So, which country illegally downloaded Breaking Bad the most?

Posted by on Aug 15, 2013 in TV

Hank - Breaking Bad

Clue: it rhymes with “Bosstralia”

Australia, take a bow. For all of the complicated racial and cultural undercurrents that have run through our nation since 1788, it’s clear that we have, for the most part, made peace with our convict past. That, and we’re incredibly impatient.

While the entire world went justifiably nuts for the season return of Breaking Bad earlier this week, analysis of internet data suggests that a) is set to break its own record as most downloaded show in history, and b) that the largest slab of the traffic, according to the site TorrentFreak, was from Australia! Yes, we are the piratesting nation on the planet, meaning that we should just whack the Jolly Roger up in place of the Union Jack once we get around to doing the whole “republic” thing.

Of the illegal site’s traffic, 16.1% was from Australia, 16% was from the US (where, you know, the thing actually screened first), 9.6% was Canadian and the UK chewed up 8.5% of the bandwidth (followed by Poland, Spain, Brazil, India and Sweden, incidentally). And – go team – Melbourne was the highest city in the world when it came to these illegal downloads. (4.8% came from Melbourne, while Sydney accounted for 2.9%)

Of course, this shows that the excuse we’ve been using for ages – “oh, we’d TOTALLY do this legally, if only there wasn’t such a huge wait for overseas shows!” – is basically bullshit: the new episode screened on Foxtel here less than a day after the US screening. No wonder Rupert Murdoch’s so determined to crush Labor in his papers: once that high-speed broadband comes in, pay TV’s going to seem like the print newspaper biz…

By Andrew P Street