12 February

Australia’s first Zara Home lands in Highpoint

Zara Home

It’s been a while since we’ve visited Highpoint and it’s totally high end. It makes sense then that Zara decided to expand the empire by opening its first Aussie Zara Home store today a wee bit west of the city.

Tucked in beside Apple and Armani, we were welcomed at the early-morning launch party with a green juice and an incredibly ritzy-looking gluten free muesli.

We’re not too proud to admit that we have some homeware fetishes (specifically, aprons and tea towels). So, the grand plan for this morning was to hunt those out immediately, but we were distracted by a whole world of other home-based goodies that we didn’t even know we needed – like coat hangers in those anodised steel cup colours our folks had in the ’70s.

Basically, the store covers every home base – manchester, tableware, bath and body – everything from luxury lounge wares and slippers that are way too good to wear to the supermarket, to hyacinth-shaped candles, green faux-cowhide notepads and gilt crabs that double as tiny, secret storage spaces.… Read more

11 February

Three things to look forward to at Moomba

Moomba 2015

Even though we’ve got a wee bit of time up our sleeve before Moomba kicks off properly (it runs over the Labor Day long weekend), our lovely Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle, kicked off festivities this morning, crowning Shane Warne and Bollywood babe, Pallavi Sharda, 2015’s Moomba monarchs.

While the lineup’s fresh every year, we’re feeling a bit nostalgic because our Moomba picks have been stalwarts since we were kids:

The fireworks
God knows, we love a good firework and every night wraps up quite literally with a bang at 9.30pm.

The Birdman Rally (Sun Mar 8)
If you haven’t seen this before, it’s a bit crazy meets engineer meets Icarus – folks make their own (sometimes not so magnificent) flying machines and take a run out over the Yarra. Naturally, the furthest projection wins, but a lot of entrants just take a dive into the Yarra (but for the fact that we’d prefer not to have Yarra water up our nose).… Read more

28 January

Pope Joan unveil plans for their milk bar of the future

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Pope Joan

Like a phoenix from the flames, the great Aussie milk bar is making a triumphant return – led by Matt Wilkinson and Ben Foster of beloved Nicholson Street café Pope Joan. Going by the name of Jack Horner, it’s a milk bar of the future that has existed in Wilkinson’s imagination for a long time. “It’s been a two-year study – working out how the CBD is changing and what the milk bar represents,” says Wilkinson. Taking inspiration from the traditional English corner shop and the San Fran deli, Jack Horner will feature a gourmet deli counter, tuckshop-style canteen, mini bottle shop as well as all your traditional milk bar basics: lollies, toilet paper, magazines and milk. “It’s basically a shop that we’d want to use ourselves – you can pick up some tasty, wholesome takeaway food, plus grab some shopping,” explains Wilkinson.

We’re particularly excited about the four hot dishes a day (made and displayed in Le Creuset pots, of course), as well as the house-smoked salmon, ham off the bone and fresh salads – courtesy of Pope Joan’s head chef Travis Welch.… Read more

7 January

Wait – ANOTHER slip’n’slide is coming to Melbourne, and it’s this month!

Slidestreet (166)

For those excited by the pending arrival of Slide Melbourne in February, the fun’s set to start earlier than you thought. Rival event Slidestreet will be setting up – also in Lansdowne Street – on Saturday, January 24, and have all the permits in place. It premiered in Perth back last month and was a hit.

Then length of two AFL ovals, this will be next-level fun, operating between 9am and 7pm. Fitzroy Gardens will also be turned into a hub of live entertainment, with Nova 100’s Deano broadcasting live, DJs, food trucks, a pop-up bar and water-based activities.

You can buy tickets from 9am on Monday 12 January.

The race to slide has been won, it seems…

Slidestreet, Lansdowne St, Melbourne. Sat Jan 24.Read more

5 January

That one-day-only 99 cheese pizza is back, baby


Last month, a beautiful thing happened. Gradi’s world champion pizza chef Johnny Di Francesco made our cheese-dreams a reality by creating the world’s first 99-cheese pizza. And you thought five-cheese pizzas were intense. The dairy dream was inspired by the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie (out on DVD), which features one of these beauties.

Such was the excitement – there was even a Change.org petition to keep this lactose legend on the menu – that the 99-cheese pizza is now going to become a temporary fixture at both Gradi at Crown and 400 Gradi.

Johnny created a 94-cheese spread that is topped with the additional five cheeses at the end, and this will stay on the menu until the batches of his secret concoction run out. STARTS NOW!… Read more