26 June

Tickets are now on sale for the School of Life’s winter program

School of Life

In life, there are some skills that you’ll never learn from a textbook. The art of sparkling conversation, worrying less about money, happily spending time alone, making love last. People are born with those skills, right? Or at least they’re acquired through years of, well, living? Not if you ask Swiss-British philosopher Alain de Botton. In 2008, he started his School of Life in London, and in 2012, opened his first international campus here in Melbourne.

After a sell-out spring season, tickets have just been released for the School of Life’s winter program, beginning in July. Many of the old favourites are back, including How to Realise Your Potential, How to Make Love Last and How to Relate to Your Family, which draw from pop culture, philosophy and psychology to help you discover the answers for yourself. The classes are taught by artists, writers and people who have lived what they’re talking about.… Read more

26 June

No Big Day Out in 2015

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It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of the Big Day Out after a protracted illness.

Loving child of parents Kenneth West and Vivian Lees, the Big Day Out was born in Sydney in 1992 but soon called most mainland capital cities home, even travelling on occasion to New Zealand.

For over a decade she brought music, laughter, camaraderie and targeted demographic advertising to a generation of punters, bands, and youth-focussed marketing teams. However, rumours of ill health began in 2012, when she began to lose sensation in her Auckland leg.

The wasting decline soon spread, and by 2013 she was surviving only on expensive injections from C3 in the United States, applied under the local supervision of AJ Maddah, who had full custody after first one and then both parents tragically abandoned her.

However, this week it was announced that Maddah has also abandoned the bedside and treatment has been discontinued.… Read more

25 June

Magnum Pleasure Pop-Up Store comes to Emporium Melbourne

Magnum Pleasure Store

Brace yourself ice-cream lovers: the Magnum Pleasure Store is about to land. Having already been a hit in Sydney, Paris, Shanghai, Amsterdam and New York, the pop-up store is a palace and temple to the diety that is unctous ice-cream on a stick covered in shards of glass-like chocolate. Best of all, the store will allow you the oppurtunity to design your own magnum – oh yeah – with your choice of chocolate (white, milk or dark) and and three to four of 18 toppings for just $7. When you’ve recovered from you euphoria, you’ll also be thrilled to know that it all comes at a very reasonable price. Hey, they do call it a pleasure store…

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23 June

UNIQLO announces second Melbourne store

UNIQLO store

UNIQLO, meet Chadstone. Yep – the gloriously uniform, high quality, surprisingly cheap kingdom of puffy jackets is expanding its empire from the Emporium to the ‘burbs. UNIQLO’s second Australian store is set to open in September/October this year, and will take over about 1100 square metres of the ground floor of Melbourne’s self-described ‘fashion capital’. Mall-haters, you can look down your nose all you like, but when you think about it, the glitzy old girl of the south-east couldn’t be better suited to a brand like UNIQLO. In Emporium, the store’s fit-out is an endless paint swatch of non-branded T-shirts, slacks and jumpers at prices you need a moment to believe. The Japanese mega-retailer calls it LifeWear. Some are calling it next-level conformity. Many are embracing the trend and calling it ‘normcore’. Sounds sinister? Go in and slip into a pair of $29.90 jeans, then get back to us on that.

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20 June

Dan Sultan to play a secret gig tonight

Dan Sultan

The voice, the music, the eyebrows. We may all love Dan Sultan for different reasons, but we can all agree that the Melbourne muso is awesome. And we’re about to let you in on a little secret: he’s doing a secret show at Ding Dong Lounge tonight.

That’s right: before we lose our beloved rock’n’roller to his Blackbird tour, Melbourne is being treated to a little extra Dan Sultan smoulder. His new record came out in April and it’s got more soulful country and rock smoothness than ever before.

His Melbourne show is already sold out, so unless you’re keen for a trip to Geelong or even San Remo, get to Ding Dong by 10pm tonight. And if you rock up when doors open at 8pm, you’ll also catch Carl Russo’s sweet acoustic tunes and a DJ set by Jan Skubiszewski – all for the bargain price of $15 (doors only, folks).

Earlier this year, we caught up with Dan to talk about recording Blackbird in Nashville, and to find out what he’s thinking while performing his incendiary live shows.… Read more