17 September

The rumours are true: Harvest Festival has been cancelled

Harvest Festival cancelled

We hate to say it, but following AJ Maddah’s most recent tweet, the rumours are true. Harvest Festival has been cancelled.


According to reports from TheMusic.com Maddah has bought into rival mega-fest Big Day Out. Furthermore Maddah tweeted that it’s possible that CSS may perform at Big Day Out instead.


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club will also hopefully be on their way out as well after tweeting

16 September

Get in the lab with the N2 crew!

N2 Extreme Gelato

Spam and mustard flavour not extreme enough for you? You could always suggest your flavour ideas to the N2 website (they like it, they make it – we’ve got our fingers crossed for our celery ice cream with peanut butter ‘Recess Express’). Or, you could submit your ideas to Time Out on Facebook and if we and N2 like yours the most, we’ll actually get you in the lab to make it. Get moving, ice cream genii.

Submit your flavour now. Entries close October 10.

N2 Extreme Gelato, 329 Brunswick St, FitzroyRead more

13 September

Mountain Goat in a can – it’s a Meredith miracle!

Your new best festival friend

Your new best festival friend

Yesterday we received news that had us throw down our pencils, and do a little dance. Mountain Goat Brewery has taken the giant step for all mankind and put their Summer Ale in a can.

Don’t get why we’re fist pumping? Well, drinkateers, take a seat.

See, cans are not the lesser option when it comes to beer vessels. In a can versus bottle battle, cans are a smart, agile bear versus a docile salmon. They’re lighter which means you can take them hiking. They’re much more environmentally friendly (smaller cartons required, lighter to transport, easier to recycle). They’re light and air proof, which means that your beer actually stays fresher, longer, and they chill faster. And let’s not forget, friends that they are allowed to be your plus 24 at music festivals.

So why isn’t everything in a can? Well, we’ve only traditionally had big brand beers in cans (not exactly the Cognac of brews) and we’ve also associated them with dudes named Macca crushing freshly-pounded empties into their domes.… Read more

13 September

It’s Friday the 13th. Scare yourself with one of these Aussie films

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Bad Boy Bubby

No one does a horror flick like Australia – so say cheers to Friday 13th by watching one of these.

Razorback (1984)

Everyone knows that Australia is home to some pretty nasty critters: crocs, funnelwebs, great whites, dropbears. The ways in which nature can bite you on the arse are as numerous and varied as they are well documented.  Something that visitors might not be expecting to have to worry about however are giant homicidal pigs.

Thankfully, Melbourne born director Russell Mulcahy found time in between directing some of the 80’s most famous and campest music clips to address this lack in essential outback survival knowledge and cook up this fun and visually startling cult classic. Surprisingly smart for a film about a boar the size of a combi-van leading a squealing horde of pigs in a vendetta against the local populace.

Bad Boy Bubby (1993)

A film to make you glad that you decided to leave Adelaide and come to Melbourne, Bad Boy Bubby tells the twisted tale of a 35 year old man taking his first steps into the outside world after having been confined to his room for his entire life by his abusive mother.… Read more

12 September

All the upcoming Breaking Bad spinoffs – revealed!


Dear the Internet,

We’re pretty darn excited about the news that the folks behind Breaking Bad are spinning off a show focussing on Bob Odenkirk’s shady lawyer Saul Goodman, not least because a) it’s more Breaking Bad, and b) it opens the way for an entire slate of them! We’ve only got a couple of weeks left (and dear god, the way it ended this week… holy hell…) but fret not, Badlings, because we’ve got all the details on five more shows that will help ease the pain after the final credits roll: remember their names!

Skyler High


Jesse’s Girls

Pitch: Charlies Angels on speed – literally!

Synopsis: Jesse Pinkman calls back Saul’s “disappearer” about arranging a brand new life under an entirely new identity – and becomes a private investigator, because what better crimefighter could there be than an ex-criminal?… Read more

10 September

So, what was the stagecrasher at Tony Abbott’s victory speech thinking? We asked him.

Tony Abbott Stagecrasher

Time Out meets Abbott’s stagecrasher, Twiggy Palmcock

Everyone loves a good photobomb, right? Right. Unless you were one of Tony Abbott’s security guards on Saturday night. Tone and his family posed for press shots, revelling in a LNP victory when Fregmonto Stokes’ satirical persona Twiggy Palmcock conquered the stage to shake Abbott’s hand.

Stokes, a 25-year-old activist and graduate student at NIDA, tells Time Out he created Twiggy as a way to satirise the intimate relationship between mining and politics. Stokes is not only troubled about climate change, he’s also concerned about the domination of Australian politics by larger than life mining magnates.

“I think there’s a clear demonstration of that [influence] at this election. Look at Clive Palmer who got upwards of five percent of the vote.”

Stokes, who is mentored by political satirist and Order of Australia recipient Max Gillies, hadn’t really planned to get up on stage for the family’s historic press shots.… Read more

9 September

The bitch is back!

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We’ve been dying to know what Chris Lilley’s new project is and now the cat’s out of the bag: the gloriously appalling school girl Ja’mie King is back for her own series. The ABC is yet to announce the on-air date, but given that HBO has announced its own US transmission date as being November 24th, we’re tipping that all the territories would be in sync to avoid leaks…

Ja’mie: Private School Girl, airs Sunday November 24Read more

5 September

H&M is coming to GPO in Melbourne!

H&M to open at Melbourne's GPO

The rumours are true – the first H&M store will open in the GPO building on Bourke Street. Some reports suggest this year, some in early 2014. The flagship store will expand over three floors.

Thousands of people liked the post on the H&M Facebook page when the news landed in March that the store was coming to Australia, and there was plenty of Melbourne v Sydney speculation for the first retail space down under. From the popularity of Topshop and Zara’s store openings in both cities, we hope that the Swedish company will go large and open as many stores as possible, as quickly as possible. (Our fingers are crossed!)

H&M, Melbourne’s GPO, 350 Bourke St, MelbourneRead more

4 September

Unfiending: the gentle art of losing jerks on Facebook


When you can no longer be friends with someone on Facebook, but don’t want to be one who cuts ties, there can be a third, wonderful way…

Dear The Internet,

Do you like this person outside Facebook (no/no)?

Do you like this person outside Facebook (no/no)?

The English language is the largest of all of the human word-things – partially because of its playful versatility, partially because we just gank words from other languages whenever we fancy it, and partially because of the Oxford English Dictionary’s new policy of getting headlines by officially adding any word that gets used more than twice in The New York Times.

And yet there are still vast tundras of human experience as yet unmapped by intrepid lexicographers, which is why I so often find myself forced into creating my own words. Like an infant trying to build a cathedral by bashing bits of Lego together, I struggle, cry and often end up wetting myself – but dammit, I shall never waver in my passionate commitment to making our rich and supple language be heaps more awesomer.… Read more

3 September

Turns out we drink a lot of coffee. Who knew?


So, there’s been a bunch of coffee-related reports that have us thinking more than usual about the little bean that keeps us going. According to one report, Aussies now drink 4 billion coffees at home and 1 billion coffees at cafés, which is apparently a lot. Meanwhile, according the DeLonghi-commissioned National Coffee Choice Report, what we drink when it comes to coffee says a lot about us – or the way people perceive us: drink a latte, and yes, you are a wanker.

We like reports and actual research as much as the next guy. But we also like to just call it like we see it – and so we present our own coffee-related report: what your coffee says about you. Enjoy.

Want more coffee? Check out our Melbourne coffee guide.… Read more