23 August

The Electric Run is coming to Melbourne (soon…)

The Electric Run

First the Color Run, then the Glow Run and now the Electric Run. In the latest and glowiest fun run to hit Flemington Racecourse, runners will move through a 5km course pulsing with beats and lights and hit a killer party at the finish line with neon trees, lasers, glowing beach balls and DJs. Along the run, you’ll enter various ‘lands’ that might feature tunnels, glowing lakes, glowing arches, psychedelic cacti and coloured fountains. Runners will get special shirts designed by Neff, plus an LED bracelet, glow necklace and glow sunnies.

Here’s a little teaser video to get you excited.

Edit: Date and venue have now been announced. The Electric Run will take place at Flemington Racecourse on Saturday April 12. Registration opens Thursday November 7.… Read more

23 August

How old are your ears, and should you even be listening to music anyway?


Dear Internet,

If you’re anything like me, I’m very sorry.

Andrew P Street is such a handsome fellow

But also, you’ve probably given your ears a pretty solid going over during your lifetime, thanks to the magical combination of small rooms and loud PAs – not to mention headphones, especially earbud ones. And that means that your ears are, to use a technical term, probably fairly shit.

Loads of bits of your body basically regenerate – your skin, for example, and your liver (which is good if you like drinking) and your brain (also good, although not especially more if you like drinking since alcohol doesn’t actually kill brain cells – that’s a big ol’ myth invented by Temperance Union nutjobs). However, once you lose the microscopic protein filaments – the things understandably but somewhat misleadingly called “hairs” in your inner ear – those suckers are gone forever. And even if you’re a dedicated protector of your ears, the inexorable march of time is busily shaving them down in an unstoppable effort to remove your ability to hear high frequencies.… Read more

22 August

Bet you haven’t seen this Michael Hutchence clip before

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Back in 1982, Chisel’s Don Walker scored the soundtrack to an Aussie film, Freedom. The coming-of-age flick, set in Adelaide, details a young man’s desire to drive a Porsche Turbo, even if that means nicking one and pushing it off a cliff when the cops come in pursuit. (His love interest was Jad Capelja from Puberty Blues.) It was directed by Scott Hicks, who went on to have a smash with Shine.

Here’s a promotional clip for the soundtrack, featuring the song ‘Speed Kills’ with one Michael Hutchence sharing the vocals and posing fetchingly in car wrecks.

Tragically, the young star of Freedom, Jon Blake, died in a real-life wreck four years later, while filming The Light Horsemen.… Read more

22 August

Hey bar, you’ve changed. And we like it!

Bar Ampere

Misty bar lost a little sparkle and gained a lot of boisterous Corona fans in recent years, but talented whippersnapper Jackson Evans has rolled into town and resuscitated the Hosier Lane haunt with sharp cocktails, craft beers and dear little bottled Negronis. Get in and get busy drinking. 3-5 Hosier Ln, Melbourne 3000. 03 9663 9202.

Village Melbourne
The venue that was once the Belgian Beer Café (longtime champion of mussels and Hoegaarden), has turned over many of its taps to brews from all over the globe, with a strong focus on freaky rare breeds and local plonk. It’s also the site of the food truck trailer park on weekends. Victory for all! 557 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne 3004. 03 9529 2899.

Bar Ampere
As if Vernon Chalker’s freaky retro-futuristic Art Deco bar didn’t already have your back enough (what with serving breakfast and 3am Montenegro digestifs), they’re now stocking Melbourne’s biggest range of absinthe and preparing it with proper olde world absinthe ice fountains. 16 Russell Pl Melbourne 3000.Read more

22 August

Fitzroy & the Inner North issue out now

Issue 21 cover

If there’s one enclave of Melbourne known for its germination of arty subcultures, it has to be the Inner North, and so we dedicate this issue to 3065 and its surrounds. Lest you should think we’re northophiles, we’ll most certainly be redressing the balance with a southern-lovin’ issue before too long. September is also all about Melbourne Fringe Festival, so let Felix Preval of the festival curate your crawl through the city.

So what are you waiting for? You can grab a copy at any of these places.… Read more