3 April

St Kilda: officially happy

St Kilda has become the latest community to make a video to Pharrell Williams’ hit ‘Happy’. Since some extrovert Parisians posted a video of themselves dancing up a storm in front of the Eiffel Tower, the idea went viral. Now acting mayor of the City of Port Phillip, Serge Thomann, has produced a video. No doubt drawing on his expertise as a rock photographer (really), he persuaded locals like painter Mirka Mora, AFL Legend Ron Barassi, the Saints, artist Gavin Brown, world champion skater Renton Millar, skydivers, Luna Park workers and many others residents, traders and visitor to get into the groove. It’s directed by Aaron Wilson, whose flick Canopy is out on April 24. It doesn’t fix the fact that Pharrell made a song that sounds like Jamiroquai, but that’s just quibbling really.… Read more

1 April

Burgers by drones!

Drones, is there anything they can’t do? Not only can the friendly, GPS-guided flying machines deliver missiles to the doorstep of your foes, and smuggle drugs into prisons, they could, potentially be used to drop burgers to those who take getting obese seriously. Such is the theory put forward by Mr Burger today, and we’re totally on board. Here’s a video they made showing what that would look like:

Sadly, air space restrictions (and April Fools’ Day) mean that this is probably never going to happen. But we can dream, friends. We can dream.… Read more

6 March

New live video from Adalita

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Adalita has shared with Time Out a new live video of last year’s heartbreaking single ‘Trust Is Rust’, taken from her second solo album, All Day Venus.

She says of the shoot, “We were set up on the street level of a huge double-storey share house / shop front on a main street in Thornbury. During the recording there were little old Greek men from the café next door peering in through the window, smoking their cigars and having a good ol’ chinwag about what was going on.”

The song itself details the turmoil of witnessing another woman coming on the scene – “and you know it’s trouble”. As the evidence literally starts piling up – ‘it could not be more obvious / it ain’t your shoes, it’s not my dress’ – the protagonist starts to almost relish the anguish.

Adalita plays Golden Plains this weekend. Her album, All Day Venus, is out now through Liberation.… Read more

20 February

Armin van Buuren: Intense tour tickets on sale

Armin van Buuren

So you think you’ve seen the world’s flashiest live DJ shows? Not as far as Armin van Buuren’s concerned. Yep, the Dutch lord of the trance is on his way to Hisense Arena, and he doesn’t do things by halves.

The Armin Only: Intense tour is a six-hour spectacular that he’s taking all over the planet (nearly – the only continent missing from his schedule is Antarctica). Combining elements of theatre, dance and live music, the show is meticulously choreographed. Plus, you just know there’ll be smoke and flames and screens as big as your house.

Of course you’ll want to hear the uplifting trance tracks from his 2013 Intense album, but don’t expect a hit procession. Armin’s keen on guiding ravers through an exploration of trance music… and we reckon it’ll be worth the ride.

The first (and slightly cheaper) round of tickets is now on sale. For a closer look into the show’s evolution, have a look at the series of web episodes put together by Armin’s crew – the first one is below.… Read more

3 February

Super Bowl halftime shows: The five most memorable performances of all time

Many of the biggest names in music have graced the stage of the Super Bowl halftime show: Michael Jackson. Madonna. U2. Bruce Springsteen. Prince. Brian Boitano and Dorothy Hamill. Oh good, you’re paying attention. While not all of the performances have been the equivalent of a gold medal-winning figure skating program, there have been quite a few spectacles during the show’s 47-year run. As it is with Super Bowl commercials, you will want to stay glued to the TV set when the intermission begins.

In preparation for this year’s performance featuring Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, we present to you the five most sensational Super Bowl halftime shows of all time. We can’t promise you a sequel to Nipplegate, but there’s a strong chance you will find out how the nipples of RHCP bassist Flea react to 30-degree weather. Get your popcorn ready!

5. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (2009)

The most memorable thing about this set wasn’t the Boss imploring viewers to “put the chicken fingers down.” This was the night that (thanks to an awkward camera angle) we were introduced, intimately, to Springsteen’s crotch—and we’ve never quite gotten over it.… Read more

13 January

Watch the first Game of Thrones season 4 trailer

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It’s here! It’s here!

Games of Thrones season four returns on April 6.Read more

9 January

New Muppets film trailer is very powerful, hashtag snark, winky emoticon

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Muppets Most Wanted

Look, either you love the Muppets, or you have something wrong with the part of your soul that experiences joy. And while we wait for the rest of the original series to get a DVD release – SERIOUSLY WHERE THE HELL IS IT – we can enjoy the trailer for the new Muppets film following 2012′s awesome self-titled return to form.

And this trailer is both great and a nice snark about film advertisements that are entirely made of glowing internet reviews. Yeah, The Book Thief, you heard me.


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23 December

People who like watching good things, watch this

‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams, a bunch of household items, two DJs, one take.

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18 December

Melbourne-based web series you should watch right now

Sure, Sydney may be home to the Bondi Hipsters, but down here in Melbourne we have some pretty sweet web stars of our own. Improv comedy Written It Down launched its anticipated second season today, so we thought we would list five of our favourite Melbourne-based web series.

Written It Down

If you love improv comedy, Written It Down is the web series for you. Created by Real Good Kid Productions, the basic premise of each episode is a comedian delivering bad news to someone without knowing exactly what it is. The actor is handed a line written by the producers just before each episode is filmed and each episode is short, sweet and funny. Think awkward break-up scenes due to betting and losing your girlfriend in a poker tournament and job dismissals due to be replaced by a robot.


Endzone will have you scared to ever fare evade again.… Read more

26 November

Okay, stop everything! Watch the Chatroulette ‘Wrecking Ball’ right now

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We’re just going to leave this here…

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