14 August

The Doctor and his TARDIS landed in Australia this week

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Doctor Who

David Beckham… what? The Doctor and his TARDIS landed in Sydney this week and Time Out was there to hear about the journey.

Doctor Who celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, and even though the classic sci-fi series faded away ingloriously in 1989, it entered the 21st century with a bang in 2005. And it keeps getting bigger: to celebrate the forthcoming 2014 season, new Doctor – number 12 if you’re keeping count – Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, who plays his companion, the Impossible Girl Clara, are doing a whistle-stop international tour, and dropped into Sydney – the first time a 21st century Doctor and companion have visited Australia.

So, after signing a confidentiality agreement and a special preview screening of the new season’s opener, ‘Deep Breath’, ABC radio presenter Adam Spencer chaired a Q&A with Capaldi and Coleman. Here are some highlights – spoiler-free of course, sweetie!

After a quick catch-up of their recent activities – they’d just flown in from Seoul, Korea, where they were almost mobbed at the airport, and had only finished filming on the new season last Wednesday, Spencer asks them about working with each other.… Read more

14 August

Meredith announces 2014 lineup

War on Drugs Meredith

The full lineup has been announced, and the warm glow of the Supernatural Amphitheatre is calling. Aunty Meredith opened the ballot in July, announcing Philadelphia indie rockers the War on Drugs as headliners. They’ll be joined by Ty Segall, Skatalites, Mark Lanegan, De La Soul and more.

The lineup caters for a broad range of music tastes, which is one of the reasons we love the festival so much (that, and the lack of timetable clashes, BYO booze bans and dickheads). The garage and indie rock contingent won’t go past beloved rock singer Mark Lanegan, as well as Augie March, Sleep, Cloud Nothings and the Lemonheads. Equally, you’ve got your hip hop – De La Soul AND Wu Tang’s Ghostface Killah, no less – and over in the electronic corner, there’s James Holden (and of course, plenty of great DJs to come). This year, the organisers have also outdone themselves on their great-pioneers-of-soul/funk/ska tradition, with Jamaican innovators the Skatalites.… Read more

13 August

City of Melbourne announces three-year music strategy

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Music Strategy

Remember the huge crowds that stormed the State Library for the Save Live Australian Music (SLAM) rally in 2010? You probably recall that the protest was one of the deciding factors in saving Collingwood’s live venue the Tote, but what you might not know is that it had a much longer-lasting impact on Melbourne’s live music scene. The SLAM rally was the catalyst for the formation of Music Victoria: the first state-funded industry body. It wasn’t long after this that the City of Melbourne devised its first three-year music strategy.

It’s now been four years since the City of Melbourne first put an ear to sticky band room ground. This afternoon, they invited media, venue staff, musicians and other industry professionals to the Toff in Town to unveil their new plan of attack. This time, the 2014-17 strategy was created by a Music Advisory Committee, which includes music professionals from all sides of the industry, including Adrian Basso of PBS Radio, Patrick Donovan of Music Victoria, Ian James from Mushroom Music Publishing, DJ Jerry Poon of the Operatives music collective, and Lucie Ribush from the Toff, Cookie and Boney.… Read more

13 August

ArtBoy gallery hosts Batman 75th anniversary tribute exhibition


Holy nostalgia, Batman! Has Gotham’s brooding vigilante really been taking down baddies for 75 years?

As the anniversary approaches, the pop culture fiends at Prahran’s ArtBoy Gallery would hardly miss an opportunity to put on a Batman retrospect. Marc Huntington, co-owner and curator of the exhibition, feels that it’s the superhero’s humanity that renders him such a timeless character: “Fans respect Batman because he isn’t from another planet with superpowers nor a genetically mutated human. Batman is a man, an extremely rich man, protecting Gotham and its citizens against villains all the while wrestling with his own demons. Oh, and gadgets. You gotta love Batman’s gadgets!”

The exhibition, titled Riddle Me This? will feature artworks from over 40 professional Australian and international artists (rest assured there’s no creepy Deviant Art fan drawings here) who’ve all represented the caped crusader in different ways. Some hark back to the high camp perfection of Adam West’s ’60s Batman, while other might take inspiration from Tim Burton’s 1989 film, which brought us Jack Nicholson as the Joker and that indomitable Prince soundtrack.… Read more

13 August

David Bowie Is exhibition comes to Melbourne in 2015

David Bowie Is

ACMI’s big 2015 Winter Masterpieces exhibition remains a secret right up until the media are led into a dark cinema above Federation Square. Excited whispers begin to circulate – we’ve been told that the exhibition will focus on an extraordinary, influential artist and pop culture icon.

MP Louise Asher, Minister for Innovation, Tourism and Major Events steps up to make the announcement. Some of the whispers were right – it could only be David Bowie. “This will be an unprecedented insight into the life, music and art of one of the world’s great performers,” she says. ACMI’s five-month loan will be the only showing of the exhibition in Australasia.

The glittering lightning-flash photograph from the British pop icon’s 1973 Aladdin Sane cover fills the screen, and the first notes of ‘Let’s Dance’ start to play. We’re plunged into a quick-fire montage of Bowie’s many personas: the androgynous, alien Ziggy Stardust; the stylish, monochrome Thin White Duke;  the spiky-haired goblin king of the 1986 film Labyrinth.Read more