Melbourne: The world’s best city to live in

Posted by on Aug 28, 2013 in News

Most Liveable City

The 2013 Economist Intelligence Unit global “liveability” study has confirmed what we already knew: that Melbourne is the greatest city in the world to live in. So we’ve come up with some ultra-Melbourne ways of showing your approval.

1. Guerilla-knit a cosy for the Arts Centre spire

2. Get that West Gate Bridge tattoo you’ve always been thinking of

3. Gift Chopper Read’s album to a Sydney mate

4. Take a packet of sausages to the next open inspection you attend. The ever-swelling figures in attendance guarantee an instant party

5. Launch a pop-up shop selling un-ironic ironic I <3 Melbourne T-shirts

6. Get a barista to pour a V for victory in your flat white

7. Invent some grouse new Victorian slang

8. Come up with a new sharpie/bodgie/widgie-style youth movement and get Melbourne known for talking with its fists again

9. Create a meat pie parma

10. Pump ‘Up There, Cazaly’ over tram tannoys

  • Maria Esther Zambrano Lameda

    I have family in Melbourne!!!! I went there and I liked so much

  • Chris Peters

    what annoys me and is a major fault of these liveability cases is that they have obviously never been on Melbourne’s UNLIVABLE public transport AND they DON’T even factor in the cost of living (ie rent, housing prices, food costs, etc). Bit of a dud to me.

    • conoco77

      Seriously though, come to Ireland, experience our public transport and you’d appreciate yours so much more. I used it all the time when I lived there (5 years) and I thought it was great. Cost of living has gotten crazy though, I won’t argue there.

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