5 February

Stokehouse pop-up opens next Friday

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Up she goes! Pictured: City of Port Phillip Mayor Amanda Stevens with Van Haandel Group's Anthony Musarra, and Stokehouse crewUp she goes! Pictured: City of Port Phillip Mayor Amanda Stevens with Van Haandel Group’s Anthony Musarra, and Stokehouse crew

It feels like mere seconds since St Kilda’s seaside restaurant Stokehouse was lost to fire. But, proving that you can’t keep a good man or restaurant down, Frank Van Haandel has announced that they will be opening a temporary pop-up eatery on the site next Friday.

According to the team, the pop-up will run from February 14 (romantic!) to May 11, and will be serving a selection of both the restaurant and café’s trademark dishes, as well as running a bar.

It’s pretty impressive. You can even make a booking, but walk-ins are welcome. And while we’re on the subject of entering the temporary premises, you’ll be pleased to know that there will be walls. The structure is being built by Harry the Hirer – it’s essentially a giant reinforced marquee situation replete with glass walls.… Read more

5 February

The School of Life returns to Melbourne!

School of Life

Looking for a bit of inspirational and philosophical guidance? For a school offering something a little different, try the classes from the School of Life – the brainchild of philosopher Alain de Botton, who set the London school up in 2008. In 2012/2013 the first international campus opened in Collingwood, but for 2014 it’s moved to the more central location of Bourke Street. Each class is limited to 26 attendees. Some are favourites from last year and many have a couple of date options.

The School of Life, 669 Bourke St, Melbourne. 27 Mar-22 Apr, $65 per class.Read more

4 February

Shop like a boss at Southern Cross

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To the right of platform one at Southern Cross Station, there’s an escalator that takes you up into retail heaven. Typically, brand discount stores are out in the ’burbs, but this mall’s in the heart of the city. Formerly a DFO, the Spencer Outlet Centre had a recent whiz-bang opening to reveal an extension out the back and a whole bank of new stores.

What they all have in common are the bargains. Ah, those magic words: factory outlets, stocktake sales, seconds… you’ll find all those words plastered on windows up here. The space is noticeably dominated by the Cotton On Mega Store and its subsidiaries – including T Bar (with three trendy T-shirts for $20), Cotton On Kids ($5 bargains), a Cotton Body pop-up (undies for $2 and nothing over $10) and Rubi (with shoes from $2) – but there’s plenty more in the way of apparel and homewares.

For sunnies, Florentine offer generic shades from $5 with designer shades starting at $150.… Read more

3 February

Super Bowl halftime shows: The five most memorable performances of all time

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Many of the biggest names in music have graced the stage of the Super Bowl halftime show: Michael Jackson. Madonna. U2. Bruce Springsteen. Prince. Brian Boitano and Dorothy Hamill. Oh good, you’re paying attention. While not all of the performances have been the equivalent of a gold medal-winning figure skating program, there have been quite a few spectacles during the show’s 47-year run. As it is with Super Bowl commercials, you will want to stay glued to the TV set when the intermission begins.

In preparation for this year’s performance featuring Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, we present to you the five most sensational Super Bowl halftime shows of all time. We can’t promise you a sequel to Nipplegate, but there’s a strong chance you will find out how the nipples of RHCP bassist Flea react to 30-degree weather. Get your popcorn ready!

5. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (2009)

The most memorable thing about this set wasn’t the Boss imploring viewers to “put the chicken fingers down.” This was the night that (thanks to an awkward camera angle) we were introduced, intimately, to Springsteen’s crotch—and we’ve never quite gotten over it.… Read more

31 January

Brolly Splash: Flipboard Café’s pool is back!

Brolly Splash

Holy refreshment! The good folks at Melbourne’s favourite cubby-house/café Flipboard have brought back their makeshift pool. If you missed the first one and not sure what this is all about, they rigged up a nifty public pool using plastic and a skip. It’s genius, and it’s free to use for one and all. Go cool your heels.

Brolly Splash, Flipboard Café, Sat 1 Feb, 11am-6pmRead more

31 January

You could be in an episode of Modern Family

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Eric Stonestreet

So you think you can act (in mockumentary style?). Then best hope you’re planning to travel soon. According to the Telegraph, the folks at Qantas and Modern Family are giving two people the chance to win a walk-on appearance on the hit comedy when the cast and crew are in Australia in February to shoot for two weeks. All you have to do to be in with a chance to win is book a flight between February 5 and 14 – apparently frequent fliers get double the chance to win (see what they did there, savvy buggers).

Good luck. Cue drummy, brassy title theme…… Read more

31 January

Enjoy some opera with your morning latte down at the Prahran Market


A pop-up opera or popera will be hitting Prahran Market this morning with fully suited-up performers singing Verdi, among the fruit and veggies in the main hall. The flash-mob-style performance will see soloist Michael Lapina, brothers, Simon, Steven and Andrew Alesi, Kristian Gregory, Jeff McCracken-Hewson and Sung Sun Hong performing ‘Anvil Chorus’ and ‘Du Quella Pira’. If you can’t make it this morning, Opera in the Park will be taking place at Victoria Gardens this Saturday night.

Popera, Prahran Market, Fri 31 Jan, 11.30am.Read more

30 January

Vote for the worst song of all time in our inaugural Nottest 100!


Nottest 100

Written by Andrew P Street | Art by Robert Polmear

Dear the Internet,

So, the Triple J Hottest 100 was a bit of a shock, huh? That Vance Joy fellow was a surprise, am I right? Sure, ‘Riptide’ is a catchy tune, but who predicted it’d knock off ‘Royals’ or ‘Get Lucky’ for best song of the year? And hey, here’s another, better question for you: how godawful was Wil.I.Am’s ‘Feelin’ Myself?’ I know, right?

See, talking about out favourite songs might be pleasant enough, but you know what truly unites people? The songs they hate. And it’s in this spirit of mean-spirited inclusion that I am proud – well, more accurately, smug – to announce the launch of the inaugural Time Out Australia Nottest 100!

It’s inspired, as are so many moments of wanting to pierce my eardrums with a soldering iron, by REM’s ‘Shiny Happy People’. This 1991 classic came on while I was at the supermarket on the weekend and reminded me of music’s unique power to make me want to burn the entire world to the ground.… Read more

29 January

New restaurants in Melbourne

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Brace every part of yourself that you can, Melbourne. After a quiet December we’ve suddenly had a tsunami of new openings. Here are a handful of places that have sprung into existence in just the last two weeks.

Charlie Dumpling 21.1.14 Woodrow Wilson Photography -59

Charlie Dumpling (pictured)
We weren’t huge fans of Davis Yu’s short-lived pan-Asian joint Claremont Tonic, but we did like chef Dylan Roberts’ dumplings. And here, at Charlie Dumpling, he’s doing some pretty interesting takes on the old things-in-rice-skins including a Peking duck number and dessert dumplings.

Teta Mona
While the inner city has been flooded by a tidal wave of new restaurants offering modern twists on insert-exotic-cuisine-here, Brunswick East remains a stronghold of simple, honest dining. Just past Albion Street you have Stone Mill 347, the new Italian restaurant doling out made-to-order gnocchi and kisses for the girls, and now there’s Teta Mona: a boho-chic all-day restaurant where brothers Antoine and Bechara Taouk are serving simple Lebanese with plenty of pickles and very little fuss.… Read more

28 January

Introducing… Minimum Wage Sundays

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Minimum Wage

When the word went out via social media that Collingwood’s Gasometer had suddenly closed down, Melbourne musos and liggers fretted about the decline of live music once more.

All we can say is, thank god for Tim Scott. Respected music writer, Triple R presenter and former Gasometer booking agent, he’s just announced Minimum Wage – a new Sunday afternoon session at Brunswick’s Bar 291.

“When the Gasometer closes, what do you do? Start a new joint somewhere else, and don’t keep dwelling on what could have been,” says Tim. “There’s no shortage of young bands who want to play.”

Sprawling pleasantly onto the Upfield bike path, Bar 291’s intimate front bar provides a welcoming and inclusive setting for local bands, “There’s no stage: it’s more of a house party vibe than a gig,” explains Tim. “And in the inner north, a lot of people are musicians themselves, or students on low income wages,” he says.… Read more