14 November

Gelato Messina opens in Fitzroy

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Gelato Messina opens in Fitzroy

Sweet dreams are made of gelato. And all your dessert-based dreams are going to come true at 5pm when Gelato Messina swings open its doors in Fitzroy. If the queues that still form outside its Sydney outlets are anything to go by, we’re thinking you may want to don your riot gear tonight before lining up for a scoop of the incredible salted coconut and mango – it’s like a holiday in a cone. If you barrack for team chocolate don’t leave without a scoop of milk chocolate with peanut fudge and if you’re really a dessert freak, a scoop of their best-selling Bounty – coconut milk gelato with chocolate chips and desiccated coconut.

Gelato Messina: Fitzroy, 237 Smith St, FitzroyRead more

13 November

Huxtaburger opens on Chapel, no survivors

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That’s what we’re expecting when the hotly anticipated burger shack opens at 11.30am today. It’s still absolute chaos on Smith Street outside Huxtaburger every weekend, and the north side contingent has had two years to weary of the soft-bunned, ketchup and mustard slicked wagyu burgers.  Here’s a little something they put together to get you even more ready to punch thy neighbour in a burger seeking frenzy.

Huxtaburger: Prahran, 201-209 High St, PrahranRead more

12 November

Skywhale set to soar over Melbourne


It’s a bird. It’s a plane. Nope, it’s a whale, with boobs?

Patricia Piccinini’s grand SKYWHALE will be floating into the forecourt of the ACCA. The kooky yet majestic hot air creature will be in Melbourne for just two hours from 7-9am and its creator Piccinini will be hanging around for a special open-conversation with impresario, Robyn Archer. Archer, is also the creative director for the Centenary of Canberra and commisioned the SKYWHALE for the celebrations.

Patricia Piccinini In Conversation, ACCA, Mon Dec 2, 8-9am.

Photo: Nick-DRead more

9 November

Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor trailer

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The first official trailer for Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor has just been released and it’s looking pretty great.

Are you ready for this?

Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor, Cinema Nova, 24 and 26-27 NovemberRead more

8 November

Global Bore-ming, am I right?: a very special guest column by former PM John Howard


My fellow Internet Australians,

It’s a great honour to be given the opportunity to write this guest column for Time Out, to give some balance to the left-wing media’s insidious socialist manifesto. In fact, just the other day I saw some television programme that was attempting to push an aggressive pro-voting platform without giving any sort of equal acknowledgement of the opposing perspective. I’m sick of these partisan zealots hijacking the public airwaves to push their own narrow agenda, and it’s certainly the last time I ever watch The Voice.

Thus I welcome this chance to expand on some of the comments I made to the Global Warming Policy Foundation in London earlier this week, explaining that global warming fears are exaggerated, and the scientists have no business influencing politics. There are those who have criticised my authority to pontificate on the science of climate change after admitting that I’ve read a single book on the subject – Nigel Lawson’s An Appeal to Reason: a Cool Look at Global Warming.

Some have complained that his logic is faulty and he doesn’t understand statistics. Others have pointed out that he’s a former Thatcher minister with a history of deliberately misrepresenting the data on climate change.… Read more

7 November

Piping hot food news

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The Town MouseIt’s all happening, Melbourne. Or more to the point, not a lot has been happening of late which makes all of the things that are about to happen Something Of Note.

Strange Wolf, the inner-city burger joint and bar that lived up to its name courtesy of decorations made from hair, has reached the end of its lease and shut up shop. The owners (who also captain the Grace Darling in Collingwood), have taken over the Star next door to the pub and are planning on turning it into a pizza palace with the punniest names in town with the help of the boys from A Boy Named Sue in St Andrews.

The Town Mouse has been kicking arse and taking names with its delicate share plates and red hot kiwi hospitality all year, and now they’ve finally finished work on their courtyard out the back so you can take your blushing G and Ts in the sun. Boom.

And while we’re on the topic of raging hot restaurants of note, Scott Pickett and Joe Grbac are launching phase two of their whimsical mod-Oz eatery Saint Crispin. You might not have known about the beautiful old room upstairs at Cavallero (they mostly used it for functions), but you’re about to get acquainted with it under the bar name of Thomas Olive.… Read more

7 November

Hosier Lane and Rutledge Lane to be repainted

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Laneway lovers should have a good ol’ snoop around Rutledge and Hosier Lanes tomorrow, Friday November 8, as some of Melbourne’s top street artists will be reworking the walls. This satellite project of the NGV’s Melbourne Now summer art festival sees artists from Land of Sunshine, Invurt and Just Another repainting the upper portions of the laneways. The first two-day session is November 8-10, followed by a second on November 27-29. Pictured is an earlier mural from Land of Sunshine in Hosier Lane, finished just a couple of weeks ago.

Artwork by MakatronRead more

6 November

Aung San Suu Kyi to visit Australia

Aung San Suu KyiThis folks, is a big one. In her first official visit to Australia, Burmese activist and 2015 Myanmar presidential candidate Aung San Suu Kyi will speak in Melbourne.

Aung San Suu Kyi, who founded the National League for Democracy, spent 15 years under house arrest until being released in 2010, and recently announced she would seek the presidency of Myanmar in two years. If you want to take advantage of this chance to hear one of the world’s most significant political figures, get in quickly.

Public Lecture by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Robert Blackwood Hall, Sat 30 NovRead more

5 November

Ron Burgundy’s Melbourne Cup message

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Ron Burgundy has a message for you all, so listen up.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues screens from Thu Dec 19.Read more

5 November

Sugar Mountain goes globetrotting with Sugaryama

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If you went to Sugar Mountain Festival at the Forum Theatre in January this year, no doubt it lives in your memory as a wonderland of experimental dance music and visual art. From its success, festival co-creator Peter Keen has devised Sugaryama: Sugar Mountain’s roaming ‘little sister’ who’s all about bringing local musicians and artists to the rest of the world. Her first stop will be Mexico’s NRML Festival in 2014.

To get things going, Sugaryama put on a all-night, candy-fuelled dance fiesta at Boney, Pony’s slightly fancier– but no less raucous – reincarnation.

Suitably, the line-up was crammed with an all Melbourne-based bill of DJs, producers, and live acts. DJ Edd Fisher, the man set to bring in the New Year at Let Them Eat Cake, eased things in with some booty-shaking groove, funk, and disco-infused beats. Underneath a pod of dolphin balloons, indie-electro singer Chela took to the stage with her two-man band of keys and drums, and her synthy alt-pop rained down like glitter on an energetic crowd. To bring the people a taste of the world music which beckoned the Sugaryama artists, Julien Love and Jamie Bennett laid down some chilled-out funk and soul, and Andee Frost, the man responsible for the Toff’s Saturday night weekly disco resurgence, did not offer, but demanded everyone’s presence on the dance floor.… Read more