30 September

First look at Ja’mie: Private School Girl

Kudos to the ABC for a brilliant bit of marketing today. After HBO dropped this tiny teaser with our first glimpse at the upcoming Ja’mie: Private School Girl, the ABC offered an exclusive clip to fans – with one caveat: fans had to tweet the hashtag #privateschoolgirl and only when enough fans had tweeted it would the clip be unlocked. Well, that point is now and here is the exclusive clip of the show which will premiere on ABC1 on Wednesday October 23.

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30 September

Uniqlo have confirmed their Melbourne location

Uniqlo Interior

Plain dressers, rejoice! Japanese fashion giant Uniqlo have confirmed their Melbourne location. They’ve been sniffing around for floorspace in major cities for a couple of years, but they have now locked in a location in Melbourne’s CBD, set to open in autumn of 2014. The brand in one of many mega-international retailers the descending on Melbourne, alongside Williams Sonoma, River Island and H&M.

The company kicked off in 1985 but expanded out to New York, Hong Kong and Seoul in 2005, becoming a stalwart for clean, classic clothes with no frills. With that much retailing space, Uniqlo could soon dominate the mid-range fashion market – better quality than big box stores, cheaper than General Pants and Industrie, and more dependable than American Apparel.

Awareness is building here. In April, Sunrise’s David Koch cheered the University Of Queensland for sponsoring Novak Djokovic until he was hounded on Twitter that the tennis star was actually sporting a Uniqlo logo.… Read more

30 September

Which Melbourne song applies to you this morning?

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Northcote (So Hungover)

Hawthorn Hawks theme

Gangham Melbourne Style

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27 September

The world’s single most deceptively difficult karaoke song: revealed!

If you’ve ever spent any time around the Time Out team – and you should, because we’re all impossibly charming, arrestingly attractive and exude an odour of fresh-cut grass and hope – you’ll know that there are certain things we love. Freedom. Justice. Booze. But most of all, we love Japan’s greatest cultural gift to the species: the powerful art of karaoke.

"Hast du etwas zeit für mich…"

“Hast du etwas Zeit für mich…”

We’ve already compiled a list of the city’s most righteous karaoke dens, but we’re also preparing a playlist of the Time Out staff jams o’ choice: seriously, until you have heard group editor Nick Dent lay down Nena’s ’99 Lüftballoons’ IN THE ORIGINAL GERMAN (pictured, right) then you’ve never truly heard it.

And we could leave it there, like some lesser magazine for jerks would do – but we love you too much, and the last thing we want is for you to go to Melbourne’s best k-rooms and accidentally humiliate yourself.… Read more

26 September

The Death of the Australian Hipster


Dear The Internet,

Goodnight, sweet hipsters; may flights of fixies sing thee to thy rest

Sure, summer is coming, but can you feel that chill in the air? If you concentrate, you can sense an unfamiliar coolness blowing through Brunswick, through Coburg, through the last enclaves of Collingwood. It’s a breeze as yet, but there’s a sense that a storm is coming.

It might be nothing but seasonal fluctuations, or migratory rental patterns gently pushing populations further out – like global warming forcing mountain goats to higher altitudes – but perhaps we are looking at the beginning of a mass extinction. It may not happen this season, it may not happen next, but I fear that we are witnessing the Death of the Australian Hipster.

While at a pertinent pub on the weekend I was shocked to notice the sudden upsurge in clean-shaven faces. Maybe 20% of the male clientele had checked shirts, and the number of dames in floral print dresses could be counted on one hand.… Read more