16 June

Footscray gallery runs exhibition of George Brandis-ruined artworks to fight arts cuts

Skywhale_Robert Hague

There are viral memes that burn through their fame on your newsfeed in a flash, only to be forgotten; and then are the few viral memes that live on in our hearts. And in our galleries, apparently.

From Friday June 19 to Sunday June 21, Footscray’s Ruffian Gallery will display a selection of images created by pissed-off individuals in response to Australia’s Arts Minister George Brandis’s decision to cut over $100 million from independent arts funding.

In case you missed it, the pictures all depict Brandis’s face photoshopped onto classic pieces of art, under the assumption that the minister has – in the artists’ words – “seized $100m+ independent arts funding to play with himself. So here we are”.

Sound of Music_Mary Elizabreast

Simple, hilarious, powerful: the arts community immediately rallied by the campaign, and now, Ruffian will be displaying a selection of these photoshopped delights to raise money to fight the arts cuts.

The exhibition is free, but donations are very welcome.… Read more

11 June

Stoke Bar and Kitchen opens below Stokehouse City

Food Detail 6

Feel like Stokehouse City’s modern fine dining fare but need to stay on budget? See what Stoke Bar and Kitchen has in store for you.

Just off the Parliament end of Collins St, Stoke Bar and Kitchen is located downstairs from the dining room and is geared towards a more casual experience. Diners are welcome to pop in for a few nibbles and aperitifs before a more substantial dinner upstairs, or stay awhile longer to eat through the bar’s menu of familiar yet well-done dishes.

The menu is ideal for the post-work crowd with a range of smaller items such as the beef tartare, fried chicken wings with tonkatsu sauce and speck croquettes. Like the classics? Go for the eponymous Stoke burger, Rangers Valley steak frites or the potato gnocchi with mushrooms and pecorino. If you’re a fan of the original Stokehouse venue in St Kilda, order the prawn and crab linguine or Ollie’s Fish Pie by Stokehouse City executive chef Ollie Gould.… Read more

9 June

It’s game on at Smith St’s Pixel Alley

Buck Hunter

Get your game on at this venue that’s part-bar, part-arcade

Few of us would remember the old arcades of the ’80s and ’90s, in the days before Dance Dance Revolution and karaoke games. According to the team behind Mr Wow’s Emporium, however, there’s a resurgence of the arcade in the USA except this time they’re setting up shop in bars.

Enter Pixel Alley. The part-bar, part-arcade takes over the location where Los Barbudos, a Cuban-themed watering hole, used to be. Framed photos of Cuban baseball legends has been replaced by an 8-bit mural of ’80s retro icons including Pac-Man, Nike Air Jordans, and a boombox. Those familiar with old-school arcade classics can expect tipsy rounds of Daytona, Street Fighter II, Pac-Man and Buck Hunter.

Rounds of beer while you wait your turn at the games are encouraged – a pot or pint of the Bastard Son Pale Ale will also come with a game token.Read more

9 June

Free pan-fried pork buns at New Shanghai

New Shanghai_SSHIFF-23

Dumpling fiends, this one’s for you. It’s New Shanghai’s birthday and the dumpling house will be serving free pan-fried pork buns (that’s shengjian bao for you dumpling connoisseurs) this week at their Emporium eatery.

The crunchy, juicy buns will be served during the lunch rush between 11am and noon from June 8 – 11. Bonus points for diners who come in on Thursday June 11, who will also get a free pork bun with every meal ordered.

New Shanghai takes their dumplings seriously, so you can rest assured that the birthday buns will be made in true Shanghai style. Not sure what pork buns are? They are basically xiao long baos or soup dumplings, but after the dumplings are steamed, they get a flash in the frying pan to get that crunchy bottom. Expect soft dough made in-house, juicy pork filling and steaming broth that will threaten to burn your mouth and dribble down your chin.

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1 June

The app that gets you half-price restaurant food in Melbourne

Yume app user

Wallet feeling a little thin after the weekend? No need to sacrifice your lunch or afternoon treat: download Yume instead.

Yume – launched at this morning’s media event at Grossi Florentino – aims to connect restaurants and cafés with peckish punters to prevent food from going to waste. Currently, tonnes of perfectly good food and produce from thousands of cafes and restaurants around Australia are destined for the landfill because health codes often make it difficult for eateries to sell or donate leftover food.

Yume allows eateries to upload their extra serves of lasagne, loaves of bread or any other unsold dish to the app, set a discounted price and a time window for collection. Customers are then sent a digital voucher which they can redeem in store, where they will then pay the business directly.

Yume founder Katy Barfield isn’t new to the food waste prevention cause, having previously founding food rescue organisation SecondBite, as well as Australia’s first social wholesale fruit and veg retailer Spade and Barrow.… Read more