24 August

Spend one of your nine lives at the 100 Cats exhibition

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100 Cats

It could be safe to say that Melbourne’s feline fever is running hotter than ever. Only last week a Brunswick gallery hosted the Cat Stuff Market, where you could find anything from cat prints to cute tabby toys, while the interest in the CBD’s Cat Café is off the scale.

As of early September, Collingwood’s Off the Kerb gallery is making its first foray into cat-themed artwork. It’s in celebration of the team’s 100th exhibition, and of their cat-like resilience in the face of the walls crumbling down around them.

We mean that literally. In December last year the gallery experienced severe structural damage when its west wall’s external brick facade collapsed crushing the building next door. The gallery was shut down by the City of Yarra and the structural engineer mentioned he hadn’t seen such a collapse in his 15 years at Yarra. Fortunately no one was injured, but the ramifications of this on a not-for-profit artist-run space was severe.… Read more