8 July

The story behind the Chrissy Amphlett Laneway

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Little Pattie and Charley Drayton

I came to the Divinyls late – albeit at the tender age of 16 – when ‘I Touch Myself’ soared to number one in the UK singles chart. It was 1991. On the dog-eared sleeve of my seven-inch, Amphlett lay face down on an unmade bed in a coarse net dress that revealed everything; but in particular her bottom. I think it was Amphlett.

Twenty-two years later I was mourning the death of a woman I’d never met, but who had entertained me immensely for that interim period, be it through her music (I maintain “I am just a red brassiere to all the boys in town” is the greatest first line of a verse ever), her videos, or her memoir (Pleasure and Pain has to be one of the most entertaining, “Oh no she didn’t” rock memoirs committed to paper). ‘I Touch Myself’ had become Amphlett’s rallying cry for women to check themselves for lumps in their breasts, before she herself succumbed to breast cancer.… Read more