7 February

What’s the worst song ever written? The Nottest 100 winner is revealed!


Nottest 100

Written by Andrew P Street | Art by Robert Polmear

Dear The Internet,

Well, it’s been a big, brassy week for horrible music. Who’d have thought that being reminded of ‘Shiny Happy People’ would have blossomed into the gorgeous flower that the Nottest 100 has become? What began as a stupid joke has turned into something much more wonderful: a bigger stupid joke.

And I have been heartened and horrified and delighted and disgusted by the response.

Hundreds of songs were nominated, and hundreds of votes were cast, and hundreds of people told me that the list included songs they loved and did I want to fight. Almost as many told me that they’ve been thrashing the Spotify playlist in an orgy not not-guilty-enough pleasure. And I thank you, the weirdly passionate music lovers of Australia, for being part of the process.

And also: your taste in music is terrible.

Rather than churn through the entire list and make arbitrary distinctions between equally low-rating songs (thank you, Australia, for having no problem with ‘Love Shack’), I present to you what our proud nation has determined – through DEMOCRACY!… Read more

7 February

The Workers Club is a changin’

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Change, friends, is inevitable. And over the past two weeks, Fitzroy institution the Workers Club has been quietly going through a few.

Now before you panic, hear this: Monday nights at the Workers’ Club will remain a wonderland of cheap dranks. There will even be the added bonus of cheeseburgers from 10pm. Free cheeseburgers. Sounds good, yeah? Well, the good news doesn’t stop there. Twerkshop, the Ghetto Zumba workshop set to make you sweat, is sticking around too.

So aside from fattening us up with free burgers, what is actually changing?

Well, after years of hosting great musical talent before they hit the big time (Tame Impala and Lorde to drop a few names), the Workers Club is now fortifying that reputation, bringing on a new booking team to ensure they move onwards and upwards.

Enter Indra Adams, a Melbourne music mogul with over a decade of experience booking talent for venues like the Espy and Ding Dong lounge as well as being the founding director of his own agency, Singhala Music.… Read more

6 February

Offspring is turning Bala’s into a temporary Mexican restaurant

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OffspringThe good old days, before anybody died.

If you’ve strolled along Brunswick Street lately and wondered what oh what will become of the now defunct Bala’s Food Source, we can tell you that it’s about to become a Mexican restaurant. Which probably won’t surprise you. What will surprise you is that you won’t ever be able to eat there.  The crew behind OffspringMelbourne’s hit adventures-in-neurosis TV drama,  have commandeered the space and are currently turning it into a faux cantina for a shoot next week. After that, the real new leaseholder will be moving in and starting up a traditional Italian trattoria. Fun fact.… Read more

5 February

Stokehouse pop-up opens next Friday

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Up she goes! Pictured: City of Port Phillip Mayor Amanda Stevens with Van Haandel Group's Anthony Musarra, and Stokehouse crewUp she goes! Pictured: City of Port Phillip Mayor Amanda Stevens with Van Haandel Group’s Anthony Musarra, and Stokehouse crew

It feels like mere seconds since St Kilda’s seaside restaurant Stokehouse was lost to fire. But, proving that you can’t keep a good man or restaurant down, Frank Van Haandel has announced that they will be opening a temporary pop-up eatery on the site next Friday.

According to the team, the pop-up will run from February 14 (romantic!) to May 11, and will be serving a selection of both the restaurant and café’s trademark dishes, as well as running a bar.

It’s pretty impressive. You can even make a booking, but walk-ins are welcome. And while we’re on the subject of entering the temporary premises, you’ll be pleased to know that there will be walls. The structure is being built by Harry the Hirer – it’s essentially a giant reinforced marquee situation replete with glass walls.… Read more

5 February

The School of Life returns to Melbourne!

School of Life

Looking for a bit of inspirational and philosophical guidance? For a school offering something a little different, try the classes from the School of Life – the brainchild of philosopher Alain de Botton, who set the London school up in 2008. In 2012/2013 the first international campus opened in Collingwood, but for 2014 it’s moved to the more central location of Bourke Street. Each class is limited to 26 attendees. Some are favourites from last year and many have a couple of date options.

The School of Life, 669 Bourke St, Melbourne. 27 Mar-22 Apr, $65 per class.Read more