19 December

Melbourne has a Captain Kirk of trams, keeps log, is wonderful

Captain Kirk of Melbourne trams

Melbourne, as you’re ramping up to Christmas and giving thanks to your colleagues, friends and total strangers in random acts of chardonnay-fueled  goodwill, make sure you spare a thought for sand.  It turns out we owe our grainy friend a lot. If you have ever voyaged on the good ship Public Transport in Melbourne, you may have at times noticed that sand fills sections of the walls of our trams. Being the edgy city this is, we’ve long thought those clear panels were some kind of art installation.  But a quick Google reveals two things:

1) We are wrong

2) Melbourne has one of the most surprisingly joy-giving blogs dedicated to tramlife you’ve ever seen.

melbournetramdriver.blogspot.com.au enthusiastically explains all the things about trams (and douchebags with umbrellas and the horror of working on New Year’s Eve) that you never knew you really want to know about.

It’s mesmerising. That sand, for example, turns out to be a delightfully antiquated mechanism for helping trams not kill us all in wet weather.… Read more

18 December

Melbourne-based web series you should watch right now

Sure, Sydney may be home to the Bondi Hipsters, but down here in Melbourne we have some pretty sweet web stars of our own. Improv comedy Written It Down launched its anticipated second season today, so we thought we would list five of our favourite Melbourne-based web series.

Written It Down

If you love improv comedy, Written It Down is the web series for you. Created by Real Good Kid Productions, the basic premise of each episode is a comedian delivering bad news to someone without knowing exactly what it is. The actor is handed a line written by the producers just before each episode is filmed and each episode is short, sweet and funny. Think awkward break-up scenes due to betting and losing your girlfriend in a poker tournament and job dismissals due to be replaced by a robot.


Endzone will have you scared to ever fare evade again.… Read more

2 September

Kickstarter to launch in Australia and New Zealand

Dear the Internet,

Look, we all want to crowdfund our own awesome idea, whether it’s a massive superweapon with which to threaten international governments or merely a high-altitude dance party that brings much-needed funk to the ionosphere. So we at Time Out are pretty damn excited about this:

Kickstarter AU and NZ

Yes, Kickstarter – the world’s biggest crowdfunding platform –  is heading our way, which will hopefully streamline our diabolical and discotorial plans. And, y’know, we suppose there’ll also be stuff like games, books, records, films, products, innovations and other stuff that exist thanks to crowdfunding both locally and internationally, as we start to use this “internet” thing as a way of making stuff happen. But let’s face it: you want us to have a superlaser, and soon you’ll be able to contribute to our building it. Think of it as the perfect mix of “supporting a creative endeavour” and “protection racket”.

Got any sweet ideas you’d like to see happen, either for you or us?… Read more

1 August

Wanna write more good? Thank you, Internets!

You Can't Write Proper English Under Pressure

Dear people who want to write more betterer,

As with Transformers porn and pictures of kittens with moustaches, the internet has vomited up some excellent tools for assessing your writermanspersonship – and two that particularly tickle us are…

You Can’t Write Proper English Under Pressure

Get tested on your ability to identify grammatical errors under a time limit, and be appalled at how shit you actually are. Or awesome, in our case.

The Writer’s Diet

Insert a paragraph of your prose and have your literary BMI assessed. Are you using unnecessary verbiage? Find out here! Also, yes.

Any other sites that take your fancy? Done especially well on these two and think you should replace one or all of the editorial staff here? Let us know in the comments.… Read more

27 July

Guess what? Your stuff on MySpace has vanished

No MySpace

It’s been ages since you used MySpace, right? Oh, you were mad about it in the early 00s, with the bloggings and the photo uploadings and the selectings of your favourite friends and so on, but then you migrated to Facebook and found less and less reason to go back to the ‘Space, especially since there was all that kerfuffle with it being sold and then resold and rebranded as a dedicated music site and then something happened with Justin Timberlake and to be honest, who cares? Not you.

And that’s a good thing, because surprise! Your page is gone. (Yes, we know some of you picked up on this a while back… but we’re just getting to the party and… whoa!)

Well, the page is there, technically, but most of the information and all your blogs and photos and stuff are nowhere to be seen. Seriously, go check it out right now.… Read more