12 August

St Ali North has been sold to Bomba’s Jesse Gerner

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St Ali North

Things have come full circle for Jesse Gerner (Bomba, Anada) and St Ali North. Sort of.  Gerner was one of the original partners involved in opening the Brunswick East café, but he sold his share over a year ago, citing a busy time converting the Aylesbury to Bomba as the reason. But now he’s bought the whole thing (with a few new partners), lock, stock, staff and all, and will reopen it as Green Park in late September.

It’s going to be an all day eatery, with Clement coffee on the grinders, and his new co-owners bringing some extra expertise to the equation, including floor manager Jamie Munro-Lynch (ex-Charlie Dumpling) and Howard Stamp who’s coming via Movida and Le Bon Ton to help run the kitchen. Wine gun James Madden is coming across from Kirk‘s to do the wine menu, and Eades & Bergman will be building him a wine bar area to serve it.… Read more

12 August

Oh Captain, my captain: Vale Robin Williams

Robin Williams

If tragedy and comedy are the masks of comedy, then we should all be hiding our faces today.

One of the great names of drama, Robin Williams, has died and the immensity of the tragedy we feel is only a reflection of the greatness of the comedy he gave us.

For a man with 103 acting credits to still be best known as himself says everything: Williams’ best role, best performance was as Robin Williams. His next thousand were the merciless, hysterical impressions he could wedge into any scenario to make us laugh.

Here are 15 other great performances, in films that he made great. Plan your weekend marathon now, and don’t stop with these. Watch Toys, watch RV, watch License to Wed – no matter the film, no matter if we have screamed for years that it was a stinker, watch and appreciate the genius and life of Robin Williams.… Read more

8 August

Gerald’s Bar goes to Spain

Gerald's Bar

It’s always been on the cards. Gerald Diffey, the affable British geezer behind Gerald’s Bar – the best wine bar in Melbourne for anyone who gives even half a damn about food, drink and Motown –  has been summering on the Continent for years, and would always come back talking about opening a bar there, soon. And it turns out that soon means now. Diffey and Gerald’s Bar co-owner Mario Di Ienno are heading to San Sebastian “in about a week,” Diffey tells us. They’ve taken a lease on a restaurant Errota Txiki, which they’ll be doing very little to structurally, aside from adding in their requisite collection of tat, and where they’ll be serving a collection of wines following the same philosophy you’d know from their bar here: some old world stuff mixed in with trailblazing gear made by interesting people. But what of Melbourne? Gerald’s Bar, Carlton isn’t going anywhere. Di Ienno and Diffey will be taking it in turns to man the decks in either country.… Read more

6 August

Melbourne Fringe Festival launches 2014 program

Fringe Festival 2014

When you hike up to the top of Madame Brussels on a Wednesday morning only to be greeted by a friendly gorilla, you know the Melbourne Fringe Festival is just around the corner.

Underground, cross-platform, subversive, weird and a little bit wild: Fringe truly offers art for everybody. Back for its 30th year, the festival’s 2014 theme seems to be its sheer size – there are over 400 programmed events crammed into 19 days, with more than 5000 artists participating.

Not sure where to start? At this morning’s media launch, creative director Jayne Lovelock recommends jumping into the Fringe Hub at the North Melbourne Town Hall and Lithuanian Club, which will host more than 60 events. “You could see three shows there in one night!” says Lovelock – including puppetry, burlesque, cabaret, comedy and music. In addition to comedy crowd-pleasers like Arj Barker, Rod Quantock and Greg Fleet, the hub will host Indigenous cabaret showcase Flash!Read more

6 August

Justin Heazlewood’s Crazy Bastards is the Aussie Mad Men

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Crazy Bastards

“Men drink whatever makes them look tough. Once it was blood, now it’s beer, but tomorrow, who knows? It’s 1985! Men are evolving! There’s a new dingo in town, spraying everything with his distinctive lemon tang.”

Did you ever wonder how Solo became a ‘man drink?’ We all remember the ad: the guy wearing volleys, running through fire and smashing down a can of what is essentially gender-neutral pub squash.

Clearly, it took a Don Draper-esque mastermind to turn soft drink into a beverage of choice for hard men. This is the premise of the first episode of the new series by comedian/writer/86 tram-rider Justin Heazlewood (aka the Bedroom Philosopher), who decided it would be hilarious to explore what could have inspired such brilliance. Selected to be produced by the ABC as part of their Fresh Blood comedy initiative, Crazy Bastards is an Aussie parody of Mad Men. It’s set in the mid ’80s, when hair was big, double denim was cool, misogyny was rife and advertising was…pretty much the same.… Read more