19 August

So you think you can plus one?

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Plus One

“Hey, if you’re ever looking for someone to come and eat food with you, I’m really keen.”

It’s the sentence that every food and drink writer hears at least three times a week, and really, well, no shit. Of course you’re keen. Being a plus one to a restaurant (or bar) review, you get the elusive free lunch without having to do anything other than show up, and for the most part shut up. See, we review anonymously here at Time Out, which means that we book under a false name and pay for ourselves. The reason we do so is to ensure that we’re getting the same experience you might expect when you visit, so on the night/s in question, we’re Joe Everyman – or in this reviewer’s case, Felicity Cassalinga, or maybe even Serenity Brown.

Which is why, plus one wannabes,  you can expect to be unceremoniously chucked off the review gravy train if you walk in and yell our real name across the room.… Read more

19 August

Here’s a Girls season three teaser. Get excited, people!

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So Girls has just come out with a teaser trailer for season three and the question on everyone’s lips is: will it be less or more soul-shakingly awful than the last half of season two? (OK, this is the question on at least one mind at Time Out HQ, if not everyone’s). This production-focused teaser holds few clues…

Girls will return in 2014, check their production website for updates.Read more

17 August

Holy gelato! N2 Extreme Gelato is now in Melbourne!

N2 Extreme Gelato

If you’ve just regained your composure after learning that Sydney ice cream palace Gelato Messina is incoming, get ready to lose it again for N2 Extreme Gelato (another Sydney import – quelle horreur!). It’s the sciency ice creamery started by ex-accountant Min Chai, where freaky flavours like SPAM and mustard are frozen on the spot using KitchenAids and iquid nitrogen. It’s like Scienceworks for deliciousness.

Find out more about N2 Extreme Gelato and all it’s delicious treats.

N2 Extreme Gelato, 329 Brunswick St, Fitzroy.Read more

15 August

Last chance to Crab Shack, no more Mercy Bar and a new bar by the Pawn and Co crazies

Time Out food news

Hey Melbourne, . In the past week we’ve had more good and bad food news than we can handle.

On the excellent front, we learnt that we were inheriting the amazing Gelato Messina from Sydney. Put your excitement pants on for that. We also got wind  of a new ice-it-yourself cupcake shop (123 Cake) in North Melbourne.

In less sky punching news we’ve just been told that Juicy Jay’s Fried Chicken and Crab Shack is moving out of the Public Bar at the end of this weekend. Don’t panic, though. They’re just relocating to some new digs in Richmond, but that won’t happen until summer, so you better go and smash as much fried chicken and crab boil as you can handle between now and Sunday to tide you over.

And in crazy news, remember a few days ago when we likened the Aylesbury’s impending identity change to Mercy Bar‘s recent do-over (it was formerly Virginia Plain until they toned down the fancy in June)?… Read more

15 August

So, which country illegally downloaded Breaking Bad the most?

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Hank - Breaking Bad

Clue: it rhymes with “Bosstralia”

Australia, take a bow. For all of the complicated racial and cultural undercurrents that have run through our nation since 1788, it’s clear that we have, for the most part, made peace with our convict past. That, and we’re incredibly impatient.

While the entire world went justifiably nuts for the season return of Breaking Bad earlier this week, analysis of internet data suggests that a) is set to break its own record as most downloaded show in history, and b) that the largest slab of the traffic, according to the site TorrentFreak, was from Australia! Yes, we are the piratesting nation on the planet, meaning that we should just whack the Jolly Roger up in place of the Union Jack once we get around to doing the whole “republic” thing.

Of the illegal site’s traffic, 16.1% was from Australia, 16% was from the US (where, you know, the thing actually screened first), 9.6% was Canadian and the UK chewed up 8.5% of the bandwidth (followed by Poland, Spain, Brazil, India and Sweden, incidentally). And – go team – Melbourne was the highest city in the world when it came to these illegal downloads.… Read more