27 November

Yeh! Yeh! is DJ Andrew McClelland and DJ Kieran O’Sullivan’s new club night

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Yeh Yeh

There’s a new club night in town, and we think you’re going to love it.

If you’re a regular at Mr McClelland’s Finishing School at the Bella Union Bar, then you’ll need no convincing here. Dapper Andrew McClelland (right) is one third of the DJ dream-team that makes up new fortnightly night Yeh! Yeh!, alongside Ding Dong’s Midnight Run DJ Kieran (left) and promising newbie DJ Dan Hall.

Andrew, how long has Yeh! Yeh! been in the works?
Since about 1997 when DJ Kieran and I were sneaking in to indie nightclubs together as underage kids and dreaming of one day having a dance-floor all of our very own, together.

Your new club night is called Yeh! Yeh!, with the tagline ‘Tasteful party music’. Tell us about the name.
What could sound more pop (from any decade,) than having a song with a pretty pointless “Yeh! Yeh!” in it? Well, possibly saying “nah nah” but that’s a bit negative, so we went with “Yeh!… Read more

26 November

Dance Massive 2015 festival has just released its program

Dance Massive

Melbourne’s biennial and internationally renowned dance festival has just announced its 2015 program, and there’s some stunning contemporary work to look forward to. Dance Massive 2015 features 19 productions – 14 of which are world premieres – from some of Australia’s finest dance companies and choreographers.

Don’t miss Melbourne company Chunky Move’s Depth of Field: a work that explores movement through a metropolis with a shifting tempo. It’s choreographed by Chunky Move’s internationally acclaimed artistic director Anouk van Dijk. The company has a reputation for producing bold, daring works, and Depth of Field promises to be no exception.

Another highlight is Do You Speak Chinese?: a piece by Melbourne dancer and choreographer Victoria Chiu, who was inspired by the ongoing preconception (based on her appearance) that she speaks Chinese. In collaboration with dancer Kristina Chan, she has devised a beautifully choreographed performance that plays with the many ways our bodies speak for us, often before we’ve even had a chance to open our mouths.… Read more

24 November

Melbourne muso Mike Noga is crowd-funding his third album

Mike Noga

It takes a whole lot of talent, time and hard work to write a killer album. It takes a whole lot of cash to record that killer album.

Melbourne singer-songwriter Mike Noga knows this better than most people. For the past two decades, Noga has played drums for bands and artists including the Drones, Something for Kate frontman Paul Dempsey and Glenn Richards – all the while pursuing a solo career. He’s released two solo albums, and spent the last year in London writing his third; his most ambitious project yet. Dempsey is on board as producer, and it’s all ready to be recorded, mixed, mastered and distributed.

Here’s where you come in. Following in the footsteps of musicians like Aussie muso Davey Lane, Noga is running a Pozible campaign to fund his album. The target is $16,000, and with seven days to go until deadline, he’s well on his way to achieving it.… Read more

20 November

Mamasita now has a Master Mezcalier


“For everything bad, mescal; for everything good, the same” – old Oaxacan saying.

Mescal, like its compatriot spirit tequila, can conjure up visions of youthful, ill-advised drinking hell, but Nick Peters, manager of Mamasita, is on a mission to improve its image.

Peters’ first experience with mescal wasn’t flash either, although things have changed pretty radically since then. “About nine out of ten people had a pretty terrible first experience with tequila or mescal,” Peters laughs. “They come into our restaurant thinking that and they don’t want to try it, but nine out of ten people will actually take the plunge and give it a bash. It’s a lot different from the stuff we used to drink in the park.”

Peters has been at Mamasita, Melbourne’s best-loved authentic Mexican drinking and dining establishment, for four and a half years now and became an operating partner as of this year, but his love affair with Mexican cuisine goes back way further.… Read more

20 November

Real-life Willy Wonka comes to Melbourne

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Willie Harcourt Cooze - low res 2

What do you get when you combine a cacao farm in Venezuela, a bit of imagination, determination and hard work? The real life Willy Wonka.

“There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination. Living there, you’ll be free if you truly wish to be.” Whether you loved the book, Gene Wilder or Johnny Depp, there’s no doubt Roald Dahl’s eccentric character had created every kids dream, a place full of wonder, chocolate and sweets. It’s no wonder a guy named Willie was caught up with the dream to create his own chocolate heaven.

Willie Harcourt-Cooze was so enchanted by the Venezuelan Cloud Forest on his honeymoon in 1993, where he was first introduced to cacao trees and their multi-coloured pods, that he eventually convinced a farmer to sell his large estate to him. After spending years farming cacao beans and making chocolate for the locals, he and his family moved back to England and set out to open his own chocolate factory in Devon.… Read more