28 July

Top five things to know about the Melbourne Festival 2014 program


The Melbourne Festival is the most significant arts festival in the city’s calendar, and this year, the organisers are squeezing over 60 music, theatre, film, dance and art events into just 17 days. The program – released today – can feel a little overwhelming, so we’ve put together the top five things about this year’s cultural fiesta that impress us most.

1. The opening of the festival will bring together elders from the five clans of the Kulin nation
Last year, elders from the five clans of the Kulin nation (Wurundjeri, Boonwurrung, Wathaurong, Taungerong and Dja Dja Wurrung) invited the people of Melbourne to a Tanderrum: the first ceremony of its kind since modern Melbourne was founded in 1835. This powerful affirmation of Koorie culture is back again this year, comprising song, storytelling and dance.

2. There’s a huge focus on circus
And it’s far from lion-tamers and tightropes. Festival Director Josephine Ridge and her team decided to celebrate Melbourne’s rich circus tradition (the Arts Centre used to be the site of the Wirth Brothers’ Circus in the early 1900s) by inviting the world’s most innovative circus artists – including Montreal’s Cirque Éloize, Belgium’s Dique & Fien and France’s Circa – to perform alongside local indie ensembles like Dislocate.Read more

25 July

Topshop and Topman open at Emporium

Topshop and Topman

To our great delight, Topshop and Topman have finally opened their doors at Emporium Melbourne today.

The dazzling Emporium seems to be reminiscent of an Emerald City, in that once you step inside you realise you’re not in Melbourne Central anymore. The space is clean cut, sophisticated and almost entirely glass, and is home to a few brands you might see up the Paris End of Collins Street.

In saying that, expect a luxurious shopping experience at the new Topshop/Topman located on Lower Ground Level 1. It’s the biggest one in the Southern Hemisphere and includes personal shopping services and a whole two floors dedicated to the ladies, while the fellas can get their shopping fix on the bottom floor.

The British superstore of on-trend clothing, shoes, makeup and accessories can be a little overwhelming, but navigate your way through collections specifically catered to your needs, whether it be Petite, Tall, Boutique, Dress Up, Designer, or Collaborative lines.… Read more

25 July

Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde Composition Competition

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Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde Composition Competition

If you live in the City of Darebin and know the difference between a quaver and a crotchet ­– and how to put them in some kind of melodic order ­– then this is the competition for you. The Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde (the Orke), along with the Darebin Music Feast, has put together an enticing pack of prizes to stimulate your next instrumental masterpiece. The goodies include $1000, a $600 guitar, eight hours of recording, eight hours of mixing and a 12-month membership at Fingers of Fury Arabic and Turkish drumming school. With all of this, you’ll have the talent for a one-man band by the end of the year (we hope!). Your winning work will be performed at Darebin Music Feast and Zingaro Festival. Shortlisted applicants will workshop their pieces with the Orke.

If the Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde doesn’t bring anything to mind, then think diversity, inclusivity, community and discovery.… Read more

23 July

Save Cherry Bar from closure!

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Save Cherry Bomb from closure!

Yesterday, Save Live Australia’s Music (SLAM) announced that the music community had lost faith with Victoria’s Minister of Planning, Matthew Guy, and his pledge to implement the Agent of Change principle. As our recent interview with Cherry Bar’s James Young explained, this new system would mean that residential developments that spring up around existing music venues should be responsible for soundproofing, rather than the venue. However, the Minister had promised a change over the summer period. As SLAM’s Helen Marcou says, “We’re now in deep Winter and still the government has delivered nothing.”

Now James Young has announced that Cherry Bar will need the punters’ help in soundproofing, as residents are scheduled to move into a new 12-storey apartment block at the end of ACDC Lane this August. A statement from Young says, “Despite the fact that Cherry has not had a single noise complaint in 14 positive and successful rocking years, as soon as these apartments open and one person complains we are on the wrong side of the law and can be closed down.”

Preemptively, Cherry Bar is appealing for help via a PledgeMusic campaign. Pleasingly, PledgeMusic are taking care of all transaction fees and donating back five per cent of the campaign income to help Save Cherry.… Read more

22 July

Ariana Grande is coming to Australia in September

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Calling all ‘Arianators’ – that’s fans of Ariana Grande to the unfamiliar –  Ariana Grande is set to hit Australian shores this September, to promote her second album My Everything. No words as to whether she will be doing a huge pop arena tour like Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga, but we are sure she we perform her sugar-coated pop hits, somewhere…. Check back for details soon.… Read more