Uniqlo have confirmed their Melbourne location

Posted by on Sep 30, 2013 in News, Shopping & Style

Uniqlo Interior

Plain dressers, rejoice! Japanese fashion giant Uniqlo have confirmed their Melbourne location. They’ve been sniffing around for floorspace in major cities for a couple of years, but they have now locked in a location in Melbourne’s CBD, set to open in autumn of 2014. The brand in one of many mega-international retailers the descending on Melbourne, alongside Williams Sonoma, River Island and H&M.

The company kicked off in 1985 but expanded out to New York, Hong Kong and Seoul in 2005, becoming a stalwart for clean, classic clothes with no frills. With that much retailing space, Uniqlo could soon dominate the mid-range fashion market – better quality than big box stores, cheaper than General Pants and Industrie, and more dependable than American Apparel.

Awareness is building here. In April, Sunrise’s David Koch cheered the University Of Queensland for sponsoring Novak Djokovic until he was hounded on Twitter that the tennis star was actually sporting a Uniqlo logo.

They also sponsor Aussie golf sensation Adam Scott and they have kitted out Japanese summer and winter Olympic teams.

Uniqlo’s arrival in Australia could see the demise of dadcore fits for the average bloke, tamp down kooky women’s wear, and end Bonds’ stranglehold on the tees, hoodies and sweats market.

UNIQLO Emporium Melbourne Store, 269-321 Lonsdale St, Melbourne