29 October

Magical chef Ben Shewry writes short film in which he stars as massive bastard

As if we needed another reason to love humble wonder chef and all-round nice guy Ben Shewry (the man who rocketed Attica  to international fame with his sustainable, story-filled dishes and who once let us shove him up an apple tree for a photo shoot), now he’s gone and scribed a short film in which he depicts himself as an egotistical sod in a glossy, gory four-minute video backed by music from Thee Oh Sees. The gents who made it happen are his pals Colin Page and Johnny Abegg, who together with Shewry form brand new production company Awakau Road Films. Because, you know, it’s not like Shewry is busy running one of the world’s top restaurants, gardening, surfing and coaching his kid’s basketball team or anything…

Maybe we really would be better off if the plot of this came true. We’d at least feel less like gigantic underachievers.… Read more

28 October

Imperfect day: five reasons you should be heartbroken over the death of Lou Reed

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Lou Reed

It takes the wind out of one to wake to the news that one of the planet’s greatest songwriters has died. It’s especially galling when it’s Lou Reed, a man who really should have lived forever given the comprehensive going over he gave his body during the last 71 years. You certainly can’t accuse him of not having lived.

There are a slew of obituaries popping up (Rolling Stone’s is especially good) talking about his life and work, but let’s concentrate on five reasons why you, the casual Reed-o-phile, should be feeling this as keenly as any devoted fan.

I’m Waiting for the Man, 1967

This ode to tardy smack dealers was on the first Velvet Underground album,The Velvet Underground & Nico, and was pretty much every garage band that ever came after. There’s not a bad track on the first two Velvet’s albums (and not much wrong with the subsequent ones either), and this could have been ‘Venus in Furs’, ‘Heroin’, ‘Sunday Morning’, ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’, ‘White Light/White Heat’ or pretty much any other cut.… Read more

27 October

Melbourne rains jaffles

If you needed any more evidence to support Melbourne’s top billing as the World’s Most Liveable City, we say stick this video in your pipe and watch it. For the second time, a team of jaffle loving geniuses rained sweet, sweet toasted sandwiches down upon an adoring public on Saturday night. This is what that looked like.

Jafflechutes video

More on the geniuses behind JafflechutesRead more

25 October

The School of Life announces plans for a permanent home in 2014

School of Life

The Altucation revolution continues to take over Melbourne with return of a special School of Life class, and the announcement that they will be opening a permanent school next year.

The class, or secular sermon, will be lead by science journalist Robyn Williams and is set to explore the very topical realm of knowledge. Coinciding with Melbourne Knowledge Week, Williams will discuss the way we go about sharing and receiving information from unknown sources in modern times, virtues and vices related to knowledge and uncertainty.

As for the school, there aren’t too many details yet but we will keep you posted. In the mean time why not get the low-down on adult learning in Melbourne, buy tickets to Robyn William’s School of Life secular sermon, or check out other Melbourne Knowledge Week events.

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24 October

The new official Tony Abbott glossary


Dear The Internet,


(from the upcoming children’s edition)

With the news that your immigration minister Scott Morrison has issued an edict that the term “asylum seeker” be stricken from all official departmental communications and replaced with “illegal maritime arrival”,  commentators have been making the unfair comparison between the Abbott government and the “newspeak” adopted by the dystopian ministries of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Such hyperbole is obviously ridiculous, since a) creating a standard term of reference for all staff will help streamline the dissemination of policy in a clear and accessible manner, and b) we have always been at war with Eastasia.

It’s only one of a raft of new terms and with that in mind, we contacted the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, and communications minister Malcolm Turnbull graciously faxed us a copy of the government’s forthcoming official glossary.

Keep these terms in mind in all communications going forward, including your personal correspondence.… Read more