pink, green and blue faces of those who have, leaving paint splotches all over Melbourne’s public transport system. The premise is simple: book your tickets before they run out, and run (or walk) five clicks around Flemington Racecourse as you get coloured paint chucked at you. Oh, and there’s pumping music, too.

The Color Run, Flemington Racecourse, Sat Nov 16Read more