19 December

Melbourne has a Captain Kirk of trams, keeps log, is wonderful

Captain Kirk of Melbourne trams

Melbourne, as you’re ramping up to Christmas and giving thanks to your colleagues, friends and total strangers in random acts of chardonnay-fueled  goodwill, make sure you spare a thought for sand.  It turns out we owe our grainy friend a lot. If you have ever voyaged on the good ship Public Transport in Melbourne, you may have at times noticed that sand fills sections of the walls of our trams. Being the edgy city this is, we’ve long thought those clear panels were some kind of art installation.  But a quick Google reveals two things:

1) We are wrong

2) Melbourne has one of the most surprisingly joy-giving blogs dedicated to tramlife you’ve ever seen.

melbournetramdriver.blogspot.com.au enthusiastically explains all the things about trams (and douchebags with umbrellas and the horror of working on New Year’s Eve) that you never knew you really want to know about.

It’s mesmerising. That sand, for example, turns out to be a delightfully antiquated mechanism for helping trams not kill us all in wet weather.… Read more

18 October

Melbourne’s most-loved mode of transport goes disco

Sunday November 24 will see three trams transform into afro-tropical musical havens for Melbourne Music Week. Three radio jockeys will be hosting the mini moving music festivals. Trams will depart simultaneously from the Espy, Howler and Corner Hotel for a one-hour moving party around the city, with their final stop at MMW’s hub, the Residence.

Entry is free but registration is essential.

Red Bull Music Academy Tram Jam, Sunday November 24Read more