7 October

Big West Festival unveils a program of cutting-edge multicultural arts


Since its inception in 1997, the biennial Big West Festival has gained a reputation for championing surprising, incendiary and innovative works that speak to the concerns and everyday lives of the multicultural communities of the Inner West. This year, artistic director Marcia Ferguson has outdone herself with a program of nearly 70 events spanning visual art, theatre, dance, music and film over nine days.

At the heart of the festival is House: quite literally, a house designed by local architects and built by university students, located right in the centre of Footscray (cnr Paisley & French Sts). The building acts as a prototype for social housing of the future, and during the festival, will become a theatre, gallery and meeting place. Housing – in relation to its affordability, availability or lack of safety within – is a common thread for Inner West communities, and will became a major theme for many of the pieces.… Read more

6 October

Jamie xx announces Melbourne sideshow in January

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Boundary-pushing electronic producer Jamie xx has announced a Melbourne show in January 2016. The British artist, who came to fame as one part of The xx, was already set to make stage appearances at the New Year’s festival Beyond the Valley in rural Victoria, as well as New South Wales’s Lost Paradise and Queensland’s FOMO festivals.

Jamie xx’s long-awaited debut record In Colour was released in June 2015 to critical acclaim, with his calypso-flecked single ‘I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)’ becoming an instant summer hit, following on from the ’90s jungle throwback of the album opener ‘Gosh’. The musician, who has been compared to his electronic predecessors Four Tet, Nicholas Jaar and Nosaj Thing, has drawn critical acclaim for the patchwork of samples strewn throughout In Colour. Snippets of funk, jazz, RnB, dancehall and jungle made the cut in the eclectic record, leaving the overall impression that In Colour is a documentary of sorts, tracing the origins of 21st century dance music.… Read more

1 October

Sex hamburger mural: three words you never thought you’d see together


It’s no secret that here at Time Out, we’re all about the burgers: beef burgers, chicken burgers, veggie burgers and… sexy burgers?

What you’re looking at here is ‘Kama-sutra burger’: a mural by Melbourne street artist Makatron that appeared this week on the back wall of Rathdowne Fabrics in Victoria Street, Brunswick. The building is owned by Dean Sunshine, who, when he’s not running a fabric business, documents street art and graffiti on his Land of Sunshine blog. He’s even self-published two books on the subject.

“Over the years I’ve had artists that I’m now friends with come and paint the building, and this is the first time I’ve had a controversy like this,” he explains. “I understand that it is a little bit risqué, and I would not like to upset any people or any kids.”

Makatron’s ‘Kama-sutra’ is, in Sunshine’s words, “about the sexualisation by the media of people for advertising.Read more

30 September

Catherines get free entry to the NGV’s Masterpieces from the Hermitage exhibition on Tuesday October 6

Catherine the Great

If there’s one thing to know about Catherine the Great – the Russian ruler who reigned from 1762 to 1796 – it’s that she had no time for backwardness. In her determination to drag Russia into the Enlightenment, Catherine opened the country up to Western art and ideas, established a pseudo parliament and opened schools for girls. Her astonishing collection of art is currently on display at the NGV, on loan from Saint Petersburg. It’s your chance to get up close to masterpieces by Rembrandt, Rubens, Velásquez and more – and to learn more about Catherine’s fascinating life.

For one day, all Catherines (and that include Katherines, Katies, or any other variation of the name) can enter the exhibition for free. Not only will you save up to $26, but you’ll also enjoy the unique pleasure of being surrounded by people with the same name as you, including Catherine Andrews, wife of premier Daniel Andrews, if you get there at 10.30am.… Read more

30 September

Former Royal Women’s Hospital is this year’s Melbourne Music Week flagship venue


Once again, a Melbourne landmark plays host to the city’s musical best

The former site of the Royal Melbourne’s Hospital on Swanson Street has been announced as this year’s Melbourne Music Week (MMW) flagship venue. The historic hospital’s basement and adjoining rooms will play host to the hyperlocal festival’s yet-to-be-announced program of installations and music performances.

See it first on the opening night party, when the Former Royal Women’s Hospital will come back to life along to performances by Melbourne bands The Harpoons, Gypsy and The Cat, and Dorsal Fins.  A maze of 12 disused rooms will be put into use for the Swell program, which will host secret live performances. The one-off gigs will be multi-sensory experiences featuring a combination of art and design elements that punters can immerse themselves in.

This year, the Former Royal Women’s Hospital will be the first carbon neutral MMW flagship venue, with all carbon emissions to be measured and offset at the end of the event.Read more