7 February

Divorce: there’s something in the water

The Simpsons - Kirk

Written by Jack Clarke

With Valentine’s Day looming perilously around the corner, things are looking bleak for all the recently divorced men and women. Post-divorce dating is a tricky business, even more so with a houseful of kids tugging at your sleeve. How can you enjoy a night of unadulterated romance when you’re forced to sit through another episode of Adventure Time with the boys before picking up your 12 year-old from her first awkward Valentine’s movie date by 9.00pm?

“I need to find someone who understands the trauma of divorce and/or the demands of parenting,” we hear you cry. “Please Time Out magazine: help me in my quest to find a fellow single divorcee.”

Have no fear because software and communication company Pitney Bowes have taken great lengths to identify the divorce ‘hot-spots’ across the country by pinpointing the areas with the highest amount of single divorced adults. Pitney Bowes have given these stats a positive spin by suggesting these areas are the ideal locations to look for some ‘second-chance love’.… Read more