21 May

Cadbury has released that Vegemite chocolate block – and we tried it


Turns out Cadbury wasn’t really fooling everyone with pictures of a Vegemite-flavoured chocolate after all.

The chocolate/Vegemite mashup is most definitely a real thing, as confirmed by Cadbury on social media last week. It’s a limited-edition flavour, as part of the company’s campaign to encourage social media users to share their own dream chocolate pairings.

While it’s set to “officially” hit the shelves from June, Cadbury is teasing that you may be able to track it down sooner. And because we’re up for all sorts of adventures here at Time Out HQ, we took our sleuthing skills to (a lot) of local supermarkets so we could road test the new flavour.

So, is it oozing with a Vegemite centre? Is it too sweet? Or is it just a massively hyped variation on salted caramel? Read our staffers’ verdicts below:

It’s got that nice, salty umami flavour to it, but really, it just tastes like somebody gave me chocolate right after I had some toast.Read more

12 May

No more tea and sympathy as Storm in a Teacup gets ready to shut shop

Storm in a teacup2  

In a sad bit of news, Storm in a Tea Cup, the Smith Street haven for tea lovers, is calling it a day – well, at least in its current format and at least until spring. Hannah Dupree’s first love is tea and educating the masses about its preparation and consumption and, as much as she (and we) loved her establishment, the more brews she served up and tea cocktails she stirred, the further she felt from her purpose. So, Storm in a Tea Cup closes its doors at the end of May, although it will retain its online presence selling its speciality blends, leaving us to await the opening of Dupree’s next venture in Northcote. Dupree’s foreshadowed her next premises will include a tea tasting room, which she anticipates opening in September.

Storm in a  Tea Cup: 48A Smith Street, Collingwood.Read more

22 April

Winter is coming, and so is Game of Rhônes


It’s back. In 2013, Dan Sims of Bottle Shop Concepts – the company that champions wine as a drink of the masses through events that exchange all the wank for fun – decided to throw a medieval-style wine tasting event, filling Ormond Hall with a bunch of guys and gals in leathers and furs and bidding wine fans to sample more varietals of the Rhône Valley than Cersei on a bender. It was a right old knees-up (repeated in 2014, bigger and better), replete with whole spit-roasted beasts courtesy of Casey Wall of Rockwell and Sons.

This year, this event is going beyond the Wall (to Sydney and Auckland); it’s also moving to the Art House’s Meat Market in North Melbourne. There will be more than 40 producers, bringing the shiraz, grenache, mourvedre, carignan, cinsault, viognier, marsanne, roussanne and other grape varietals native to the Rhône Valley in France.

As to which producer wins this much hyped wine-based fight for supremacy, we’ve been pushing for an actual battle (to arms, wine people!), but they’re taking the democratic route and getting you the people to vote for your favourite through the iPhone app, which you can download from their site.… Read more

16 April

Gelato Messina’s new Richmond store: coming soon

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Good news, gelato-addicts: you’ll soon be able to get a second scoop of Gelato Messina deliciousness in Richmond. The brand’s Smith Street outlet is usually busier than an East London nightclub, so expect to queue for your caramelised white chocolate, pear and rhubarb or apple-pie icy treat. Venue and exact opening date to be confirmed, but late April is looking likely.… Read more

13 April

Smith & Deli is the new one-stop corner shop from Smith & Daughters

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If you love the faux-chorizo tacos, lemon-scented carrots and preach-free good vibes at Smith & Daughters, great news: you’ll soon be able to get a second fix of guiltless deliciousness at Smith & Deli. Shannon Martinez and Mo Wyse – the inked-up babes behind both Smith ventures – wanted to bring something convenient and conscious to the ’hood. Smith & Deli is their one-stop shop – expected to open in late April – where lucky locals can pop in for a takeaway coffee and bagel, pick up a soup or salad for lunch, or take home all the provisions for a delicious DIY dinner. Jewish deli items such as matzah ball soup and knish will be available, along with hearty meat-free lasagne and pies. Not your average corner shop.

Smith & Deli. Opening date to follow.Read more