28 July

Shadow Electric brings ‘Visions’, a musical and visual mash-up, to Estonian House

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The Shadow Electric crew is temporarily relocating its atmospheric Abbotsford Convent screen to the Estonian House in Brunswick West, which is really completing a bit of a circle given that the joint used to be a cinema.

The move’s only happening for three days, but from August 28-30, Shadow Electric will move out of the Convent and into the Brunswick hub to present ‘Visions’: a cinematic journey combining music and visual arts.

As you’d expect, the line-up is killer. Each band is collaborating with a visual artist to bring to life the essence of their music. Melbourne-based indie dream rockers Teeth & Tongue kick off proceedings (7pm. Fri Aug 28 ) followed by electro/hip-hop outfit Rat & Co ( 7pm. Sat Aug 29). There’s also Juice Rap News, the crew that cleverly rap the news live, who’ll be joined by mates Nazeem Hussain and Dan Ilic (1pm. Sun Aug 30), as well as the mock-rock-Bollywood extravaganza Bombay Royale to bring down the house (7pm.Read more

28 July

LISTEN gets Vic government on board in push against sexual harassment and assault in music venues and festivals

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Going to gigs is one of my chief joys in life – being touched up sans consent is not. Leaving the mosh pit at the Pogues because more than one dude thought it was ok to play tit cricket burned me up. I know I’m not alone in that experience: I can’t fathom why anyone would think it’s ok, but it happens all the time. I want to feel safe at a gig – that’s not too much to ask.

The LISTEN collective, a group of musos and industry professionals who are also passionate advocates for gender equity in Oz music, are taking active steps to deal with the situation. Importantly, they’ve just persuaded the Honourable Jane Garrett, Minister for Justice, to convene a task force to implement policy addressing sexual harassment and sexual assault at music venues and festivals.

Basically, sexual harassment is any type of unwanted or unwelcome sexual behaviour, which makes a person feel offended, humiliated or intimidated and it can range from the obvious, unsolicited grope to intrusive questions about your love life.… Read more

27 July

Arts Centre Melbourne brings the MTC’s North by Northwest back to the stage in early 2016


The MTC’s world premiere production of North by Northwest was, to the surprise of no one, a huge success. Compelling, outrageous, hilarious and clever, the adaptation of the Cold War classic drew sell-out crowds. In a rare move for Melbourne’s theatre scene, the Arts Centre will take over producing the show from the MTC for this reprisal, in association with original co-producers Kay + McLean Productions.

The play will return in late January for just two weeks, with the same brilliant cast stepping into their roles (including Matt Day as Cary Grant’s ad exec Roger O. Thornhill). “We are truly delighted to be now working with Arts Centre Melbourne and to see the play have the future life it so thoroughly deserves,” says Liza McLean of Kay + McLean Productions.

Tickets are on sale now. This will be your last chance to catch this thrilling show (and to find out how the director brought the famous crop-duster scene to life).… Read more

24 July

Program announced for Melbourne Writers Festival 2015 (and it’s a beauty)


Melbourne Writers Festival 2015, our annual celebration for writers, readers and thinkers, kicks off Thursday August 20, and tickets for its biggest program to date go on sale noon today.

Each year the festival highlights the talent and ideas of hundreds of writers from Australia and around the world, through a thought-provoking program of storytelling, conversation and debates, music and art events. In fact, this year brings together over whopping 530 events.

Celebrating its 30th birthday, this year’s festival takes us on a literary tour of Australia and all corners of the globe. Here are our highlights:

Opening night address by Louis de Bernieres, author of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (Thu Aug 20, 6.30pm).
Rob Thomas, creator of arse-kicking teen-detective series Veronica Mars and new show iZombie, talks about how pint the sized PI made it from tele to silver screen (Thu Aug 20, 9pm).… Read more

23 July

Meet the Astor Theatre’s fluffiest new tenant, Duke


One of the best parts of seeing a film at the Astor Theatre was Marzipan. You’d notice the tortoiseshell cat curled up in the corner of one the Astor’s couches; or sometimes, softly purring through one of the sessions. Two years ago, Marzipan – aged 21 – passed away, leaving reams of Facebook RIP messages in her wake and plenty of sad glances at the couches.

Now, the newly re-opened Astor – which has recently passed into the hands of Palace Cinemas – welcomes Marzipan’s successor: the dashing Duke, named after Oscar-winning film legend John Wayne (whose nickname was Duke).

The grey and white cat’s cowboy swagger earned him the name, which general manager Zak Hepburn chose as soon as he met Duke at the Lost Dogs’ Home. “Since Palace took over the Astor, there have been so many enquiries as to whether we’d get another cat and while Marzipan is irreplaceable, we thought as this year has marked a new chapter for the Astor, why not give Duke a new chapter in his life?”

Duke, you’ve struck gold, buddy.… Read more