17 November

Breaking Bad Season 5: Alternate Ending

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Okay, so this happened…

Just a week and a half out from Breaking Bad: The Complete Series being released on DVD, what seems to be a special feature showing an alternate ending to the series has surfaced on YouTube. It’s pretty much what we’ve all been waiting for.

Fun fact: this is a loving homage to the 1990 Newhart series finale

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series will be released in Australia Thu 28 Nov. Breaking Bad season 5 is currently showing on ABC2 on Mondays at 9.30pm

UPDATE: The video has been removed (sad face), as soon as there’s a new one online we’ll post it (cause it really is very good!)… Read more

15 November

How to do Taste of Melbourne 2013

We’re all about ‘taking one for the team’ here at Time Out. And so last night we did the baptism of fire at Taste and ate EVERY DISH so that you can attack it like a seasoned professional.

Taste of Melbourne: Grilled cornLast night we were on the official judging panel determining the three top dishes of Taste 2013. For the second year in a row, Pip Sibley of Albert Street Food and Wine came out on top with the winning rosetta for her cornmeal crusted calamari and charred, chilled corn with a squid ink sauce. It’s total carnival food, that still packs a fresh punch.

Taste of Melbourne: Burch & PurcheseSecond place went to Burch & Purchese, which is conveniently next door and the prettiest stand on the grounds. In typical not-dicking-around fashion, they’ve put together a plate of dainties and fancies of sciency wonders: Champagne jellies; white chocolate sprayed raspberry gels and multitude other peachy, tart, crumbly things all crowned by a ball of parfait that’s frozen to order in a basin of liquid nitrogen.… Read more

15 November

Lonely Hunter Crafty Kris Kringle

Lonely Hunter Secret Santa

The talented ladies behind Lonely Hunter Markets will be making your Christmas a little more crafty. Alongside a selection of handmade gifts available at the Lonely Hunter markets, the ladies will also be connecting folks via a fun gift exchange. This isn’t you’re ordinary office Kris Kringle though… The gift will be given to a stranger and can be whatever you like, with one requirement – that it’s handmade. You don’t have to be a craft-queen, and there are no rules so great your creative juices flowing and register. Once you have, you will receive the name and address of your Secret Santa, to which you will send your gift off by December 14 and be ready to receive your own! Why not check out the Lonely Hunter DIY blog for some crafty inspiration?

By Jordan Kretchmer… Read more

14 November

CHOPPER READ: A cultural hero?

Chopper ReadFollowing the death last month of Mark “Chopper” Read, everyone in Melbourne was apparently his best friend, closest confidant and/or came within a hair’s breadth of some sort of life-ending altercation with him. And at first glance it’s hard to see why a violent criminal with a history of mental health issues and a lack of ears would be a cultural hero.

After all, Australia, as you learned with the recent election result, is a conservative country that fears change, eschews unpredictability, works impossible hours for stagnant wages (in fact, works the longest hours in the western world), and is so terrified of outsiders that both the major political parties ran large public campaigns predicated on promising to keep foreigners out, despite the desperate need they were in. We like our boats repelled, not rocked.

However, that’s not that self-image we prefer to have. Australia likes to present itself as a self-sufficient nation of outlaws and larrikins, rattlin’ cages and breakin’ all the rules.… Read more

14 November

Gelato Messina opens in Fitzroy

Gelato Messina opens in Fitzroy

Sweet dreams are made of gelato. And all your dessert-based dreams are going to come true at 5pm when Gelato Messina swings open its doors in Fitzroy. If the queues that still form outside its Sydney outlets are anything to go by, we’re thinking you may want to don your riot gear tonight before lining up for a scoop of the incredible salted coconut and mango – it’s like a holiday in a cone. If you barrack for team chocolate don’t leave without a scoop of milk chocolate with peanut fudge and if you’re really a dessert freak, a scoop of their best-selling Bounty – coconut milk gelato with chocolate chips and desiccated coconut.

Gelato Messina: Fitzroy, 237 Smith St, FitzroyRead more