4 December

White Night Melbourne 2014 program launch


Premier Denis Napthine addressed the media at Melbourne City Baths this morning, to launch the program of 2014′s White Night Melbourne.

Itself inspired by Nuit Blanche – the dusk to dawn festival that began in France and spread to Berlin, Havana, Barcelona, St Petersburg, Naples, Cairo, Buenos Aires and other cities – White Night premiered in Melbourne in February 2013, drawing crowds of over 300,000 to the CBD.It’s expected to attract half a million in February 2014 and has stretched to a larger area to accommodate this.

A little influence may also have crept in from Hobart’s phenomenally well acclaimed Dark Mofo festival, particularly with the addition of a crepuscular beam that will be visible from all over Melbourne. It’s constructed so that you can walk under it. Then there’s the pedestrian bridge across the Yarra, which will have a sci-fi style vortex to walk through. Illuminations and installations will once again be a key factor of White Night.… Read more

3 December

Beer delivered to your door at 2am? It’s a real thing

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All of the beers, none of the tears.

All of the beers, none of the tears.

Melbourne, if you long for the hermit life but have thus far been thwarted by your need for coffee and the occasional frosty ale, rejoice, for you may never have to leave the couch again.

Last week we told you about Bear Café and their lifesaving latte delivery service (OK, it’s Fitzroy only, but still), and now Liquorun has arrived to make late night trips to the bottle shop a thing of the past. Operating from 2pm-2am daily, Liquorun lets you order your booze online and get it delivered for a fee of $7.50 or $12.50 before or after 11pm respectively.  It’s pretty much like Menulog for alcohol, and while that may seem like it’s encouraging reckless drinking, the three guys behind the business were aiming to cut out the hazards caused by party-goers hitting the streets late at night or worse, getting in their car.… Read more

3 December

Passenger busking in Fed Square today!

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Mike Rosenberg, aka Passenger, will be surprising tourists and office workers in Federation Square’s Urban Amphitheatre today at 12.30 with an acoustic set. Not you, though. You’ll be ready.

He’s had a big year, with a sold-out tour and his single ‘Let Her Go’ topping the charts across 16 countries. In Australia alone it went seven-times platinum, so you can expect Fed Square to fill up pretty swiftly once people get wind of this.

Can’t make it down? Don’t worry – he plays at the Palais tonight.… Read more

30 November

DanceSport hits Melbourne

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Rifle through your guilty pleasures and we’re pretty sure showy dance will be in there somewhere, whether it date back to Flashdance, FameStrictly Ballroom or something as recent as Dancing With the Stars. Well, this one’s for you. It’s the 68th DanceSport Championship this weekend, if you love a bit of a glam spectacle, this one’s for you. Unwitting passersby got a sneak peak at Queensbridge Square last week as some of the contestants went through their routines – and got us dancing the cha cha cha with them. One game young chap had his whole class cheering him on from the sidelines (and taking videos to post on YouTube – he may have lived to regret it).

Here’s Cameron Barri and Siobhan Power, above, showing us how it’s really done. Apparently, a DanceSports routine is the equivalent to running 800m in the Olympics when it comes to effort, yet the idea is to look completely effort-less.… Read more

30 November

Peter Oxley steps off the stage and into the kitchen

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Teenage Kitchen Rampage

Sunnyboys bassist Peter Oxley has (temporarily) swapped out his bass guitar for pots and pans to bring you his new cookbook, Teenage Kitchen Rampage. This survival-guide for noob cooks offers up a bunch of tasty, simple and healthy recipes. Starting with the basics like boiling eggs, and roasting veggies, the book takes you right through to impressive salads, pastas, desserts and sides.

After leaving home at 18 with just 10 bucks, his bass guitar and his mum’s recipe for lamb shank soup, Oxley continued to expand his recipe repertoire while his rock’n’roll career took off. Now the accomplished musician has put out this cookbook to offer uni students, home-alone teenagers, or any wannabe cook a helping hand.

Teenage Kitchen Rampage is out December 2 via Love Police. RRP: $24.95.Read more

29 November

Hosier Lane’s had a face lift

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Hosier Lane

Check it – just a taster of the new street art that’s on Hosier Lane, tying in with summer art festival Melbourne Now. More than 100 street artists, including an all-girl crew and some old-school writers from the ’80s, banded together to work on Hosier Lane and Rutledge Lane. They’ll be winding up this evening if you want to catch them in action.

Photo Roberto SebaRead more

29 November

Two days left of Night Noodle Markets… which are returning next year!

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With figures on track for attendance of Melbourne’s Night Noodle Markets to exceed that of Sydney’s version (which they’ve had for 12 years to our one!), we have good news: the markets will return to Melbourne in 2014. Almost 300,000 punters went to the Sydney markets this year, with figures yet to be released for Melbourne.

The Night Noodle Markets bring authentic Asian aromas and flavours to Alexandra Gardens for Good Food Month. For two weeks Asian hawker-style street food line the grassy lawns, with dishes from the likes of Longrain and Mamak. Think freshly made fluffy roti, sneaky Peking duck pancakes, Shanghai-style soupy dumplings, and mango pancakes for dessert. The markets open at 5pm, and we recommend you get down early to avoid queues.… Read more

28 November

Who’ll win these exciting, new and not-made-up ARIA categories?


Dear The Internet,

With the ARIAs just around the corner excitement about the Australian music industry generally has shot feverishly up to “lukewarm” – a level of tepid passion that will reach its climax on Sunday at the biz’s night of nights, when the nation’s brightest musical stars come out to shine on digital television.

Since the ARIAs are financially supported an industry who’ve mainly survived the lsat few years by trading promo CDs for packets of ramen, the 2013 budget has been necessarily tight – but fortunately they’ve gotten some actual Australian dollars via the support of government and industry in the creation of a handful of exciting new awards which will be making their debut this weekend.

aria-spotifyThe Spotify Award for Greatest Online Royalty Earnings
In a celebration of the New Musical Income Model, in which old-economy things like “records” and “touring” are considered loss leaders for the lucrative possibilities of “exposure” and “buzz”, this award will eventually be given to first Australian artist to receive a three-figure royalty cheque from streaming services.… Read more

27 November

New from the ABC in 2014…

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Much to our delight, Chris Lilley brought back the queen of quiche, Ja’mie, to our TV screens this year with Ja’mie Private School Girl. During the past week the ABC has teased us with several trailers on different Lilley characters, one set to have their own show that will screen in early 2014.

Puck you haters, it’s now confirmed that Jonah Takalua is back. Last time we saw Jonah he was expelled from Summer Heights High and dragged out of Gumnut Cottage, which made our eyes leak. This time round Jonah will be punking people in Tonga after being sent to live with his uncle to sort himself out. But island life won’t be easy for this breakdancer who still has a penchant for dicktation. And if you don’t like it? Get a sense of humour, don’t you even know what fun is?

Also on the ABC 2014 line up…


Miniseries Anzac Girls is based on a Peter Rees novel and follows five military nurses working with soldiers in Gallipoli and the Western Front.… Read more

27 November

Jazz up your selfie with SelfieSketchup


One of the bright sparks behind Jafflechutes – the service that allows you to purchase a jaffle by Paypal and then get it airdropped to you by parachute from atop a tall building, has launched SelfieSketchup.

Send Adam a selfie and you’ll get a sketch back for free – it’s his effort to inject some magic into our narcissism, as the addition of a flying cat to this writer’s selfie illustrates.

“I intend to keep the site going in its current form until: a) I get sick of it, or b) it gets completely out of hand,” says Adam, who also has a blog and the rather excellent project Giftidear, in which he reads an email you send him that’s been sent to you (confidentially, of course), and dreams up the perfect gift for that person.

While Adam is currently the ‘artist in residence’ of SelfieSketchup, he’s interested in creating a seven-day roster of artists from different timezones, “kind of like a virtual sketch sweat shop… but a happy one.”

In the spirit of the project, the artists would need to work for free, but Adam took approximately three minutes out of his day job to knock this sketch up, so it needn’t be time consuming.… Read more