22 May

St Kilda: Can our cradle of bohemia make a comeback? New issue out now!

Issue 29

With our St Kilda cover story we hark back to an era when blood flowed in the streets, not frozen yoghurt, and music rang out of every delapidated mansion. But lest you think we’re condemning what was once called “Berlin-by-the-Sea” to being a ’burb of lost bohemia, we’ve found plenty to celebrate, with all sorts of movers and shakers fighting to keep St Kilda a creative refuge.

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24 April

Melbourne’s best high teas tested. New issue out now!

Issue 28

We thought you might need heating up, so we bring you ornate tea sets issuing curling steam; warming whisky in twinkling bars; and the fire-stoking smile of Kat Stewart. Autumn’s advance also means Melbourne gets extra cultural – and I do believe there is a correlation. It’s the more frostbitten cities that make the most of their cosy libraries, museums and literary centres.

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19 December

Melbourne has a Captain Kirk of trams, keeps log, is wonderful

Captain Kirk of Melbourne trams

Melbourne, as you’re ramping up to Christmas and giving thanks to your colleagues, friends and total strangers in random acts of chardonnay-fueled  goodwill, make sure you spare a thought for sand.  It turns out we owe our grainy friend a lot. If you have ever voyaged on the good ship Public Transport in Melbourne, you may have at times noticed that sand fills sections of the walls of our trams. Being the edgy city this is, we’ve long thought those clear panels were some kind of art installation.  But a quick Google reveals two things:

1) We are wrong

2) Melbourne has one of the most surprisingly joy-giving blogs dedicated to tramlife you’ve ever seen.

melbournetramdriver.blogspot.com.au enthusiastically explains all the things about trams (and douchebags with umbrellas and the horror of working on New Year’s Eve) that you never knew you really want to know about.

It’s mesmerising. That sand, for example, turns out to be a delightfully antiquated mechanism for helping trams not kill us all in wet weather.… Read more

22 November

Time Out Melbourne is looking for a Lifestyle Editor

Work for Time Out Melbourne

Since launching two years ago Time Out Melbourne has rapidly become the city’s most trusted resource for information on entertainment, culture and dining out.

We are looking for a Lifestyle Editor to join our talented, hard-working team to cover clubbing, shopping, museums, kids’ activities and general events around town.

This is an opportunity to progress your career with an expanding cross-media brand. Time Out Melbourne is one of over 60 Time Outs around the world, with other magazines and websites in locations as diverse as Sydney, London, New York, Singapore and Dubai.

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