19 September

MURDER: 1920s Gangster Rules is a real-life murder mystery game

MURDER 1920s Gangster Rules

Pause that Miss Marple re-run, people: it’s time to step into the real world. Secret Squirrel, who also run immersive, interactive film night Underground Cinema, have just launched a real-life murder mystery night that’s less Colonel Mustard, more Gatsby-era pearls and prohibition. You’re invited to come and unravel the plot.

Gangland kingpins, slimy henchmen, gamblers, blackmailers: the Black Pearl’s Attic will be transformed into a dark Chicago speakeasy, filled with professional actors bringing the story to life. Tensions in the criminal underworld are high, and someone has just been murdered. The police are closing in, but it’s up to those in the club to pin down the murderer.

Your role? Dress up, for a start. When you book a ticket, you’ll be assigned a special character, along with secret information that you’ll need to play the game. During the game, you’re free to bribe, blackmail and sleuth your way to the truth: unless of course, you’re the one with something to hide.… Read more

18 September

Mariah Carey announces Melbourne show in November

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Who you callin’ elusive? Mariah Carey will show her face to Australians in six locations this November as part of her Elusive Chanteuse Show world tour. The diva – who last played the country in 2013 – will perform at Rod Laver Arena on Fri Nov 7 to play the hits that have all been burned into our brains along with songs from her recent album Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse.

Tickets for the tour go on sale from 9am on Fri Sep 26.

Mariah Carey, Rod Laver Arena, Fri Nov 7Read more

17 September

Tom Jones announces exclusive Melbourne show next week

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Tom Jones

Hold yourselves together people, because the original sex bomb is tacking on an exclusive show for Melbourne audiences just days before he takes to the hallowed half-time stage for the AFL Grand Final. Tom Jones’ crooning tales of love and lust have been winning audiences over for more than four decades – but don’t make the mistake of thinking he’s lost the beat just yet. Sir Tom (yes, he’s a knight) laid himself bare in recent albums Praise & Blame and Spirit In The Room for which he received critical acclaim. Jones will be showcasing songs from these albums, but rest assured you’ll have the chance to groove along to his long-standing hits like ‘It’s Not Unusual’ and ‘If I Only Knew’.

What’s more, the Welsh superstar will be supported by Melbourne blues songstress Lanie Lane. Tickets go on sale Friday September 19.

Tom Jones, The Forum, Wed Sep 24.Read more

17 September

Want to get a table at the Fat Duck? Here’s how

"It's going to be this delicious" *not a quote

It’s 10am and there’s way more techno pumping and more Champagne doing the rounds than we’re used to on a Wednesday. But Heston Blumenthal doesn’t make announcements quietly.

Six months ago, the mad scientist chef-slash-genius behind the Fat Duck in Bray dropped the bomb that he was moving the entire operation (staff and all) to Melbourne for a six month pop-up at Crown Casino before turning it into an outpost for one of his other hatted restaurants, Dinner.

Australia understandably lost its collective mind,  and since the announcement, tens of thousands of people have registered interest in dining the Fat Duck. The problem? If you’re a maths fan, you’ll realise that with 45 seats and only a limited number of services in six months, you’ve got sod all chance of getting a seat.

Time Out suggested a cage match system for walk-ins whereby you could fight for a table while booked tables watch.… Read more

16 September

The Adventures of Margaret and David – 5 stars

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Richard Linklater, step aside. Your cinematic experiment has been usurped. And it took a little under a fortnight.

Sure it was impressive in Boyhood to see young Ellar Coltrane grow over 12 years from 6 to 18, but that Oscar-tipped effort pales in comparison to the 28 years in which Australian cinema, television and audiences have grown up with Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton.

As the makers of this generation spanning epic have finally unveiled the first plans for the twist ending in which our heroes hand over their mantle of quality arbiters to the comments section of YouTube and a particularly artistic emoji, it is time to take stock of the genuine masterpiece that has stood the test of time and popcorn.

The pair of critics were cast in 1986 at an age … well, roughly that of Coltrane. Since that day, their performance in this epic meta-feature film has been nothing short of outstanding.… Read more