6 March

New live video from Adalita

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Adalita has shared with Time Out a new live video of last year’s heartbreaking single ‘Trust Is Rust’, taken from her second solo album, All Day Venus.

She says of the shoot, “We were set up on the street level of a huge double-storey share house / shop front on a main street in Thornbury. During the recording there were little old Greek men from the café next door peering in through the window, smoking their cigars and having a good ol’ chinwag about what was going on.”

The song itself details the turmoil of witnessing another woman coming on the scene – “and you know it’s trouble”. As the evidence literally starts piling up – ‘it could not be more obvious / it ain’t your shoes, it’s not my dress’ – the protagonist starts to almost relish the anguish.

Adalita plays Golden Plains this weekend. Her album, All Day Venus, is out now through Liberation.… Read more

4 March

New comic anthology is Melbourne noir

Femmes fatales, assisted suicide, crime, mirth and a near-future Melbourne dystopia… it’s all good fodder for Tokyo-based Melbourne writer/artist Andrez Bergen and the rest of the team behind the comic anthology BLACK/WHITE.

While he hasn’t put in any identifying landmarks, Bergen pictures the action unfolding in the grimier corners of Collingwood and Clifton Hill. His contributions are matched by artwork from international artists: Drezz Rodriguez, Michael Grills, Nathan St John, Andrew Chiy, Matt Kyme and Marcos Vergara.

In 2013, Bergen and Matt Kyme set up an indie comic-book publisher, Commix, which is the natural extension to the IF? Records label he ran in Melbourne in the 1990s. Commix has the finished, print-ready version of the BLACK/WHITE anthology, which will be published in Australia on April 1. It’s also available from this week online as a pre-order digital download for just $1.

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4 March

Flying Lotus to play a secret show as Captain Murphy tomorrow night

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Flying Lotus

The word is out – experimental electronic artist Flying Lotus will play a hushed gig at Howler under his rap moniker Captain Murphy tomorrow night. Even if you experienced his stunning audio-visual Layer 3 show at the Forum last Friday, there’s no telling which side of Steven Ellison to expect this time around. Tickets are only available at the door.

For those gearing up for Golden Plains, don’t miss FlyLo take to the Supernatural Amphitheatre this weekend.

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4 March

UNIQLO announces opening date of first Melbourne store

UNIQLO ambassadors

We Melburnians love to boast about our shopping. But for all our laneway boutiques, vintage treasure troves and cute pop-ups, there’s nothing quite like the excitement of seeing one of the world’s biggest brands open its doors in our city.

UNIQLO, welcome to Melbourne. This morning, we visited the Japanese brand’s pop-up shop for the launch of Australia’s first UNIQLO store, opening Wednesday April 16. UNIQLO’s Emporium Melbourne store will spread its new Autumn/Winter range over four floors, spanning over 3000 square metres.

If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, chances are you’ve at least seen UNIQLO apparel on tennis star Novak Djokovic and Aussie golf champion Adam Scott, both global ambassadors. Not simply sporting attire, the brand’s core concept is ‘LifeWear’ – clothes that feel like a second skin. Think quality basics, fine wool, soft cashmere and cotton flannels. We can’t wait to get our hands on UNIQLO’s famous Ultra Light Down vests and jackets.… Read more

26 February

Melbourne or Sydney: which city will kill you first?


Melbourne sign

Written by Andrew P Street | Art by Robert Polmear

Dear the Internet,

The Guardian recently published an interactive map showing how one’s life expectancy changes depending on where in the world one lives. It’s a fascinating tool unambiguously showing that people in big cities tend to live significantly longer than those in rural and remote deathtraps.

However, looking at our wide brown land that’s so controversially girt by sea, it’s notable that those who live over in Sydney apparently die six weeks earlier than the national average… which got us to wondering how Melburnians fare.

To investigate this, we’ve elucidated the elements that extend and diminish life for Sydney residents, alongside those of the nation’s cultural capital, Melbourne.

Tantalising anticipation of eventually doing the BridgeClimb, definitely this year, definitely +4 mo Sense of unfettered awe and wonder when beholding the majestic beauty of Federation Square +3 mo
Exhaustion from life being constant whirlwind of Baz Luhrmann production numbers -4 mo Injuries sustained falling off footpath because of intrusive public art -6 mo
Bondi Beach over-flexing -8 mo The weather: oh dear god, the weather -8 mo
Relaxing snoozes in Parramatta Road traffic +1 mo Post-Jet grief -4 mo
Delight at easy access to the electrifying nightlife of Canberra +1 mo Disappointment at not being Berlin/Tokyo/New York -3 mo
Rugby -3 mo AFL +3 mo
Proximity to Kyle Sandilands -9.5 mo Knife fights over which Fitzroy café has the worst coffee -3 mo
Citywide safety, respect and happiness manifested by 1.30am pub lockouts TBC Enduring hope that Harold Holt will return any minute now +2 mo
Mysterious Shire vanishings -4 mo St Kilda foreshore despair -4 mo
Tram envy -3 mo Yarra poisoning -8 mo
Mardi Gras float collisions -2 mo Seeing that blonde one from Neighbours at the supermarket +7 mo
Sense of freedom from never having to endure the burdens of home ownership +12 mo Hearing loss from embarrassing overabundance of live venues -1 mo
Restaurant queue ennui -6 mo Comedian infestations -3 mo
Relief at not being Brisbane +3 mo Relief at not being Adelaide +3 mo
Smug sense of superiority +6 mo Sense of superior smugness +6 mo
TOTAL -1.5 mo TOTAL 0


So which city is better?… Read more