21 March

H&M previews exclusive Australian collection

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H&M preview store

Saturday April 5 marks the opening of Australia’s first flagship H&M store at GPO. We’d read the stats – three floors, 5,000 square metres – but what we hadn’t yet seen were the clothes.

This week, H&M launched its exclusive Australian collection with a pop-up preview at Fed Square. Created in partnership with Vogue Australia, the display will remain open until the end of today.

Media, models and fashionistas attended a sneak peek of the collection on Wednesday morning. Styled to perfection by Vogue Australia and GQ, the outfits on display are textured, layered and colourful. Our eyes are drawn to an edgy black leather jacket with white sleeves and to a long navy chiffon dress with tassels. Vogue will change the looks daily, and once the flagship store opens, will regularly freshen up the displays with new clothing combinations.

H&M preview clothes

Overseeing the launch is Margareta van den Bosch – H&M’s Global Creative Advisor.… Read more

21 March

The Seven Stages of Star Wars Disappointment


Seven Stages of Star Wars Disappointment

Written by Andrew P Street | Art by Robert Polmear

Dear the Internet,

So, it’s all confirmed: the seventh Star Wars film starts filming in May (the fourth, surely? C’mon!) and will be set thirty years after 1983’s Return of the Jedi.

It’s an all new story, not taking any cues from the wealth of books, video games, comics, toys, web content and depraved fever dreams that have sprung up in the interim to answer vital questions like “What happens to the guy who shot the tow cable at the AT-AT in The Empire Strikes Back?” and “How does Admiral Ackbar die?”* Which means that my mother may have been right: perhaps all that stuff was an embarrassing waste of money.

And part of me wants to believe that I’m over my Star Wars obsession now. I didn’t see the Clone Wars animated movie, I haven’t bought any of the newly-repackaced figures and I barely ever scour eBay for GameCubes so I can play X Wing Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader over and over again.… Read more

20 March

Five things that make us happy

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You’d have to be a Dementor to resist this. Created by the United Nations General Assembly, the International Day of Happiness was designed to promote the universal right to happiness. We’ve found five things that fill our hearts with joy – and we’re spreading them.

Hot cross bun war season. These glistening beauties are from Rustica, but stay tuned for our verdict on who makes the best bun in Melbourne.


The bridge of love, near Ponyfish Island. We’re suckers for evenings spent watching the sun set over the Yarra, and for PDAs that don’t involve saliva. 

Bridge of Love

Melbourne’s Captain Kirk of trams. Even after two years, our faithful public transport diarist still reports joy-giving anecdotes about life on the tramline.


Urban jungle street view. It might make Melbourne look a bit like a video game (or a vision of the post-zombie apocalypse), but this leafy green hack for Google Chrome makes for some procrastination time happily spent.… Read more

18 March

Time Out gets a Verve makeover

Verve Richmond

One night, deep in a brainstorming session, we suddenly realised there was one thing missing in our Time Out Melbourne headquarters. Dizzy with self-satisfaction, we congratulated ourselves on pinpointing the crucial element that would finally help us achieve meteoric magazine sales.

The solution had been there all along. It wasn’t a fridge full of super foods or a hot yoga studio adjacent to the office. Like all the world’s greatest leaders, we needed to immortalise ourselves in a huge portrait that would be mounted on our wall for all to behold.

Enter Verve studios – shunners of the rigidly posed, matching-white-t-shirts style of portraiture that was so popular in eras gone by. With the tagline ‘art inspired by you’, Verve is committed to providing a portrait experience rather than a product. Clients are asked to wear clothes and bring objects that best reflect their personalities. Baking instruments, plastic dinosaurs and pet snakes are just some of the things you’ll find in Verve’s vibrant portfolio.… Read more

17 March

Local five-piece Snakadaktal call it a day

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Local five-Piece Snakadaktal announced this morning that they are calling it a day….

Dearest friends,

It saddens us to share with you that Snakadaktal has come to an end.

Since we were 15, we have been sharing our passion for music together. Today, collectively, we feel that it is time to move onto different pursuits that we each individually wish to explore.

Our goal has always been to create music that exists timelessly. We hope that what we have released will accompany you and be there for as long as you need it. It is yours to keep.

We are proud of ourselves and feel fulfilled.
It has been a journey we will treasure forever.

Thank you.
Love Snakadaktal.

The band first came to attention through Triple J’s Unearthed High comp with their ethereal indie-pop tracks. They also delivered energetic live shows and dreamy film clips to boot. You’ll have just one more chance to see them when they hit the Northcote Social Club for their very last gig.… Read more

14 March

Could we have our own King’s Landing on the Stokehouse site?

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Hopefully, it looks like thisHopefully, it looks like this

You’ve only got two more months in which enjoy Stokehouse: Shed Edition. Four architects have been chosen by the Van Haandel group to  go head to head in a cage match submit designs for the new restaurant, to be built on the charred remains of the original Stokehouse which burnt down earlier this year.

In one corner you have Robert Simeoni of Robert Simeoni Architects who has the clean beachy beauty of the Seaford Lifesaving Club under his belt, taking on Sean Godsell of Sean Godsell Architects whose work  includes the environmentally goal-kicking Connect Four-esque RMIT Design Hub. You’ve also got Graham Burrows of Jackson Clements Burrows Architects (Frankston Yacht Club) and  John Denton of Denton Corker Marshall – the firm which put that nice big ramp-to-the-skies on top of the Melbourne Museum. The point being, whoever wins, we’re looking at a very sodding fancy place to eat by the sea.… Read more

13 March

Once: A New Musical is coming to Melbourne

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You’re walking into the Princess Theatre, ticket in hand. But instead of being led to your seat, you’re taken right up onto the stage, handed a beer, and warmly welcomed to a late-night lock-in at an Irish pub by a group of improvising musicians.

This is Once: A New Musical, and it’s one of the biggest new productions coming to Melbourne this year. After its 2012 debut, the musical became an instant blockbuster on Broadway and London’s West End, sweeping up eight Tony awards and a Grammy for Best Musical Theatre Album. As of Monday March 17, tickets are on sale for its first-ever Australian season.

Once is based on John Carney’s 2006 film of the same name, and follows the achingly romantic tale of a struggling Dublin busker who finds love and inspiration when he meets an immigrant flower seller. Creating music is central to the story, as the two characters use their art to express love and longing.… Read more

12 March

Tips on how to not review the Jezabels’ second album


The Jezabels: The Brink

Dear the Internet,

Hayley Mary from the Jezabels isn’t fond of critics.

“Get a real job!” she opined to Music Feeds before complaining how no-one gets her or her music, specifically with regard to the less-than-stellar critical reception afforded to the band’s second album The Brink.

As someone who has been employed for the last 20 years almost entirely as a music critic, I’d like to point out that it is, in fact, a real job. And it’s a pretty great one, especially if you plan on dying of tinnitus and liver failure.

It’s odd that she cares about critics since she also claims in the interview that she never reads reviews – although that, of course, is a lie. It’s like writers saying they never read the comments. You’re fooling nobody.

But that’s a side issue. Here’s where Mary needs a little bit of straight talk:

“I just think there is too much hatred in the world to have a job that is based on writing off what other people try and do, unless that person is in a serious position of power.Read more

12 March

So what’s the update on the Cat Café?

Cat caféCats and the internets. Best of friends, forever

London’s first café is now open. Portland in the US is about to get all feline friendly too. And here in Melbourne, we’re awaiting the opening of our own cat café with white-knuckled anticipation.

If this is the first you’ve heard of it, allow us to explain: it’s a café, with cats. You pet them and drink tea. And soon, Melbourne couple Anita and Myles Loughran will be opening one. But where are we at now? How long must we wait for our cats and coffees and the joy that they’ll bring for ever and ever?

Not long, apparently. For the past few months, the Loughrans have been raising money through crowd funding campaigns on indiegogo.com, and now that they’re done with their second campaign, it’s go time.

According to Anita, the physical site applications are in (they’ve applied for a few spots, all in the CBD) and the council has given them a big cat-loving thumbs up.… Read more

11 March

H&M unveils Australian website

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After a Facebook announcement, a banner hanging inside GPO and a whole lot of waiting, Australia’s first H&M store is almost here. Yep – by the end of April we’ll no longer need passports to buy the chic-yet-affordable attire that the Swedish fashion giant is famous for.

In anticipation of next month’s opening, H&M have just launched a dedicated Australian website. Divided into women’s, men’s and kid’s fashion, the site displays the full range available to buy in store and includes Australian prices. There’s also the Home section, where you’ll find enough pretty printed duvet sets and quirky decorations to make IKEA jealous.

Make sure you also check out H&M Life: the brand’s fashion and lifestyle blog. Even if you followed it before, no longer will you lament that the ‘featured products’ listed in each trend report are half a world away.

Buying online isn’t an option on the website, but that’s just fine with us.… Read more